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Article Last Modified on 1/22/2007


  • Microsoft Project 98 Standard Edition

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This article contains a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that describe issues that are fixed in Microsoft Project 98 for Windows, Service Release 1 (SR-1).

For additional information about how to obtain Microsoft Project 98 SR-1, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

185102 PRJ98: How to Obtain and Install MS Project 98 SR-1


Summary List for Microsoft Project 98 for Windows, Service Release 1

169235 PRJ98: Invalid Page Fault with Microsoft Windows Printing System

173169 PRJ98: Microsoft Project Takes a Long Time to Save Baseline

173747 PRJ98: Notes Field Truncated when Using Notes Property in Macro

174357 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding when Saving File

174358 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding when Resource Deleted

174368 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding Saving Baseline or Interim Plan

174370 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding Saving Baseline in PERT View

174734 PRJ98: MS Project Stops Responding with Resource Work Contour

175009 PRJ98: Early Timephased Actual Cost not Reflected in Total ACWP

175031 PRJ98: Incorrect Work Value in Usage Views for In-Progress Tasks

176308 PRJ98: Duration Changes If Task Split Is Moved

176309 PRJ98: Total BCWP May Not Show Correct Timephased BCWP

176310 PRJ98: Invalid Page Fault, Hang Sending Routing Slip

177020 PRJ98: Notes Overwrite Footer when Printing Task Report

177021 PRJ98: Out of Memory Error When Previewing, Printing a Report

177022 PRJ98: Task Delay Unexpectedly Added when Adding Leveling Delay

177023 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding After Closing File

177024 PRJ98: Microsoft Project Stops Responding Creating New Calendar

177025 PRJ98: Setup.wri has Wrong Steps for Workgroup Message Handler

177477 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding If Task Have Modified Baseline

177478 PRJ98: Changing Fixed Work Tasks Duration Results in Wrong Value

177520 PRJ98: Problems Printing If Print Scaling Less Than 100 Percent

178185 PRJ: Removing All Resources From Task Removes All Work

178370 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding When Formatting a Bar

178371 PRJ98: Bar Styles Based on Flag Fields May Not Display Correctly

178387 PRJ98: Error Saving a Project to SQL Database

178394 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding When Pasting a Resource

178396 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding or Missing Characters Saving MPX

178678 PRJ98: Resource Time-Phased SV Does Not Equal Resource Total SV

178685 PRJ98: Setup Error: Setup could not find the file...MSSP232.dll

178695 PRJ98:Baseline Cost and Timescaled BCWS Appear as Negative Value

179790 PRJ98: Entering a Cost for a Resource Assignment Results in Zero

179792 PRJ98: Need Team Manager SR-1 to Get Timephased Workgroup Data

180291 PRJ98: Task Split in a Project Created in an Earlier Version

180294 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding When Closing a Consolidated File

180914 PRJ98: Cost Field Value Is Less Than Expected Value

180923 PRJ98: Additional Tasks, Links, Assignments When Pasting Tasks

182895 PRJ98: Unexpected Assignment Sort Order When Project Exported

183454 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding When Opening a Project

183455 PRJ98: Missing Fields When Opening a Project in the MPX Format

183456 PRJ98: Error Entering Number with Space as Thousands Separator

183457 PRJ98: Shortcut Removed After Reinstalling Project

183458 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding When Sharing Resources

183459 PRJ98: Circular Reference Error When Dragging Task

183460 PRJ98: Summary Task Displays Incorrect Percent Complete

184002 PRJ98: Missing Tasks When Print or Print Preview Calendar View

184003 PRJ98: Incorrect Resource Work Value After Undo Deleting Task

184004 PRJ98: Timescale Displayed Incorrectly in Usage Views

184005 PRJ98: Resource Initials Change After Using Resource Info Dialog

184607 PRJ98: Not a Valid Field Name Error When Changing Calendar

184610 PRJ98: Incorrect Resource Work Contour on Fixed Work Task

184611 PRJ98: Copied Project Tasks Do Not Appear in Outlook Task List

184612 PRJ98: Flashing Screen or Endless Alert When Linking Tasks

184613 PRJ98: Periodic Resource Report Shows Incorrect Tasks

184614 PRJ98: Error Message When Pasting Summary Task or Recurring Task

184671 PRJ98: Unexpected Leveling Delay for Tasks with SNET Constraint

184672 PRJ98: Setup.wri Lists Incorrect Command Line Switches for Setup

184673 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding Updating OLE Links from Word

