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List of bugs that are fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4

Article ID: 327194

Article Last Modified on 10/29/2007


  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4

This article was previously published under Q327194


This article lists the bugs that are fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4). Service packs are cumulative. This means that the bugs that are fixed in a service pack are also fixed in later service packs. For example, Windows 2000 SP4 contains all the fixes that are included in Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP2), and Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3). You do not have to install an earlier service pack before you install Windows 2000 SP4.


The following table lists Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that describe bugs that are fixed in Windows 2000 SP4.

Article number Article title Category
282010 How to find information about Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 7 Program compatibility
307030 Stop 0x00000050 error message in the Wdmaud.sys file in Windows 2000 Program compatibility
320742 FIX: STRFTIME Returns the Wrong Strings Program compatibility
323130 Computer with Multiple Processors and an AGP Video Adapter Hangs During Startup Program compatibility
324490 FIX: Corrupted GIF Images May Cause an Access Violation in OLE Program compatibility
328509 Cannot View Presentation Material When Participating in Data Conference Program compatibility
330716 Corrupted Inbound Message Causes the SMTP Service to Stop or to Shut Down Unexpectedly Program compatibility
331509 IIS Admin Services Does Not Stay Running and Exchange SMTP Service Repeatedly Stops Program compatibility
810014 Access Violation Occurs in Fcachdll.dll Program compatibility
811012 Remote Retry Queue Length Counter Calculation Error Program compatibility
813648 FIX: Random Access Violations When Multithreaded Applications Call the setlocale Function Program compatibility
815026 List of Program Compatibility Fixes in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Program compatibility
815315 FIX: Memory Leak When You Use a GETENV Call in DllMain Program compatibility
816941 Auto Proxy Functions: isResolvable, dnsResolve, and myIpAddress Do Not Work as You Expect Program compatibility
263939 Disk Performance May Degrade Over Time Base operating system
278710 No Global Groups Are Available Creating File-Share Resource Permissions in Cluster Administrator Base operating system
289261 Backup Takes Much Longer When PAE Is Enabled Base operating system
291594 The Windows File Checker Utility Cannot Restore Protected Operating System Files Base operating system
307331 EnableTrace() Function Requires Trace Providers to Be Registered Before Enabling Them Base operating system
308483 GetNtmsObjectAttribute() Does Not Return ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER Base operating system
309344 File Appears to Be Deleted Although You Do Not Have Permissions on the OS/2 Warp4-Based Server Base operating system
313600 An Error Occurs in Usbhub.sys If It Is Used as a Composite Driver Base operating system
315829 Cancelled URB May Not Contain the Number of Bytes That Were Actually Transferred Base operating system
318107 No Audio on a Web Camera When You Resume from Hibernation Base operating system
318533 Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 Active Directory Rollup Hotfix Base operating system
318789 Redirector Does Not Cache Files When the SPARSE Attribute Is Set Base operating system
318871 Problems Transferring Highly Fragmented Packets in NDIS Base operating system
319313 You May Receive a "Tape Drive Requires Cleaning" Error Message When You Try to Back Up Base operating system
319326 Certain R2 PC Cards Are Incorrectly Enumerated as Memory Cards Base operating system
319473 FRS Does Not Replicate Files or Folders If the System Account Does Not Have Full Control of the Directory Tree Base operating system
319588 Peripheral Hardware May Not Be Initialized During the Startup Process Base operating system
319913 The NET TIME Command May Report the GMT Bias Incorrectly Base operating system
319931 Event ID 49 Entry Is Added to the System Event Log When You Use the 3GB Switch in Windows 2000 Base operating system
319967 You Cannot Open a File That You Moved to a DFS Share Base operating system
320333 Event Log Replication Entries Fill Windows 2000 Cluster Log Base operating system
320345 CPU Usage Rises to 100 Percent If You Charge the Battery Slowly While the Computer Is On Base operating system
320397 You Receive an "NTLDR Is Missing" Error Message When You Start Your Computer Base operating system
320661 You Cannot Take DFS Replica Members Offline Base operating system
320865 RIS Setup Stops Responding at "Setup is Starting Windows" Screen Base operating system
320877 One-Hour Delay Occurs During Startup with a USB Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse Base operating system
321036 Modem Settings Are Missing After You Remove and Re-Insert Your Modem Base operating system
321060 Raytheon RayLink Wireless PCMCIA LAN Adapter Does Not Start with a Code 12 Base operating system
321248 RRAS Dial-on-Demand Interface Does Not Establish a Connection Base operating system
321522 Banner Page Always Prints When a Service That Needs to Print to a Novell NetWare Print Queue Prints Base operating system
321610 Administratively Created DNS Records May Not Be Security-Enhanced Base operating system
321623 An Access Violation Occurs in Spoolsv.exe Base operating system
321685 Disk Management Snap-In Does Not Show a Disk with a Large Number of Partitions Base operating system
321697 You Cannot Make Floppy Disk Controller Physically Probe Floppy Drives Base operating system
321733 Delayed Write Failed Error Message When You Write a File to a Server Base operating system
322018 L2TP May Not Use the Default IP Address Base operating system
322042 Input Language of Terminal Server Client Does Not Match That of Terminal Server Session Base operating system
322271 Service Pack 3 Adds Updates to Several Windows 2000 Support Tools Base operating system
322346 You Cannot Access Protected Data After You Change Your Password Base operating system
322377 Computer Is Unresponsive When Hibernating Base operating system
322670 UPN Credentials Cause CSNW to Omit the NDS Tree for Changing Your Password Base operating system
322811 IEAK User Rights Deployment Build Is Not Installed If Windows Installer 2.0 Is Installed Base operating system
322913 WM_TIMER Messages May Stop Being Delivered to Programs in Windows 2000 Base operating system
322945 Disks Are Not Detected Correctly When You Add a Disk As a Cluster Resource on a Cluster Node Base operating system
323045 Access Violation Error Message in Explorer.exe Base operating system
323145 GlobalAlloc() in Ntvdm.exe May Return A Memory Handle That Is Not Valid Base operating system
323231 Logical Disk Partitions Are Lost or Damaged After You Upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Base operating system
323255 MS02-055: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Help Facility May Allow Attacker to Run Code Base operating system
323270 Delegation Wizard Only Reads One CONTROLRIGHT in Windows 2000 Base operating system
323332 ASP Generates a New ASP SessionID Cookie for Every User Access Base operating system
323403 Cannot Remove a Computer from a Domain Because the Computer Name Is Not Found Base operating system
323456 Error Message if Windows 2000 Server Is Running Citrix Metaframe That Is Configured in a Load-Balancing Farm Base operating system
323552 Dumpfile Header and Header Size Information Are Incorrect Base operating system
323592 The Specified DNS Retry Interval Is Not Used Base operating system
323608 The DisablePagingExecutive Setting May Cause Windows 2000 to Hang Base operating system
324184 Access Violation in Lsass.exe Because of LDAP Version 2 Search with Referrals Base operating system
324406 Printing to a Redirected LPT1 from Windows XP to Windows 2000 Prints Multiple Separator Pages Base operating system
324439 FIX: DM_USER_DEFAULT Flag Is Not Set in the DOCUMENTPROPERTYHEADER Structure Base operating system
324574 Certificate Does Not Display the Ampersand (&) in a Company Name Base operating system
324612 Plug and Play Devices Are Not Detected After You Restart Your Windows 2000-Based Computer Base operating system
324627 A Network File Cannot be Opened if the File is Locked Base operating system
