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About the Wiki

In a nutshell, this is incarnation number two. Incarnation number one got corrupted some years back. This wiki was launched on March 19th, 2010, after the popular first version had got a database corruption due to an upgrade failure on MySQL.

BetaArchive Wiki contains information about betas and abandonware from all side of the spectrum! Here are just a few important things we include:

- BIOS Date
- Beta Product Keys
- Timebomb Explosion Dates (of the software kind of course)
- Preceding and Succeding Builds/Operating Systems

Feel free to contribute if you are a member! We rely on you guys because we can't do all of the work ourselves! All that you have to do is to create an account and then get contributing, it's that easy.

How you can help

Alright here is our all call! We need your help!
BetaArchive Wiki is full of blank, incorrect, and incomplete articles that need some much needed TLC, and you can help us fix those articles! If you're not registered on the wiki but satisfy the requirements for the wiki account, what are you waiting for?! Join now by contacting an admin!
NOTE: Due to spam, if you do not have a forum account that is registered for one month or more, you cannot register on the wiki. You'll have to wait or register a forum account. You also need FTP access.
And as always thanks for reading!