184688 PRJ98: Unexpected Start, Finish, Hours Per Day or Hours Per Week

184689 PRJ98: Unexpected Behavior When Change Percent Complete To Zero

184708 PRJ98: Missing Baseline or Earned Value Info in Usage View

184709 PRJ98: Crash When Saving a Project to Network

185102 PRJ98: How to Obtain and Install Microsoft Project 98 SR-1

185103 PRJ98: List of Fixes in Microsoft Project 98 SR-1

185104 PRJ98: MS Project 98 SR-1 CD-ROM Contents Part 1 of 2

185105 PRJ98: MS Project 98 SR-1 CD-ROM Contents Part 2 of 2

185285 PRJ98: Summary Task Cost and Work Not Displayed in Reports

185286 PRJ98: Cannot Resolve Overallocation Error Message When Leveling

185287 PRJ98: Unexpected Characters in Task Usage Printout or Picture

185293 PRJ98: Incorrect Timephased Baseline Cost in Usage View

185296 PRJ98: Paste Operation Cannot Be Completed Error Opening a File

185297 PRJ98: Resources Not Removed When You Stop Resource Sharing

185298 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding or Crashes When Linking Tasks

185299 PRJ98: Crash When Print or Preview a Gantt Chart with Many Tasks

185484 PRJ98: Total Cost Different from Edited Timephased Actual Cost

185485 PRJ98: Not Enough Memory Error or Crash When Saving Baseline

185838 PRJ98: Crash When Clicking a Date in a Calendar Control

185877 PRJ98: Crash If Selecting Calendar in Change Working Time Dialog

186071 PRJ98: Work and Baseline Work Do Not Match After Saving Baseline

186072 PRJ98: Usage Views Print Timescale Data in Wrong Cells

186076 PRJ98: Project Crashes When You Apply the PERT Chart View

186090 PRJ98: Crash When You Display the Assign Resources Dialog Box

186093 PRJ98: Project Crashes When You Paste Tasks or Resources

186199 PRJ98: TeamUpdate Not Allowed When Resource Removed from Task

187372 PRJ98: Can't Resolve Overallocation If Leveling Minute-By-Minute

187373 PRJ98: File Size Greatly Increases After Saving Baseline

187374 PRJ98: Indicator Column Displays Inserted Project Is Not Valid

187387 PRJ98: Crash When Saving Workspace with Read-Only Resource Pool

187388 PRJ98: Header, Footer, and Legend Missing Opening Template File

187389 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding When Applying AutoFilter

187390 PRJ98: Resources Printed with Incorrect Tasks in Report

188783 PRJ98: Leveling Week by Week Gives Unnecessary Delay and Splits

188798 PRJ98: Crash When Starting MS Project from Another Program

188799 PRJ98: Timephased Percent Complete Recalculated When Entered

188816 PRJ98: AutoFilter Shows Wrong Tasks Using Next Month AutoFilter

188818 PRJ98: Gantt Chart Task Bars Print Incorrectly on First Page

188836 PRJ98: Timephased Costs Assigned at Start of Assignment

189227 PRJ98: Task Outline Level Not Displayed in Internet Explorer 4

189230 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding When Clicking Working Time Tab

189231 PRJ98: Crash or Memory Error When Opening a Consolidated Project

189233 PRJ98: Crash When Print or Print Preview a Report

189246 PRJ98: Resource May Be Replaced After Updating Resource Pool

189247 PRJ98:Updated %Complete & BCWP All in First Period of Task Usage

189813 PRJ98: Timephased BCWP May Be Incorrect in the Task Usage View

189878 PRJ98: Resource Peak Units May Be Displayed Incorrectly

189898 PRJ98: Task May Have Incorrect Predecessor or Successor

189899 PRJ98: Crash When Opening Project Edited in Database

189901 PRJ98: Can Not Open or Edit MS Project 4.x Embedded Object

189903 PRJ98: Updated Online Users Guide For Project 98

190147 PRJ98: Project Crashes When Renaming an Item in the Organizer

190578 PRJ98: Total in Peak Field Greater than Timephased Peak Units

190579 PRJ98: Gantt Bar Missing And Wrong Duration When Assign Resource

190596 PRJ98: Errors Using Microsoft Project Online User's Guide

190597 PRJ98: Error Assigning Resource to Fixed Duration Task

191231 PRJ98: Consolidated Project Opens with Inserted Projects Slowly

191233 PRJ98: Project Stops Responding After Changing Task Actual Work

191393 PRJ98: VBA: Excess Memory Consumed When Running Macro

191399 PRJ98: Inserting Unlinked Projects May Cause Crash

191402 PRJ98: Incorrect Row Height After Collapsing Outline

192022 PRJ98: Columns Overlap When HTML Viewed in Netscape Navigator

192026 PRJ98: Analyze_Timescaled_Data Macro Produces Incorrect Values

192390 PRJ98: Error Inserting Project Containing Inserted Subprojects

193044 PRJ98: Projects Connected to Resource Pool Slow to Open

193149 PRJ98: Changing % Complete Reschedules Split Task Incorrectly

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