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Contribution Requirements

This page has been updated (28/July/2014) to take into account the new contribution requirements.

FTP Access Group

FTP Server Access

also known as FTP Access Group

What benefit does having access to the FTP servers have?

- More than 75TB of betas and abandonware.
- Up to 100Mbps* download speeds.
- Un-throttled 24/7 access (Subject to 50GB/day download limit**).
- Your name will turn red!
- 4096bit encryption for your security and to prevent throttling by your ISP.
- It's all FREE! (But please donate if you like it!)

* Subject to routing, latency and network conditions.
** Fair usage applies.

Why do you have to join a group for the FTP servers?

The reasons are simple. We have limited resources, and if we gave it to everybody without them earning it, the site would quickly fail. Also, the community would never survive and we would quickly end up with a dead and useless website. BetaArchive thrives because of its community, so by becoming a part of it, you get rewards such as access to the FTP servers.

How do I get access to the FTP servers?

You will be required to contribute a unique release to our archive that meets specific critera.

Take a look at our guide on the forum which explains everything you need to know about creating a proper image/dump of the software, how to scan the packaging and documentation, how to name the file, and how to compress it for uploading.

You can find the guide here:

You will need to connect to our upload FTP server to contribute your file. Create a folder with your forum username and upload your file there. Once done, apply to the group as shown below.

Donations will NOT get you access.

Donations are non-refundable.

Even if you donated, you still have to contribute for access. Sorry.

Rules of the FTP Access Group:

The following will result in loss of FTP Access Group membership:

- Leaking or sharing of FTP login details with anyone (including other members).
- Excessive bandwidth usage despite warnings to reduce it.
- Constant server hammering despite warnings.
- Breaking any of the other regular forum rules.

Once you lose your FTP Access Group membership you will never be able to get it back.

Ready to apply for FTP access?

If you have read the rules above, you can now apply by clicking the link below.
90% of applications are rejected immediately because the user has not properly followed the guide above. Do not be one of these people - follow the guide properly. It will save your time and ours.



I have applied for FTP Access, but I don't have access yet. Why?

- All applications are manually reviewed by our FTP administrator, mrpijey.
- Application processing can take up to 7 days, so you must be patient. It takes time to verify your upload.

My application was rejected. Why?

- A reason for rejection will be PM'ed to you on the forum.
- We are not able to provide any more information than is given in the PM.

I keep getting rejected, why won't you accept my files?

- A reason will be given to you when a file is rejected.
- You should be sure the release is unique and is worthy before uploading. You may contact mrpijey, our FTP admin, if you are unsure if it is worth uploading.
- Multiple rejections may lead to you permanently being rejected access to the FTP.

I'm still confused, can you help me?

Drop us a message in the site feedback and support forum and someone will be happy to help you.

Donators Group

Donators Forum Access

also known as Donators Group

What benefits does the Donators group have?

- You'll get access a donators discussion forum.
- Your name will turn blue!

- You'll get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing you just helped keep us online longer!

How do I join the Donators group?

The Donators group is accessible by donating:

£2.50 or more donation

(or equivilant to £2.50 GBP / Sterling in your currency)

If you fulfil the requirements above, please read the Donators rules first.

Rules of the Donators Group:

The following will result in loss of Donators Group membership:

- Talking about topics from the Donators forums in any other forum.
- Spamming or discussing of forbidden topics.
- Breaking any of the other regular forum rules.

Once you lose your Donators membership you will never be able to get it back.

Once you have read the rules, please send a PM to Andy on the forum requesting your access.

Other admins and moderators will not be able to perform this action.

If you have made a donation, please include your donation amount and e-mail address the donation was sent from in the PM.

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