325031 Computer Enters Standby During IR File Transfer in Windows 2000 Base operating system
325040 Windows 2000: Drive Letter Changes After You Restart Your Computer Base operating system
325266 No Files Are Displayed on Backup Tape or You Are Repeatedly Asked to Insert a Tape Base operating system
325748 FIX: Memory Leak in Remote Procedure Call Server Service (RPCSS) Base operating system
325945 The WinNT Provider Returns an Incorrect Number of Domains in a Network Base operating system
325955 Installing a Non-Plug and Play Driver for a PCI Device May Cause Problems Base operating system
326330 The Cluster Service Detects RPC Errors 1726 and 1722 Base operating system
326591 Maximum NT User Handles Per Process Is 10,000 in Windows 2000 Base operating system
326647 Windows 2000 NAT May Reuse TIME-WAIT Connections Before the 2MSL Period Base operating system
326662 Hibernation Problem with Computers with One Gigabyte of RAM Under High-Stress Conditions Base operating system
326830 MS02-045: Unchecked Buffer in Network Share Provider May Lead to Denial-of-Service Base operating system
326891 The Clusdisk.sys Driver Does Not Permit Disks to Be Removed by Plug and Play Base operating system
326967 IAS Logs List an Incorrect IP Address for the Network Access Server Device Base operating system
327012 Index Server 3.0 Does Not Correctly Index Some Excel Files Base operating system
327020 Error Message Occurs When You Start Disk Management After Extending a Hardware Array Base operating system
327163 DFS Alternate Is Modified Unexpectedly Base operating system
327392 MSMQ: A Version Mismatch Between Mqmig.exe and Mqmigrat.dll Causes Primary Enterprise Controller Migration to Fail Base operating system
327498 Files May Appear to Be Empty with an Older Redirector Base operating system
327559 Removable Storage Recognizes the Tape Drive but It Does Not Recognize Any Media in the Drive Base operating system
328020 Redirected Printing Through a Terminal Services Session May Not Work with Windows 2000 SP3 Base operating system
328036 Removing USB Hub Causes STOP 0x0000001E Base operating system
328097 Adding a Print Separator Page May Cause an Error Message Base operating system
328141 The Microsoft Message Queue Server Migration Tool Deletes the MsmqServices Object Base operating system
328165 An Access Violation Occurs When BizTalk Server Is Under a Heavy Load Base operating system
328773 Task Scheduler Jobs Do Not Work and Generate Error Code 0x8004130f Intermittently Base operating system
328786 List Is Cleared If You Accidentally Enter a Blank Line in the "Run Only Allowed Windows Applications" Policy Base operating system
329068 CreateMultiProfileTransform() Stops Working After 1,000 Calls and Then Leaks Memory Base operating system
329170 MS02-070: Flaw in SMB Signing May Permit Group Policy to Be Modified Base operating system
329178 Security Group Policy Is Applied During Every Startup Process Base operating system
329179 Integrated Technology Express Devices May Not Work with Windows 2000 Base operating system
329259 An Access Violation Occurs in Rsvpsp.dll Base operating system
329346 A Handle Leak Occurs in Mstask.exe Base operating system
329546 MSMQ: The Bind Syntax Is Not Correctly Interpreted Base operating system
329688 FIX: RPC_S_CALL_FAILED When You Use COM Server to Call Multithreaded Client Application Base operating system
329771 An Access Violation Occurs in Unregmp2.exe When You First Log On to Windows 2000 Base operating system
329801 You May Receive a "Stop 0x1E" Error Message Intermittently in Windows 2000 Base operating system
329806 Error Reported When ADSI MoveHere Function Runs Against Third-Party LDAP Server Base operating system
329834 MS02-063: Unchecked Buffer in PPTP Implementation May Permit Denial-of-Service Attacks Base operating system
329895 FTP Transfers by Using Network Address Translation May Not Work Base operating system
330259 Intermittent Program Unresponsiveness Occurs When You Use Performance Monitoring Base operating system
330363 A "Stop 0x0000001E" Error Occurs in the NetWare Redirector Base operating system
330574 Intermittent Name Resolution Issues and Event IDs 5501 and 6524 Are Logged to the DNS Server Event Log Base operating system
331009 COM+ Leaks Non-Root Transaction Objects Base operating system
331018 Files Larger Than 4 GB Are Truncated During a Restore If an EMC Device Is Used Base operating system
331053 DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Error Message when You Dismount a Volume Base operating system
331330 Active Directory Passes Incorrect Security Descriptors to Programs Base operating system
331371 Mqbkup.exe Does Not Support a Virtual Cluster Service Base operating system
331910 DHCP Vendor-Specific Options Longer Than 124 Bytes Are Not Sent Base operating system
332001 DF Bit Is Incorrectly Set to Zero on All Packets Sent From a Windows 2000-Based Computer Base operating system
332023 Slow Disk Performance When Write Caching Is Enabled Base operating system
810008 Active RPC Connections Are Closed Base operating system
810038 Stop 0x0E3 Error Occurs When Redirector Thread Tries to Release a Lock Base operating system
810058 The Computer Appears to Stop Responding When a Program Sends Large Blocks of Data Through TCP/IP Sockets in Windows 2000 Base operating system
810090 Universal Serial Bus Devices Are Not Detected Intermittently When You Start or Resume the Computer Base operating system
810161 Network Adapters Are Missing or Incorrect in Device Manager After You Run NTBackup to Restore System State Data Base operating system
810340 File Server Stops Responding (Hangs) When You Rename a File Base operating system
810418 Disabling Site Awareness for Windows 2000 DFS in a Windows NT 4.0 Domain Base operating system
810425 Server Intermittently Stops Responding During High Disk Activity Base operating system
810558 Stop 0x00000051 REGISTRY_ERROR Error Message When You Log On Base operating system
811005 User Authentication to Services Such as Microsoft Exchange Server May Time Out on a Member Server Base operating system
811146 Percent Signs (%) Appear on Menus for Media Clips Base operating system
811011 USB Storage Device Is Not Recognized After the Computer Resumes from Hibernation Base operating system
811217 Improvements in the Post-Service Pack 3 Release of Ntfrs.exe Base operating system
811281 Cannot Play Video CDs on Windows 2000 Base operating system
811363 A "Stop 0x0000001E" Error Occurs in Win32k.sys in Windows 2000 Base operating system
811370 Issues That Are Fixed in the Post-Service Pack 3 Release of Ntfrs.exe Base operating system
811421 Stratus ftServer-Based Computer Stops Responding (Hangs) After a Surprise Removal of OpenHCI USB Host Controller Base operating system
811475 Debugging a Process Might Cause Handles to Leak Base operating system
811621 Cannot Restore Backup Media That Is Created by a Backup Operator Base operating system
811732 Paged Pool Memory Decreases as You Add RAM Base operating system
811772 Memory Leak in Winmgmt.exe When You Run Monitoring Tools Base operating system
811777 Multimedia Device Does Not Work After You Update Its Driver Base operating system
811964 Terminal Services Program May Run More Slowly on Windows 2000 Than on Windows NT 4.0 Base operating system
812415 Problems When Your Computer with Multiple ATA Drives Enters the S1 Power State Base operating system
812599 Opportunistic Locking May Not Be Granted If Windows Is Installed by Using Sysprep Base operating system
812680 DFS Manager Does Not Show DFS Roots Base operating system
812802 BackupRead() Cannot Read a File with a 0-Byte Alternate Data Stream Base operating system
813707 Only One Function Is Enumerated and a Code 10 Error Occurs in Device Manager When You Insert a Multifunction PC Card into a PCMCIA Slot Base operating system
813908 SCSI Pass-Through Mode Sense Command May Crash the Computer Base operating system
814017 Windows Does Not Detect a SCSI Device After a Surprise Removal Base operating system
814033 Cannot Install Driver Updates from the Windows Update Web Site Base operating system
814266 Windows Terminal Server Client Cannot Connect to the Terminal Server Base operating system
814484 FIX: Cannot Resume from Hibernation When Devices That Are Behind a USB 2.0 Hub Are Removed Base operating system
815028 List of Base Operating System Fixes in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Base operating system
815140 Unknown Error Error Message When You Create a Backup Over Your Network Base operating system
