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README.TXT: Microsoft Exchange 5.0 U.S. Service Pack 2

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Article Last Modified on 10/28/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 Service Pack 2

This article was previously published under Q168735


The following is the Readme.txt file that accompanies the Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.0 U.S. Service Pack 2.

        Microsoft Exchange Server Version 5.0
                  Service Pack 2

(c) 1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Microsoft and Windows NT are registered trademarks and Outlook is a
trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and other countries.

All other companies and product names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders.


1.0  Introduction
2.0  Installation Instructions for Microsoft Exchange Server Service
     Pack 2
        2.1  Installation Instructions for Microsoft Exchange Client
             Service Pack 2
        2.2  Installation Instructions for Microsoft Exchange Client for
             Macintosh Service Pack 2
        2.3  Installation Instructions for Microsoft Outlook Client for
             Exchange Service Pack 2
3.0  Updating the Web Connector
        3.1  Requirements Before Updating
        3.2  Chinese Language Preferences
        3.3  Anonymous Access
        3.4  Attachment Upload Requirements
4.0  User Notes
        4.1  Using Multiple Offline Address Books in the Administrator
        4.2  Using Multiple Offline Address Books in the Client
        4.3  Windows File Types List for Microsoft Exchange Client for
        4.4  Installing Internet Explorer 4.0 After Installing Microsoft
             Exchange Server
        4.5  Macintosh Appledouble Attachments
        4.6  Microsoft Exchange Server White Papers
5.0  List of Bugs Fixed in Microsoft Exchange Server Service Packs

1.0  Introduction

This release of Microsoft(R) Exchange Server 5.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is
easy to apply from within Microsoft Windows NT(R) and changes only those
files that were originally set up on the Microsoft Exchange Server system.

Important: Service Pack 2 requires that Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 has
already been installed on the server or client workstation that you are

2.0  Installation Instructions for Microsoft Exchange Server Service Pack 2

To install Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Exchange Server from compressed

1. Create two subdirectories, Setup and Support.

2. Download the compressed Setup file appropriate for your hardware
platform into the Setup directory. Select the appropriate file as indicated
in the following list.

                Alpha AXP                       SP2_500A.EXE
                Intel                           SP2_500I.EXE

3. Download the compressed support file appropriate for your hardware
platform into the Support directory. Select the appropriate file as
indicated in the following list.

                Alpha AXP                       SP2S500A.EXE
                Intel                           SP2S500I.EXE

4. At the Windows NT command prompt, switch to the Setup directory and type
the file name (downloaded in step 2) followed by -d to ensure that the
correct directories are created. (Example: SP2_500A -d)

5. At the Windows NT command prompt, switch to the Support directory and
type the file name (downloaded in step 3) followed by -d to ensure that the
correct directories are created. (Example: SP2S500A -d)

6. Switch to the Setup directory, and then type Update. Follow the
instructions displayed on the screen.

7. Switch to the Support directory, and then type Setup. Follow the
instructions displayed on the screen.

2.1  Installation Instructions for Microsoft Exchange Client Service Pack 2

To install Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Exchange Client from a compressed

1. Create a Client subdirectory.

2. Download the compressed Setup file appropriate for the clients for your
hardware platform directory. Select the appropriate files as indicated in
the following list.

                Windows 16-bit client                   SP2_50WI.EXE
                Windows 16-bit NEC client (Japan only)  SP2_50EC.EXE
                Windows 95 client                       SP2_509I.EXE
                Windows NT (Alpha)                      SP2_50NA.EXE
                Windows NT (Intel)                      SP2_50NI.EXE

3. At a command prompt, switch to the Client directory, and then type the
file name (downloaded in step 2) followed by -d to ensure that the correct
directories are created. (Example: SP2_50NA -d)

4. To update a client, switch to the Client and platform directory, and
then type Update. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Note: On older computers and non-Intel processors, the Update program can
take 10 or more minutes to run because it must copy the cabinet files to
the local computer, extract the files, and then copy them to their correct

Note: To refresh the client installation point on your network so it
contains the latest fixes and prevents new users from having to run Update
immediately after they run Setup, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article
Q179548: XADM: How to Update Client Install Share with 5.0 SP1.

