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About the Wiki

In a nutshell, this is incarnation number two. Incarnation number one got corrupted some years back. This wiki was launched on March 19th 2010 , after the popular first version had got a database corruption doe to a upgrade failure on MySQL.

Why this wiki has a strict entry rule

Initially , the wiki was open to all. Anyone could register and even IP users could edit pages. But due to growing vandalism , the admin(Andy) decided to introduce a restriction. From then , only forum users who are registered for 3 months or more can even apply for the wiki.

Despite criticism , this rule has stood.

How you can help

This wiki really needs your help. If you're a registered user on this wiki , you could easily help by updating the huge number of articles which are nearly blank.
If you're not registered on the wiki but satisfy the requirements for the wiki account , what are you waiting for? Join now by contacting an admin!
Unfortunately , if you do not have a forum account that is registred for 3 months or more, you cannot register on the wiki. You'll have to wait or register a forum account. You also need FTP access.