815324 Group Policies Are Not Applied to Objects in an Organizational Unit Whose Name Contains an Asterisk Base operating system
815470 Your Windows 2000-Based Computers Stops Responding While You Work with Multiple Programs Base operating system
815484 Windows 2000 Stops Responding When You Press a Key to Bring Your Computer out of the Hibernate State Base operating system
815616 Clustered Disk Drive Letter Unexpectedly Changes Base operating system
815834 Code 28 Error Message and a Yellow Exclamation Mark Next to a USB Device in Device Manager After Your Computer Resumes from Hibernation Base operating system
815837 Computer May Experience a Stop 0x50 (Pool Corruption) Error in NT!ObGetObjectSecurity Base operating system
816036 Windows 2000 Crashes with a "Stop 0x000000d1" Error Message Base operating system
816488 Rate of Page-Zeroing Process Is Unexpectedly Slow Base operating system
816765 The Scsiport Driver May Not Read Registry Parameters That Are Specified for Miniport Drivers Base operating system
816990 FTDisk May Cause a "STOP Error 0x000000D1" Error Message When You Shut Down Your Computer Base operating system
817006 Windows 2000-Based Computer with NTFS Boot Disk Does Not Start and Appears Stuck in Loop Base operating system
817566 When Starting with Both the /PAE and /3GB Switches, the System May Not Start Base operating system
818194 You Receive a "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" Error Message Base operating system
281485 Name Collision in Active Directory Causes Replication Errors Directory services
300930 License Logging Service Decrements Licenses for Machine Accounts Directory services
304653 The Serial Number Is Decremented in DNS When You Reboot the Computer Directory services
312571 The Event Log Stops Logging Events Before Reaching the Maximum Log Size Directory services
314446 HasMasterNCs Attributes for Server Objects in the Configuration Container May Become Damaged Directory services
316042 Slow Connectivity to NetWare Resources Directory services
316430 Performance of Microsoft Commerce Server-based Programs May Degrade Over Time Directory services
318332 You Receive a "System Error 1230" Error Message When You Browse the Network Directory services
318443 Increase in DNS Zone Serial Numbers Causes Unnecessary Zone Transfers in Windows 2000 Directory services
319325 The "IPCONFIG /SETCLASSID" Command Does Not Send the Class ID in the Options Field of the DHCP Information Packet Directory services
319460 A Netsh DHCP Import Does Not Import Configuration Information Directory services
319672 Directory Service Access Audits for a SAM Object Server Have Incomplete Object Names Directory services
319709 An Access Violation Occurs in Lsass Because of a Stack Overflow Directory services
319915 The Back Button Is Available in the Domain Screen During Automated Setup Directory services
320015 An Error Occurs in the ADSI Windows NT Provider When You Enumerate the Members of a Group by Using a Binding Directory services
320063 Dcdiag.exe Issues Incorrect "Topology Disconnected" Error Messages Directory services
320387 AT Command Stops Responding When You Try to List Scheduled Jobs Directory services
320677 You Cannot Collect DHCP Data by Using SNMP Directory services
320711 Accessing Active Directory with LDAP by Using Sun JNDI Calls May Not Work Directory services
320769 DNS Caching Behavior When You Use the "All" Query Type in Windows 2000 Directory services
321064 Computer Hangs for 15 Seconds When You Use Your Zip Drive Directory services
321160 FTP Logging: Transferred Bytes Not Accurate When Transaction Aborted Directory services
321343 The Computer Hangs If You Call LockWorkstation() While a Screen Saver Is Running Directory services
321854 Only Members of the Administrators Group Can Retrieve the ntSecurityDescriptor Attribute from an IDirectorySearch Result Set Directory services
321867 Windows NT 4.0 Usrmgr.exe Does Not Display an Error Message When You Change a Password to a Weak Password Directory services
322599 DFS Client Computers Stop Responding when Disconnecting from a DFS Share Directory services
323256 Stop 0x50 Error Message When You Rename a Large Number of Files on Windows 2000 Directory services
323589 The Repadmin Tool Returns LDAP Error 32 Directory services
324102 DCOM Proxy Is Decoupled with Server Stub When It Looks for Binding Handle Directory services
324183 Access Violation in Spoolsv.exe GDI32!IcmInitIcmInfo in Windows 2000 Directory services
324415 A Digital Audio Interface PC Card May Not Function Properly Directory services
324615 The TCP Connections Established Performance Counter Reports Incorrect Values on Multiprocessor Computers Directory services
325183 A Domain Administrator Receives an "Unable to Display Security Information" Error Message Directory services
325189 INFO: Truncated Results When Calling IDirectorySearch::GetNextRow Directory services
325571 Buffer Overrun in IIS When No Script Maps Exist Directory services
325919 Multihomed DHCP Clients May Cause "Bad_Address" Entry on a DHCP Server in Windows 2000 Directory services
326333 Dump File Not Created Correctly with More Than Four GB of Memory and PAE Turned On Directory services
326564 Event ID 6008 Is Unexpectedly Logged to the System Event Log After You Shut Down and Restart Your Computer Directory services
326770 Password Change Does Not Work Over Remote Access\Radius Authentication Directory services
327542 WMI Event Registration Leak Directory services
327633 The SetUserProperty() Function Leaks Memory Directory services
328195 AutoShareServer Setting Cannot Prevent Administrative Shares on Cluster Nodes Directory services
328310 MS02-071: Flaw in Windows WM_TIMER Message Handling Can Enable Privilege Elevation Directory services
328417 Cannot Log On from a Macintosh Client After You Change Your Password Directory services
328566 The MaxPreloadEntries Registry Value Does Not Work and Defaults to 1,000 Entries Directory services
328567 An Access Violation Occurs When a Program Tries to Update Active Directory Directory services
328570 Windows 2000-Based Servers May Not Set the DNS Domain Name After You Upgrade a Domain Directory services
328693 IIS Out-of-Process Applications Stop Responding Directory services
328981 Error Message "An Attempt Was Made to Remember a Device That Had Previously Been Remembered" When You Log On Directory services
329394 Long Delays Occur When You Run Chkdsk.exe Directory services
329604 PostScript Print Jobs Containing Type-1 Multiple Master Metrics Fonts Are Not Printed Directory services
329726 A Deadlock Occurs in the Ndistapi Device Directory services
329772 Stop Error Occurs When You Start the Computer for the First Time Directory services
330306 Removable Storage May Not Refresh the Tape Directory services
330421 FIX: Isoch Callback Not Called or Error on Blue Screen Occurs When Starting Isoch Stream Directory services
331102 Disk.sys Causes an "0x0000001E" Error Directory services
331190 An OpenGL Screen Saver May Cause an Access Violation Directory services
331627 Terminal Services Client Cannot Obtain Terminal Services User Configuration From Domain Controller During Logon Directory services
331651 UPN Box in Active Directory Users and Computers Contains Corrupted Data Directory services
331907 DNS Serial Number Is Incremented During Zone Transfer Directory services
332199 Using the DCPROMO /FORCEREMOVAL Command to Force the Demotion of Active Directory Domain Controllers Directory services
810089 Cannot Promote New Global Catalog When Conflict Naming Contexts Exist Directory services
810262 Access Denied for Non-Administrative User with the Client Services for NetWare or Gateway Services for NetWare Tool in Control Panel Directory services
810714 DNS Server Settings Are Lost When You Rapidly Delete and Re-Create a Directory Service Zone from a File Directory services
811143 Error Message: The Event Log File Is Corrupt Directory services
811195 Nwrdr.sys Does Not Set ChangeTime When It Handles FILE_BASIC_INFORMATION Directory services
811288 QUERYCLIENTCERT() Does Not Make a Callback on Windows 2000 Wldap32.dll Directory services
812175 Host Name Resolution Does Not Work After One Year When You Use a Hosts File Directory services
812499 You Cannot Change Your Password After an Administrator Resets It Directory services
812785 Slow Response Times Occur If a Delegated Name Server Is Down Directory services
813425 DNS Service Ends Unexpectedly and Event 7031 Error Message Appears Directory services