2.2  Installation Instructions for Microsoft Exchange Client for Macintosh
Service Pack 2

To install Service Pack 2 for the Microsoft Exchange Macintosh Client from
a compressed file:

1. Download the file SP2_50MA.EXE and unzip it.
2. Copy SP2_50MA.hqx to a Macintosh or a Power Macintosh.
3. Convert the file from BinHex format. (This requires a utility on the
4. Double-click the SP2_50MA file.
5. Open the Microsoft Exchange folder.
6. Double-click Microsoft Exchange Setup and follow the instructions.
7. Run Microsoft Exchange. The Profile Wizard guides you through the
process of creating a new profile.


1. Download SP2_50MA.hqx to a Macintosh or a Power Macintosh.
2. Convert the file from BinHex format. (This requires a utility on the
3. Double-click the SP2_50MA file.
4. Open the Microsoft Exchange folder.
5. Double-click Microsoft Exchange Setup and follow the instructions.
6. Run Microsoft Exchange. The Profile Wizard guides you through the
process of creating a new profile.

Note: This version of the Macintosh client does not support Macintosh OS
version 8.0 or later. Contact Microsoft Technical Support for additional

2.3  Installation Instructions for Microsoft Outlook Client for Exchange
Service Pack 2

Note: The Microsoft Outlook(r) client included in this Service Pack is
version 8.03 and is a complete installation of the client. Each user will
be required to re-enter the PID number the user entered when installing
Outlook the first time.

Note: This version of the Outlook client cannot be installed on the same
machine running Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0.

To install Outlook version 8.03 from a compressed file:

1. Create an Outlook directory.

2. Download the compressed Outlook client files into the Outlook directory.


4. At the Windows NT command prompt, switch to the Client directory and
then type each file name (downloaded in step 2) followed by -d to ensure
that the correct directories are created. (Example: SP2_50O1 -d)

5. Double-click Setup.exe, and then follow the instructions displayed on
the screen.

3.0  Updating the Web Connector

The Web Connector is now called Microsoft Outlook Web Access.

To update the Web client on Microsoft Exchange Server:

1. Create an Outlook directory.

2. Change to the Outlook directory and create a Web directory.

3. Download the compressed Web Connector file appropriate for your hardware
platform into the Web directory. Select the appropriate file as indicated
in the following list.

                Alpha AXP                       SP2_50BA.EXE
                Intel                           SP2_50BI.EXE

4. At the Windows NT command prompt, switch to the Web directory and then
type the file name (downloaded in step 3) followed by a -d to ensure that
the correct directories are created. (Example: SP2_50BI -d)

3.1  Requirements Before Updating

Before updating a server that has the Web Connector installed, the
following must be installed:

- Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3
- Active Server Pages 1.0b (distributed in Windows NT 4.0 SP3)
- Outlook Web Access does not support Microsoft Internet Information Server
(IIS) 4.0. For IIS 4.0 support, you must upgrade to Microsoft Exchange
Server version 5.5.
- Support for Microsoft and Netscape browsers version 4.0 or later requires
Outlook Web Access version 5.5.

3.2  Chinese Language Preferences

Web browsers can request Chinese Traditional (zh-tw) or Chinese Simplified
(zh-cn). Some browsers do not differentiate between Chinese Traditional and
Chinese Simplified when reporting their language preference to the server.
In cases where the browser does not specify a sublanguage, the most
recently installed language pack will be the default.  You can control what
language will be returned in these cases by the order in which you install
your Chinese language packs.

3.3  Anonymous Access

Anonymous access is not available to folders hosted on servers running
Windows NT 3.51 servers. To support anonymous folder access, the folders
must be hosted on a server running Windows NT 4.0.

3.4  Attachment Upload Requirements

When using Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 95 or Windows NT, you
must update to Internet Explorer 3.02 with the File Upload add-on to add
attachments to a message.

4.0  User Notes

4.1  Using Multiple Offline Address Books in the Administrator Program

Administrators can configure offline Address Books that remote users can
use to obtain information about other users in their organization. When
connecting remotely to a Microsoft Exchange Server computer, a user can
download an offline Address Book containing a list of recipients the
administrator specifies. Offline Address Books are stored in hidden public

Remote users typically send messages to a regular group of addresses and
require a subset of the global address list rather than the entire global
address list for their organization. For example, members of a marketing
group may need the addresses of the complete marketing and sales groups,
but not the entire set of engineering group addresses.

