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Donations are very important to BetaArchive because they help to run the website and keep everything free of charge. Without donations, it would become impossible to run the site free of charge and we would quickly have to charge for some services we offer. We never want it to come to that as we don't think it would be right. You don't have to donate much, just what you can afford to spare, and we're greatful for every penny.

It takes just 20 BetaArchive members donating £3.00 per month to keep the site online. So, please dig deep and donate anything you can! Everything you donate will go towards the server costs and with any luck you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing you have helped keep one of the best beta repositories online another month!

Where does the donation money go?
All donations received go directly back into the website and upkeep of the archive. Some of the ways that the donations are spent includes:
  • Server costs
  • Website costs (e.g. domain renewal)
  • Archive hardware costs (e.g. hard drives)
When you donate you'll also get access to the donators forum.

Simply make a donation of £2.50 or more (or equivilant to £2.50 GBP / Sterling or more in your currency).

Donating does not grant access to downloads.

Once you have donated, please send a PM to Andy on the forum requesting your access. Other admins and moderators will not be able to perform this action. Include your donation amount and e-mail address the donation was sent from in the PM.

What benefits does the Donators group have?
- You'll get access to a donators discussion forum.
- Your name will turn blue!
- You'll get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing you just helped keep us online longer!

Can I donate something other than money?
Yes! If you have hardware you would like to donate then you can get in touch with us to discuss it.
The sort of hardware we would look for are:
  • Servers
  • Storage (hard drives 10TB+)
Thank you!

Donate once or monthly

I want to donate monthly:
Select "make this a monthly donation" before you click donate.

I want to cancel my monthly donation:
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Please Note:
  • PayPal will take a small handling fee if you do not click the option to cover fees. This is up to you.
  • All donations are non-refundable.
  • Donating won't get you FTP access, sorry. You still need to contribute a release.
  • All donations are in Great British Pounds (GBP). Please ensure you properly convert from your own currency.

Thank you to everyone that has donated!