814202 The Ntdsutil.exe Semantic Checker Cannot Rename Conflict-Mangled Phantom Names Directory services
814822 Delay in Receiving Notifications from WMI Event Log Provider Directory services
814925 Visual Basic Procedure to Count the Members of a Group Returns a Value of 1,000 for All Groups with Over 1,000 Members Directory services
815493 Paged Pool Memory Leak with Increase in Handle Count for Services.exe Directory services
816230 Computer Account Password Causes Error Message "0xc000006c (Password Restriction)" Directory services
816475 Lingering Objects May Remain After Using the Ldp.exe Tool Directory services
305557 COM+ Loosely Coupled Events May Lose Events for Queued Subscribers Internet Information Services/COM+
319989 High CPU Usage by RPCSS When You Start the Computer and Run a Service That Uses DCOM Internet Information Services/COM+
320530 Cannot Enumerate Shared Property Groups Internet Information Services/COM+
321557 Improvements in the Post-SP2 Release of Ntfrs.exe That Is Packaged with an Updated Ntfs.sys Driver Internet Information Services/COM+
321592 An Increase in the Maximum DHCP Message Size Is Available Internet Information Services/COM+
322930 Your Computer Stops Responding During Shutdown if the CD-ROM Tray Is Open in Windows 2000 Internet Information Services/COM+
323293 FIX: "Access Is Denied" Error Message When You Try to Access Indexing Service from ASP.NET with Impersonation Enabled Internet Information Services/COM+
323319 Eventing Mechanism Cannot Determine Method Calls From Late-Bound Clients Internet Information Services/COM+
323735 Performance Alerts Do Not Start After a Remote Alert Fails in Windows 2000 Internet Information Services/COM+
323819 Client Disconnects from Server If NetBT Headers Are Split Across Frames Internet Information Services/COM+
324034 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 2 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 20.2 Internet Information Services/COM+
324038 Rpcss May Generate an Access Violation Under Stress When Processing a DCOM Request Internet Information Services/COM+
324039 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 21 Internet Information Services/COM+
324096 MS02-053: Request to SmartHTML Interpreter May Monopolize Web Server CPU Resources Internet Information Services/COM+
324443 A Deadlock Condition May Occur in the Network Redirector Internet Information Services/COM+
325208 GUID Records Are Not Registered If MX Record with Wildcard Character Is Present Internet Information Services/COM+
325409 RPCSS OXIDResolver Pings Must Fall Back to Endpoint Mapper Internet Information Services/COM+
325455 Ftp.exe Does Not Handle Japanese Path Names Correctly Internet Information Services/COM+
325641 Cannot Connect in the Active Directory Users and Computers Tool Internet Information Services/COM+
325785 FIX: "Access Denied" Firing Event When You Are Not Logged On as Administrator Internet Information Services/COM+
325797 The SMTP Service May Leak Domain List Memory When You Use the Pickup Folder Internet Information Services/COM+
325988 A "Stop 50" Error Occurs in the Browser (Mrxsmb.sys) Internet Information Services/COM+
326433 You Receive an Access Violation in the Dllhost.exe Process When the Network Cable Is Unplugged Internet Information Services/COM+
326639 FIX: Asynchronous Notification Goes to Wrong 1394 Node Internet Information Services/COM+
326852 ISAPI DLL Is Loaded In-Process When WebDAV Publishing Is Enabled Internet Information Services/COM+
327009 Chkdsk Finds Incorrect Security IDs After You Restore or Copy a Lot of Data Internet Information Services/COM+
327643 You Receive a "Stop 0x000000CE" Error Message During Shutdown Internet Information Services/COM+
328506 A "Stop 0x0000001E" Error Message Is Caused by Sfmsrv.sys Internet Information Services/COM+
328636 The Windows 2000 SP3 DHCP Tool May Show an Empty Reservations List Internet Information Services/COM+
328800 File Replication Service Causes a "QKey != QUADZERO" Error Message Internet Information Services/COM+
328897 SNMP Extension Agent Events 2019 and 2020 Appear in the Application Event Log Internet Information Services/COM+
328925 The COM+ (Dllhost.exe) Process Loads the Latest Version of .NET Runtime During Remote Client Activations Internet Information Services/COM+
329420 The LookupAccountSid Function Returns the Wrong Name After You Rename Accounts Internet Information Services/COM+
329449 One or More Users Are Not Valid Error Message When You Add the Everyone Group to a COM+ Application Role Internet Information Services/COM+
329492 MSMQ: A Cluster Node with Two Network Cards Does Not Receive Messages Internet Information Services/COM+
329938 Cannot Use Outlook Web Access to Access an Exchange Server Installed on a Windows 2000 Cluster Node Internet Information Services/COM+
329945 FIX: SCSI Miniport Driver Does Not Reload if the PNPInterface Key is Read Incorrectly Internet Information Services/COM+
330081 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 23 Internet Information Services/COM+
330833 The "Eject PC" Command May Not Work Intermittently Internet Information Services/COM+
810578 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 24 Internet Information Services/COM+
811373 COM+ 1.0 Cannot Install DLL Modules with COM Activities in DllMain Internet Information Services/COM+
811694 Custom Errors for Server-Side Includes Do Not Work After You Apply Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 Internet Information Services/COM+
814886 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 25 Internet Information Services/COM+
284246 When You Try to Upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 with Slipstreamed SP1, SP2, or SP3, Cmdlines.txt Does Not Run During the Upgrade Setup
323372 FIX: Message Queuing Remote Read May Not Always Recover Setup
328716 Multiple Separator Pages Printed from Windows 2000 Terminal Services Redirected Printer Setup
329115 MS02-050: Certificate Validation Flaw Might Permit Identity Spoofing Setup
810989 Duplicate Computer Names May Be Created When You Set Up Multiple Clients with RIS Setup
812812 Not Prompted to Obtain a Digital Rights Management License for Installations Created by Using Sysprep Setup
814788 RIS Installation Stops if the Network Cable Uses Port B of a Dual-Port Network Adapter Setup
815438 Successive Attempts to Complete a Group Policy Installation of a Service Pack May Log an Event ID 102 Error Setup
816085 Removing IIS Resets DCOM to the Default Permissions Setup
281553 Win32_BIOS WMI Class Returns Incorrect ReleaseDate Value Management/administration
303280 Local Users and Groups Is Empty or Does Not Display All Member User Accounts Management/administration
309144 Folder Redirection Does Not Work After You Delete a Profile Management/administration
319021 The Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration.SetDNSServerSearchOrder Method Does Not Work Management/administration
319402 Icon for a New Taskpad View in the MMC Does Not Appear Management/administration
319819 There May Be a Delay in Mapping SIDs to Account Names If the Computer Name Contains More Than 15 Characters Management/administration
319953 The SMTP Service May Stop If You Use the TURN or ATRN Command in a Telnet Session Management/administration
320199 Windows 2000 WMI Query Only Returns 32 Disk Drives Although More Exist Management/administration
320363 The Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration Class Does Not Return the WINSPrimaryServer Property for Users Management/administration
320373 Windows Management Instrumentation Cannot Rebuild a Damaged Repository Management/administration
320437 The Computer Management Tool Tries to Use Only the DNS Host Name to Connect to a Remote Computer Management/administration
320489 Win32_Group Does Not Include the "Domain Local" Groups Management/administration
321126 The "Look In" and "Save As" Boxes in Common Dialog Boxes Are Slow Management/administration
321418 TTL Value of -1 (0xFFFFFFFF) in Dynamic Update Packet Means Use Default Zone TTL Management/administration
321800 Windows 2000 Hyperterm.exe Has a Slow Transfer Rate If Local Echo Is On Management/administration
321933 Services Are Not Listed in the Security Configuration and Analysis Snap-in Management/administration
322804 Cannot Use Windows Media Player to Read XA Data on 1394 CD-ROM Devices Management/administration
323172 MS02-048: Flaw in Certificate Enrollment Control May Cause Digital Certificates to Be Deleted Management/administration