The Offline Address Book property page on the DS Site Configuration object
has been enhanced to allow you to generate and manipulate multiple offline
Address Books.

Defining Offline Address Book Properties

Use the Offline Address Book property page to set up multiple offline
Address Books.

1. In the Administrator window, choose Configuration, and then double-click
DS Site Configuration.

2. Select the Offline Address Book tab.

3. In the Offline Address Book Server box, select one of the servers in
your site.

Important  You must select a server running Microsoft Exchange Server
version 5.0 and Service Pack 1 or 2.

4. To add containers for more offline Address Books, choose Add. To remove
offline Address Book containers, select a container, and then choose

5. To generate offline Address Books, choose Generate All.

The following options appear in the Offline Address Book property page:

Offline Address Book Server
The name of the server where you want to generate the offline Address Book.

Address Books
Displays a list of Address Books to be generated for the site being

Displays a list of containers that can be added to the list of offline
Address Books.

Removes the selected offline Address Book from the list.

Generate All
Generates all displayed offline Address Books immediately.

4.2  Using Multiple Offline Address Books in the Client

Multiple offline Address Books require Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 SP1 or
later and either Microsoft Exchange Client 5.0 SP1 or Outlook 8.02. When
the multiple offline Address Book feature is enabled on the server and a
user tries to download an offline Address Book (as in previous versions of
Microsoft Exchange Server), the user will be prompted with a dialog box
that lists all available Address Books. The user can select one of these
Address Books.

4.3  Windows File Types List for Microsoft Exchange Client for Macintosh

Under some circumstances, the Microsoft Exchange Macintosh Client sends and
receives e-mail by using only the data fork of the message. A new entry in
the preferences file (named "Windows File Types") lists file types for
which the Microsoft Exchange Client for Macintosh will use only the data
fork of the message. This feature improves interoperability between the
Microsoft Exchange Macintosh Client and other e-mail clients.

Types of Entries
There are two types of entries:

        General extensions
        Specific extensions for creator and type

General Extensions
Users can add an entry using the following syntax:

        EXT [Number]= .[Extension]

All files that have this extension will be inserted in subsequent messages
as a data fork-only attachment. The default types are HTML, GIF, PDF, and

Specific Extensions for Creator and Type
Users can add an entry using the following syntax:

        :[CREATOR]:[TYPE]= .[Extension]

All files that have the specified creator and type will be inserted as a
data fork-only attachment. The extension will be added to the end of the
file name, unless it is already present.

4.4  Installing Internet Explorer 4.0 After Installing Microsoft Exchange

If you need to run Internet Explorer and Microsoft Exchange Server on the
same computer, it is strongly recommended that you install Internet
Explorer 4.0 before installing Microsoft Exchange Server. If you install
Internet Explorer 4.0 after installing Microsoft Exchange Server, Internet
Explorer modifies the MIME registry database resulting in problems for
international mail, especially mail with double-byte character content. If
you installed Internet Explorer 4.0 after installing Microsoft Exchange
Server, complete the following procedure to correct this problem. You can
perform this procedure without stopping any Microsoft Exchange Server

Note: This procedure is not required if you are installing Internet
Explorer 4.0 before you install Microsoft Exchange Server.

1. Create a MIME directory on your local hard drive.
2. Download the compressed file SP2_50MM.EXE to your MIME directory.
3. At the Windows NT command prompt, switch to the WPapers directory and
then type SP2_50MM followed by -d to ensure that the correct directories
are created. (Example: SP2_50MM -d)
4. Right-click on the RESET.INF file in the MIME\Support Mimedb directory,
and then choose Install.

4.5  Macintosh Appledouble Attachments

If an Internet message is received with Appledouble attachments, such as
those generated by the Netscape mail client for Macintosh, the outbound
message format is always determined by defaults configured for the Internet
Mail Service or Internet protocols (IMAP4 and POP3), not by the incoming
message format.