323274 The Requested Media Is Not Blank Error Message When You Use Ntbackup.exe Management/administration
323704 SLIP Client in Windows 2000 Cannot Connect to CSLIP Server Management/administration
324041 FIX: COM+ 18.1 Rollup May Cause Problems When You Export COM+ Applications Management/administration
324712 Performance-Monitoring Counters Show That the Data Buffer for the AppleTalk Service Is Not Aligned Management/administration
325792 An ICA Asynchronous Connection May Not Reinitialize If a Problem Occurs During Authentication Management/administration
325827 FIX: Certificate Renewal Wizard Concatenates Certificate Organizational Units Management/administration
327129 A Computer Stops Responding During the Shutdown Process If a Service Does Not Start Management/administration
327536 Stop 0x0000006b or Setup Stops Responding at "Setup is Starting Windows" When You Install a Windows XP SP1 Client Image from a RIS Server Management/administration
327550 The ISA Server Web Proxy Service Causes an Access Violation During DNS Lookups Management/administration
328510 BUG: Notes in PowerPoint Files May Not Be Full-Text Indexed Management/administration
328764 Cannot Connect to Cisco Dial-up Server with Some Client IP Address Ranges in Windows 2000 Management/administration
328776 A "Stop 0x000000C2" Error Occurs When You Try to Close a File on a Network Share Management/administration
328991 Script Policy Is Not Run When a Slow Link Is Detected Management/administration
329175 Rdbss.sys May Cause STOP 0xA Error Management/administration
329184 This Device Cannot Start (Code 10) Error Message When You Remove Your USB Hub Management/administration
329328 Support for Some Seagate Tape and Changer Drives Is Missing in Windows 2000 Management/administration
330194 Unnecessary Kerberos Packages Sent from the Client Management/administration
332002 Distributed File System Excludes Unsited Clients from Referrals when You Use the /INSITE Switch Management/administration
810211 Some Newsgroup Items Are Not Posted to Public Folders in Exchange 2000 Even Though the Post Operations Appear to Be Successful Management/administration
810823 Outgoing Messages From Your SMTP Server Are Not Delivered Management/administration
810992 Generic Failure Error Message Occurs When You Enumerate the Win32_PrintJob Class in WMI Management/administration
811066 EventLogLevel Registry Setting Does Not Suppress All Event Messages for Extensible Counters as Expected Management/administration
811160 Active Directory Users And Computers Stops Working If a User Belongs to Groups Whose Name Contains a Leading Slash Mark Management/administration
811196 Failure Audit Event 577 Is Logged When You Save the Winmsd Report Management/administration
811222 An Access Violation Occurs in the Sysmon Control When You Add or Delete Counters Management/administration
811364 FIX: Error 1308 When You Install a Program from an Internet Source Location Management/administration
811965 Domain Local Groups of a Domain Do Not Appear in the "Select Users, Computers, or Groups" Dialog Box When You Edit a Group Policy Object Management/administration
812203 The Performance Provider Unexpectedly Stops Collecting Data in Windows Management Instrumentation Management/administration
812652 NNTP Timestamp Reflects Client Computer Time and Date Settings Management/administration
812714 Users Cannot Remotely Monitor Disk Counters If They Are Not Logged On As Administrators Management/administration
813050 Problems When the Data Frame Ends with CRLF.CRLF QUIT CRLF Management/administration
813197 Users Without Administrative Credentials Cannot Access SMBIOS Data in Windows Management Instrumentation Management/administration
813824 Non-Administrator Users Cannot Retrieve Win32_WMISetting Data in Windows Management Instrumentation Management/administration
813950 Performance Monitor Displays Only the First of Multiple Instances from a Binary Log Management/administration
814280 XADM: Problems When You Try to Add Many Global Address Lists to an Offline Address List Management/administration
815181 Provider Failure Error on Computers with a Large Number of SCSI Controllers Management/administration
815198 WMI Classes Information for Multipath Drivers Is Not Displayed in WBEMTest Management/administration
815231 Some User's Programs Do Not Work Correctly After You Delete That User's Profile Management/administration
815425 Access Violation When Inetinfo Receives Mail That Contains a Header of More Than 64 KB Management/administration
816045 A Fast Link May Be Detected as a Slow Link Because of Network ICMP Policies Management/administration
816485 Server Stops Responding When Win32_NetworkLoginProfile Performs Enumeration Management/administration
816740 User Profile Folder Name Appears with Squares or Other Unusual Characters When You Manage Remote Computers Management/administration
816866 "Your Server Has Unexpectedly Terminated the Connection" Error Message When You Send an SMTP-Based E-mail Message Management/administration
816998 Multiple Memory Leaks in Remote Registry Service Management/administration
817361 Force Local Profile Option in Windows 2000 Management/administration
328422 Security Descriptor Has an Empty Owner Value MDAC
328885 CPU Utilization in Services.exe Increases to 100 Percent MDAC
329414 MS02-065: Buffer Overrun in Microsoft Data Access Components Can Lead to Code Execution (MDAC 2.6) MDAC
267316 MSMQ: Performance Monitor Counters Are Lost on the Cluster During Failover Message Queuing
322141 Ntfrs.exe Does Not Clean Up the Staging Folders on Members with No Outbound Partners in Windows 2000 Message Queuing
323371 You May Receive a "Stop 0xBE" Error Message on Fault-Tolerant Computers Message Queuing
326147 Windows XP Does Not Always Call DrvAssertMode(FALSE) Before it Enters a Power-Down State Message Queuing
326404 An Access Violation Occurs in Lsass.exe While the Network Connections Are Being Prepared Message Queuing
327360 Cannot View Windows 2000 Services for Macintosh in Chooser of Macintosh Client Message Queuing
327784 Windows 2000 Server May Hang After a Local Backup Completes Message Queuing
328120 IEEE 1394 Device May Disappear When You Add New Daisy-Chain Devices Message Queuing
328293 Close Open Files Message Appears During Initial Folder Synchronization When You Do Not Have Files Open Message Queuing
329459 FIX: IIS Does Not Refresh the File Cache for Non-Virtual Root Directories Message Queuing
329542 FIX: Page Allocator Returns a Block of Memory That Is Not Writable Message Queuing
329954 FIX: Performance Issues on Multi-processor Computers with MSDTCPRX.dll Message Queuing
329994 MSMQ: Inherited Permissions on Queue Object May Be Ignored Message Queuing
331334 Memory Leak Occurs When the ChangeTimerQueueTimer API Is Called from a Thread Message Queuing
811308 MSMQ: How to Increase the Kernel Memory Threshold Message Queuing
814116 MSMQ: Messages Are Not Sent or Received If You Change the System Time During Transaction Processing Message Queuing
814776 MSMQ: You May Lose Recoverable Messages If You Restart or Shut Down the Receiver Message Queuing
815643 MSMQ: Prevent Microsoft Message Queue Server 2.0 from Moving to Active Directory When You Join a Microsoft Windows 2000 Domain Message Queuing
816957 You Receive a "Stop 0x00000050" Error When You Restart Microsoft Message Queuing Message Queuing
817076 MSMQ: How to Avoid Routing Queries with No Routing Servers in the Site Message Queuing
817586 MSMQ: An Access Violation Occurs When You Validate a Message Message Queuing
278522 Deadlock Condition Causes Socket Programs to Become Unresponsive Networking
287032 TCP/IP Routes May Be Incorrect If AddIPAddress() Is Used on Multihomed Computers Networking
294961 Cannot Compile the Authserv.mib and Accserv.mib Files Networking
300561 Incorrect Routing Table When You Connect to Some VPN Servers Networking
305217 "Page cannot be displayed" error during SSL 3.0 Server session time-out Networking
309696 Clients That Are Using an ATM Adapter Do Not Receive Group Policies Networking
313664 Using 802.1x Authentication on Computers Running Windows 2000 Networking
316803 Earlier Clients May Fail to Change Passwords or Join in a Windows 2000 Domain Networking
318419 Connections Are Dropped If You Add VPN Connections to ISA Server Networking
318437 A "STOP 0xA" Error Message Occurs When You Use Routing and Remote Access with NAT and VPN Networking
319270 A Laptop Computer Has No IP Address After Hibernating Networking
319627 Fragmentation Occurs When You Send Multicast Data Over Ethernet Networking
321150 The SMTP Service Does Not Deliver a Message to Multiple Recipients If Error Code 552 Is Received Networking
321232 MS02-023: May 15, 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer Networking
321983 The Number in the "Reset Fail Count After" Box Changes Networking
322359 Intelide.sys Is Not Used on Computers with ICH4 or ICH5 Networking
322823 Windows Explorer Does Not Detect That the CD-ROM That Was Previously in the CD Drive Has Been Replaced with a Blank CD-R Networking
322934 The StgCreateDocFile() Function Causes an "STG_E_FILEALREADYEXISTS" Error in Windows 2000 Networking
322953 Cannot Browse Printers When You Are Trying to Print or Browse Printer Queues Networking
323538 IAS Authentication Is Unsuccessful After You Install the 292053 Hotfix Networking
323663 Windows Critical Update Notification 3.0 May Cause a "Dirty" Shutdown Networking
323668 An SNMP Query Returns Zero When You Query for Virtual Memory Usage Networking
323756 Redirection Response Contains Garbage Characters with Long URL Networking
323759 MS02-047: August 22, 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer Networking
324673 The LoadLibrary() Function Cannot Find the DLL Name Networking
324886 You Cannot Add an .msi Package to a Group Policy Object Networking
325764 Installing an AGP Video Adapter Driver May Hang the Computer When You Restart It Networking
325873 An NBT Connection Does Not Appear in the Performance Objects List Networking
325916 VPN Connections with Names Longer Than 64 Characters May Stop Working After You Install the Q318138 (MS02-029) Patch Networking
326645 ICrmLogControl::WriteLogRecordVariants Method Causes a Memory Leak in COM+ Applications Networking
326886 MS02-042: Flaw in Network Connection Manager Can Cause Rights Elevation Networking
326926 Dynamic Host Routes Are Not Removed if EnablePMTUDiscovery Is Set to Zero Networking
326964 Random Access Violations Occur in Rpcss Networking
327016 The Netsh Utility Cannot Create a Workgroup <00> Group Record Networking
327081 Data Added to Removable Media During Hibernation May Be Lost When You Resume Windows 2000 Networking
327148 The RPC Service Stops with Event ID 7031 Networking
327477 Computer May Hang After a Surprise Removal of a Host Bus Controller Networking
327709 Windows 2000 Account Operators Can Manage Their Own Accounts Networking
328089 Dial-up Connection Uses Multiple Modems to Dial a Connection After You Select the "Dial Only First Available Device" Option Networking
328389 OLEXP: Outlook Express 5.5 Rollup Networking
328410 NetBT Does Not Respond to Adapter Status Query If Server and Messenger Services Are Stopped Networking
328477 Services.exe May Hang When You Restart a Service Networking
328556 Event ID 3006 in Application Log After You Upgrade Your Domain Controller to Service Pack 3 Networking
329227 Task Scheduler Stops Scheduling Repeating Jobs Networking
329258 DNS Query of Type ALL Does Not Query an Authoritative Server for the Domain Networking
329494 Your Custom Authorization Extension for IAS Stops Working After You Install Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 Networking
329634 Dial-Up Connections Do Not Appear with Cluster Services Installed Networking
329847 Computer Displays a Blank Screen When You Resume from an S1 or S3 Power State After You Remove an IEEE 1394 Storage Device Networking
330012 ACL Editor GUI Changes to Special When You Use Security Template Manager Networking
330753 Sound May Be Lost on the Server Side of a TAPI Application Session Networking
331993 Intermittent Access Violation Error Messages in Win32k!EXFORMOBJ::vGetCoefficient+0xb Occur on a Windows 2000-Based Print Server Networking
810042 Windows 2000 Does Not Handle Selective ACKs Correctly Networking
810382 Default TCP Window Size Is Still Used After You Specify a Different TCPWindowSize Value Networking
810839 Your Windows XP-Based Client Cannot Establish a VPN Connection Networking
810926 Fax Program Does Not Send a Fax If the Program Calls FaxInitializeEventQueue() Multiple Times Per Fax Session Networking
811044 Windows 2000 Stops Accepting Incoming TCP Connections Networking
811368 RPC Error 0x80080005 Is Returned from a COM Program Networking
811436 SNMP May Report an Incorrect Amount of Memory Networking
811513 You Cannot Use the Secondary WINS Server to Resolve Names When the Primary WINS Server Is Unavailable Networking
811657 WSAIoctl (SIO_SET_QOS) Returns SUCCESS When It Should Return FAIL Networking
811914 A DNS Server May Not Respond to Some DNS Queries Networking
812707 STOP 0x0000001E Error Message in Tcipip.sys When Server Is Under a Heavy Network Load Networking
814119 FIX: RPC Bug Causes Threads to Stop Responding in ASP/COM+ Applications Networking
814250 Operation Failed for Unspecified Reasons Error Message When You Start the Telephony Snap-In or Refresh the Display Networking
814622 Remote Procedure Call Datagram Runtime Component Leaks Firewall Ports on the Client Side Networking
815182 The Remote Access Service Security DLL Is Incorrectly Used to Authenticate Non-Modem Remote Access Connections Networking
816924 There Was an Error Found When Printing the Document Error Message When You Print a Document Over an Infrared Port Networking
817069 Cannot Connect to a Network Share over a VPN Connection Networking
817367 Stop Error 0x000000D1 When You Use Host Integration Server to Connect to a Mainframe Computer That Is Using the DLC Protocol Networking
817864 Network Monitor Protocol Causes Stop Code 0xD1 When Closing Adapter Networking
818177 Random Problems in the RPC Runtime in the Cluster Service Networking
315315 EnableAutoDial Registry Key Is Set Incorrectly Other
316982 Default French (Canada) Locale Settings for Long Date and Currency Do Not Match the Quebec Standard Other
319102 Wldap32 Truncates the ";binary" Option in the Search Filter Other
319725 SLIP Connections Broadcast NetBIOS Names When the Client Is Turned Off Other
319973 Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Support in Windows 2000 Other
320368 The RichEdit Text Control May Replace CR-LF in the Output Other
320549 Scan Function May Not Work On USB Multifunction Printers Other
322210 FIX: Message Queuing Performance Monitor Counters Do Not Work over Terminal Services Other
323289 Memory Leak in WDM Provider's ExecMethodAsync Method in Windows XP and Windows 2000 Other
323582 Net3101 Error on OS/2 Server Because of SessionSetup SMB Other
328725 Windows 2000 Is Unexpectedly Installed On a Newly Created Account During Remote Installation Other
331116 Cannot Bind Directly to a Group Object with the Winnt Provider Other
810070 Cannot Add a User or Group to a Trusted Domain Other
810268 Access Violation Occurs If You Call IADsTools from Visual Studio 6 Other
812110 Outlook Express May Hang When You Send Mail with a Long Line Other
812401 Error 735 Error Message and Dial-Up Networking Connection Appears Connected Although You Are Disconnected Other
814691 FIX: Access Violation During Application Center Replication Other
814958 USB Keyboard and Mouse Devices Do Not Work Correctly If You Reconnect Them While Windows Is Running Other
298692 You Cannot Add a Printer by Using the CNAME Printing
318365 Cannot Print a Large Paper Size at High Resolution Printing
318954 A Default Printer That Is Not Available May Cause a Delay in Programs Printing
319370 You Cannot Print to a Local Printer After Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Is Installed Printing
320914 Problems Upgrading a User-Mode Print Driver By Using Point and Print Printing
321364 Clients Open Hundreds of Pipes to \Pipe\Spoolss on Print Servers Printing
321613 Stop 0x0a Error in nt!ExpBoostOwnerThread() on Windows 2000 Server Printing
321614 The Spooler Service May Crash Under Stress Printing
321771 You Receive a "Stop 0x51 (REGISTRY_ERROR)" Error Message Printing
324173 Parts of Your Print Job Are Missing If You Print One or More Very Large Documents Printing
324397 Failfast Occurs If the Authentication Level of a COM+ Server Package Is Set to None Printing
324433 Client Active Directory Queries Fail with 0x8005000 Printing
326095 COMREPL Utility Does Not Respond When You Install Microsoft .NET Framework Printing
327052 Print Queues Are Republished with an Incorrect Name If the 286254 Update Is Installed Printing
327930 Explorer May Change the Active Distributed File System Share Printing
327984 Your Profile Is Not Unloaded If You Change Printer Settings and Then Log Off Printing
328055 Server May Stop Responding If You Use a Program That Uses Sharable Pages Printing
328894 First Character of Each Line Is Missing When You Print with the Generic Printer Driver Printing
329051 You Sporadically Receive "Stop 0x1E" Error Message in Win32k.sys in Windows 2000 Printing
330030 Computer with Disjoined Namespace Is Not Authenticated by Using 802.1x with a Radius Server in its Domain Printing
810647 The System Event Log Contains Many Event 61 Entries Printing
810908 Spooler CPU Usage Remains Above 50 Percent If an LPR Port Has a DNS Name That Is Not Valid for the LPD Server Printing
811915 FIX: Winprint Produces Incorrect Output for Booklet Printing of Mixed Orientation Document Printing
811916 FIX: The DrvDestroyFont Function is Never Called on Windows 2000 Printing
812121 Unexpected Blank Space Is Inserted After Accented Characters Printing
812419 An Event Handle Leak Occurs with the System.EventLog Class Printing
814408 Printer Operators Group Is Not Listed in the Terminal Server Redirected Print Queue Printing
814770 Unexpected Delay When You Log Off Printing
198941 Users Cannot Change Password When Logging On Security
274450 Memory Leak in Services.exe When Checking Arcname Security
296441 MS01-022: WebDAV Service Provider Can Allow Scripts to Levy Requests as a User Security
297528 CRL Distribution Point Extension Is Not Suppressed by the Capolicy.inf File Security
304140 File Security (Inherited) Permissions May Be Removed When You Remotely Edit the Permissions Security
311444 Creator/Owner Rights Are Removed by Policy Editor Security
312827 An Incorrect Authentication Package Name May Appear in Audit Event 529 Security
313494 Microsoft Cryptography API May Not Work If the Default CSP Has Been Set Incorrectly Security
313664 Using 802.1x Authentication on Computers Running Windows 2000 Base operating system
315092 An Attack on Port 1720 May Cause NetMeeting to Refuse Incoming Connections Security
316201 RID Pool Allocation and Sizing Changes in Windows 2000 SP4 Security
318815 Cannot Connect to Web Sites That Require SSL 3.0 Security
318873 The PKI Dialog Box Appears Multiple Times If You Click Cancel Security
318988 Stop 0x000000B8 Error Occurs in a Windows 2000 Cluster Security
319418 IP Security Policy Management MMC Leaks Memory Security
320099 A Security Policy Does Not Process Restricted Groups Correctly Security
320206 MS02-024: Authentication Flaw in Windows Debugger Can Cause Elevated Privileges Security
320211 You Cannot Programmatically Perform a Security Authorization Check on a User Security
320670 Event ID 528 May Not Be Logged If LsaLogonUser() Is Called Security
320828 Data That Is Protected by User's Private Key Can Be Accessed by a Domain Administrator Who Resets the User's Password Security
320903 Clients Cannot Log On by Using Kerberos over TCP Security
320920 MS02-032: Windows Media Player Rollup Available Security
321166 "Your Password Is Expired" Error Message When You Access Resources From Macintosh on Windows 2000 Server Running AppleTalk Network Integration Security
321217 You Receive an "Action Could Not Be Completed" Error Message When You Select Many Recipients in the Global Address List Security
321323 The Spooler Service Stops Working Under High Memory Loads Security
321928 ADSI with the OLE DB Provider May Leak Memory If You Use SQL Syntax Security
322175 You Must Restart the Computer After Joining a Domain with Service Pack 2 Security
322302 Cannot Obtain an Interrupt Resource for a PCI-PCI Bridge Device Security
322760 GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl Function Causes an Access Violation Security
322989 DHCP Service Uses a Default TTL Value of 900 Seconds Security
323153 Computer May Hang During Resume from S3 Standby with Two IDE Drives Security
323758 SFM Macintosh Logon Audit Event Is Not Logged When You Use Microsoft UAM Security
324120 Cannot Log On to Domain After Adding a Computer to a Domain Security
324224 Stop 0xc5 Error Message in Windows 2000 Security
324377 Cannot Use Domain Local Groups for Active Directory Certificate Mapping Security
324380 MS02-051: Cryptographic Flaw in RDP Protocol Can Cause Information Disclosure Security
324553 CAPS LOCK Key State in MS-DOS Programs May Be Incorrect Security
325083 Problems When You Use a ComboBox with a Large Number of Items Security
325463 The Logical Disk Counters Read Zero on a Cluster After a Disk Failover and Failback Security
326180 100% Utilization of the Available CPU on Many Single Processor Computers Security
326363 Windows 2000 DNS Does Not Resolve NS to CNAME to an A Resource Record Mapping Security
326460 Service-Specific Error Code -2147944102 Error Message If You Try to Start the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Service Security
326826 Some Programs May Be Slow When Accessing Files on a Network Share Security
326864 STOP: 0x000000D6 Error in Win32k.sys Occurs in Windows 2000 Security
327076 A Memory Leak Occurs in Lsass.exe When You Use IMAP4 Over SSL on Exchange Server 5.5 Security
327462 Windows XP SP1 Checks for Existing Roaming User Profile Folders When a Roaming User Profile Is Created Security
327524 An Access Violation Occurs in Spoolsv.exe in Windows 2000 Security
327634 The "Lock on Smartcard Removal" Policy Setting Does Not Work If There Is Unsaved Work on the Computer When You Log Off Security
327696 MS02-062: October 2002 Cumulative Patch for Internet Information Services Security
327752 Some Winsock Functions May Cause a High CPU Load Security
327825 New Resolution for Problems That Occur When Users Belong to Many Groups Security
328370 Windows 2000 CSNW Always Calls the Nearest Server for Logging On to an NDS Tree Security
328523 Removing Default Startup of Internet Explorer from the Internet Connection Wizard Security
328863 HTTP Authentication: IIS Waits for Request Entity Body Before It Sends a "401 Authentication Required" Response Security
328924 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 22 Security
328948 LsaSrv Event ID 5000 Error Message: The Security Package Negotiate Generated an Exception Security
328970 MS02-066: November, 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer Security
329112 FIX: Multi-Border DVD with More Than 4 GB of Data Not Readable Past First Border Security
329145 Cannot Copy a Directory with Extended Attributes to a FAT32 Partition Security
329316 Error Message: User Interface Failure: The Logon User Interface DLL Msgina.dll Failed to Load Security
329405 DNS Name Resolution Does Not Work for Users Who Are Not Administrators Security
329414 MS02-065: Buffer Overrun in Microsoft Data Access Components Can Lead to Code Execution (MDAC 2.6) Security
329826 Extending NTFS Volume Fails but Appears to Be Successful Security
330002 The Microsoft Message Queue Server Migration Tool Does Not Permit a Primary Enterprise Controller Upgrade in the Child Domain Security
330029 Access Violation Error Message in Print Services for Macintosh Security
330164 Printer ACLs Are Missing After You Apply Windows 2000 SP3 Security
330303 "STOP: c000021a (Fatal System Error)" Error Occurs Security
330994 MS03-014: April, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Outlook Express Security
331490 Userinit.exe May Stop Working in Windows 2000 Security
331953 MS03-010: Flaw in RPC Endpoint Mapper Could Allow Denial of Service Attacks Security
810022 Bugcheck with Stop Message "STOP 0x000000CE" and Svr.sys in Crashdump When Computer Shuts Down Security
810037 Setpwd.exe Enhancement to Specify a DSRM Password as an Argument Security
810076 Updates to Restricted Groups Behavior of User-Defined Local Groups Security
810088 CPU Usage May Be High After You Turn On Auditing for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System Security
810202 Security Vulnerability in DirectX Files Viewer ActiveX Control Security
810578 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 24 Security
810585 Lsass.exe Memory Usage Increasing Regardless of Server Load Security
810649 Hyperlinks Open in Internet Explorer Instead of in the Default Browser Security
810833 MS03-001: Unchecked Buffer in the Locator Service Might Permit Code to Run Security
811114 MS03-018: May 2003 Cumulative Patch for Internet Information Services (IIS) Security
811493 MS03-013: Buffer Overrun in Windows Kernel Message Handling Could Lead to Elevated Privileges Security
811627 "Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts" Check Box Is Unexpectedly Cleared After Group Policy Is Refreshed Security
811630 HTML Help Update to Limit Functionality When It Is Invoked with the window.showHelp( ) Method Security
812428 A Memory Leak Occurs in the Lsass Process Security
812872 IPSec Does Not Support the PKI Trust Path Capabilities If You Use Certificate Authentication in IKE Security
813423 "Failed to Save <Template>.inf" Error Message Occurs When You Try to Save a Global Security Profile Template Security
813485 Your Computer Stops Responding When You Create a File on a Local File Share Security
813489 MS03-015: April, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer Security
813877 Cannot Remove Orphaned Exchange Domain Servers Security Group from Exchange Enterprise Servers Security Group Security
814055 Access Mask 0xCCCCCC When Using the GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl Function Security
814078 MS03-008: Flaw in Windows Script Engine may allow code to run Security
814122 Lsass.exe Uses More Memory Than Expected Security
814569 Unsuccessful Authentication Causes a Memory Leak in the Kerberos Component of Lsass.exe Security
814886 INFO: Availability of Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 25 Security
815021 MS03-007: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Component May Cause Web Server Compromise Security
815225 User Can Restart Windows 2000 Terminal Server Without Having Restart Rights Security
815414 Services Do Not Start Correctly After You Configure Group Policy Settings That Are in the Default Domain Controller Policy Security
817606 MS03-024: Buffer Overrun in Windows Could Lead to Data Corruption Security
817772 MS03-019: Flaw in ISAPI Extension for Windows Media Services Could Cause Denial of Service Security
819696 MS03-030: Unchecked Buffer in DirectX Could Enable System Compromise Security
821665 List of Security Fixes in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Security
822679 MS03-025: Flaw in Windows Message Handling Through Utility Manager Could Enable Privilege Elevation Security
265396 Slow Network Performance Occurs When You Select a File on a Share That Uses NTFS Shell
280687 Disable Change Wallpaper Policy Does Not Prevent All Wallpaper Changes Shell
302510 Stop 0x0000001e Error Message in Win32k.sys When Users Log Off from a Server Running Terminal Services Shell
315819 STOP 0x50 Error Occurs in Mrxsmb.sys When the Digital Dashboard Is Loaded Shell
320261 Terminal Services Performance Problems Occur Because Explorer.exe Maintains Instrumentation Data and Counters in the Registry Shell
321091 Setting WINS-R Information in a Reverse Lookup Zone Causes an Error Shell
321781 STOP A in nt!KiAttachProcess+0x12 from win32k!PDEVOBJ::UnloadFontFile in Windows 2000 Shell
321787 Access Violation When You Run Windows Installer in a Terminal Services Session Shell
321788 STDIN/STDOUT Redirection May Not Work If Started from a File Association Shell
322019 Data Loss Occurs When You Copy Files Over the Network Shell
322841 Document and User Names Do Not Appear in Print Queue When You Print from MAC OS/X Clients Shell
323015 Many Secure Socket Layer Connections May Slow Down Performance Shell
323653 STOP 0xD1 in NDIS on Fault-Tolerant Platforms with Windows 2000 Shell
324141 Changing the Password on a Locked-Out Account Generates a "Domain Not Available" Message Shell
324166 UMPD Version of EngCreateBitmap Limits the Bitmap Size to 40 Megabytes Shell
325038 Calendar Type May Change to Japanese Emperor Era When Outlook Runs Shell
325333 Indexing Service Query Returns Incomplete Results with Turkish Regional Settings Shell
326109 EMF Print Jobs That Contain Type 1 Fonts May Not Print Shell
326569 An Access Violation Occurs When You Read an Object SID Property Shell
326572 Explorer.exe Repeatedly Generates Access Violation Error Messages After You Log On Shell
326836 Windows 2000 Desktop Blinks When Explorer.exe Repeatedly Stops Responding Shell
327350 Windows 2000 Terminal Services Server Hangs with the Novell Client Shell
327815 You Receive a 0xC00E004C Error If You Use the MSMQMessage.Send() Method and the MSMQQueue.Receive() Method After You Apply Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 on a Cluster Shell
328284 Some Files and Folders That Are Not Configured to Be Made Available Offline Are Cached Shell
328285 Incorrect DNS Query During System State Backup on a Domain Controller Shell
328423 Active Directory Backup Is Canceled If a File Is Busy Shell
328523 Removing Default Startup of Internet Explorer from the Internet Connection Wizard Shell
329023 The Windows 2000 DNS Server Service Stops Working with a Stack Overflow Shell
329135 Incorrect Knowledge Base Article Number in SP_KB_NUMBER Entry in the Windows 2000 SP3 Update.inf File Shell
329553 Cannot Obtain Device Driver Updates from the Windows Update Web Site Shell
329727 Active Directory Keeps Only One Outstanding Paged/VLV Search at a Time for an LDAP Connection Shell
810159 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA Error Message When You Try to Switch Tasks by Using ALT+TAB Shell
810649 Hyperlinks Open in Internet Explorer Instead of in the Default Browser Shell
810891 Access Violation Occurs in Windows Explorer When the My Computer Window Is Refreshed Shell
811416 Stream Drag-and-Drop Operations Do Not Open a Confirmation Dialog Box Shell
811769 STOP 0x00000050 in Error Message in Atmfd.dll When You Use Type 1 Fonts Shell
812943 The RichEdit Control Undo Information May Be Lost When the Control Retrieves Text Shell
813859 Text in the Add/Remove Programs Tool Is Garbled or Reverts to English Shell
813870 The Rich Edit Control May Display Documents with Right or Center Tabs Incorrectly Shell
814201 Administratively Assigned Offline Files Remain Available Offline After Being Moved to Another Folder Shell
814789 Windows Stops Responding with "Stop Error 0x7F" Error Message Shell
815019 List of Terminal Services Fixes in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Shell
815490 Dr. Watson Reports an Access Violation When Creating Connection in HyperTerminal Shell
816047 STOP 0x1E in Win32k.sys Error May Occur in Windows 2000 Shell
816094 LDAP Provider 80070030 Reconnection Failed Error Message When You Try to Reconnect to Mailbox Shell
816131 Windows Cannot End This Program Error Message When You Try to Close a Parent Program in Windows 2000 Shell
816372 You Receive an Access Violation Error Message When You Click the Look In Drop Down Menu of an Open Dialog Box Shell
817061 The "Back" Button Is Unavailable After You Click a Hyperlink in a Word Document That You Open in Internet Explorer Shell
817700 You Receive a "STOP 0x0000001E" Error Message When You Quit a Program Shell
817768 Windows Explorer Stops Responding When It Tries to Sort More Than 1 Million Objects on a RAID Controller Shell
253922 Users' Automatically Created Printers Visible to Other Users Terminal Services
257966 Doskbd Is Not Available in Windows 2000 Terminal Services
304229 16-Bit OLE Servers Started from 16-Bit Programs Create Extra VDMs in Terminal Server Sessions Terminal Services
325775 WINS Database Corruption May Occur After Replication Terminal Services
326429 The Windows Explorer Progress Bar May Be Misleading When You Move or Copy Large Files Terminal Services
327612 User Profile Unload Failure When You Start, Quit, or Log Off NetMeeting Terminal Services
328478 Security Event Does Not Contain an IP Address or Computer Name When an Unsuccessful Logon Attempt Occurs Terminal Services
328715 0x8000500d Error Message When ADSI Tries to Retrieve an Attribute with a Semicolon in Its Name Terminal Services
331489 Ntbackup May Stop Working If a Backup Operator Does Not Have Write Permission on the Tape Terminal Services
331596 Data Is Truncated When You Download a Gzip-Encoded Excel File in Internet Explorer Terminal Services
811634 High "Total Errors" Values in System Monitor During a Terminal Services Session Terminal Services
813508 Cannot Connect to a Terminal Server From a Windows-Based Terminal Terminal Services
814066 Cannot Send Recognized Input from Tablet PC to Windows 2000 with Remote Desktop Terminal Services
815017 List of Terminal Services Fixes in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Terminal Services
816062 KANA Key Functions As CTRL Key When You Log On to Windows Terminal Services Client Terminal Services
816669 STOP 0x000000C2 Error Message When Running Terminal Services Terminal Services
816870 Multiple Windows Installer (.msi) Packages Cannot Write to the Same Registry Key on a Server That Is Running Terminal Services Terminal Services

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