4.6  Microsoft Exchange Server White Papers

To download Microsoft Exchange Server white papers:

1. Create the subdirectory WPapers on your local hard drive.
2. Download the file SP2_50WH.EXE located in the Server subdirectory to
your WPapers subdirectory.
3. At the Windows NT command prompt, switch to the WPapers directory and
then type SP2_50WH followed by -d to ensure that the correct directories
are created. (Example: SP2_50WH -d)

The following Microsoft Exchange white papers have been included as a
convenience to you and can be found in the \Support\Whiteppr directory.
These documents can be viewed with Microsoft Word for Windows 95 or
Microsoft Word for Windows version 6.0.

Edrv3p1.doc = Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery Part I

Edrv3p2.doc = Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery Part II
This paper outlines thoughts, observations, and techniques that can be
applied to Microsoft Exchange disaster recovery planning.

Shiva.doc = Using ShivaRemote with Microsoft Exchange
This paper discusses how to configure ShivaRemote 3.59 for use with
Microsoft Exchange Server.

Note: For more information about Microsoft Exchange Server, see the
following resources:

   Microsoft Exchange Server Web site: 
   Microsoft Technical Support Questions: 
   Microsoft TechNet Reference:
   Microsoft TechNet:  (800) 344-2121 and 
   or email

5.0  List of Bugs Fixed in Microsoft Exchange Server Service Packs

Note: Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to
query the Microsoft Knowledge Base for an article about that bug.

5.1 Service Pack 1

166616: XFOR: IMS Can Accept RFC821 Addresses Containing an Equal Sign
145789: XCLN: Boldon James MAPI X.500 Address Book Client Service Crash
145875: XFOR: cc:Mail Messages are not Delivered by DEC Mail Bus
145976: XCON: GWART is Incorrect Due to Latency in Directory Replication
145986: XCON: Illegal Country Code in X400 Address Causes MTA to Hang
146032: XCON: MTA: Invalid Originator Address When Sending to X.400
146143: XCON: DeferredDeliveryTime Echoed Within DeliveryReportEnvelope
146929: XCON: ORName not Included in Reported IPMessageId
147454: XFOR: PC MTA Message Tracking Does Not Log Message Size
147547: XFOR: IMC Mail Arrives in X.400 Address Format
148284: XCON: When and How to use the Mtacheck Utility
148992: XADM: Cannot Perform Forklift Upgrade Using UPDATE.EXE
149387: XFOR: MSMI Terminating with Memory Access Violation, Event ID 23
149974: XADM: ISINTEG Prematurely Aborts Processing in Test 22
151373: XCON: DBCS Chars in Subject of Embedded Message not Converted
151395: XCON: MTA Terminates After Receiving Mail from Zoomit Gateway
151413: XCON: ContentReturn Requested by Default
151417: XCON: Latin-1 X.400 Bodypart Encoding Causes NDR
151431: XFOR: MSMI Stops Without Error
151669: XFOR: MSMI Stops Processing Mail
151782: XFOR: DirSync Modifies Causing Names to Disappear from Exchange
151786: XFOR: Schedule+ Meeting Requests Drop the When Field
151788: XADM: "Reps-From" USN Too High for One Server
151790: XFOR: NDR with Diagnostic: 12 Erroneous Content Syntax
151791: XFOR: MSMI Stops Processing When Submitting Bad Address
151792: XFOR: One-off Addressed Mail from ccMail User not Tracked
151972: XADM: Message Limits Incorrectly Valculated After 5.0 Upgrade
151992: XADM: Simultaneous Move User Operations Freeze
152165: XCON: IMS Queues Back Up to Hosts with Multiple MX Records
152166: XFOR: Attachment Name Truncated When Name Contains a Period
152292: XFOR: IA5 Body Part Used Although Different Setting is Selected
152449: XADM: Directory Import Fails When Import File Includes DBCS
152529: XADM: Crash in Srvrmax.exe (RtlQueryInformationAcl) During Setup
153103: XCON: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly in Large Nested DL Expansion
153464: XFOR: Unexpected Text Attachment in Mail Received from Internet
153487: XFOR: Exchange Proxy Addresses Not Deleted on cc:Mail POs
154053: XFOR: Address Format Bhen Backboning cc:Mail over Exchange
154719: XCON: MTA: Line Wrap When Using ISO 6937 Bodypart
155379: XADM: Unable to Match Custom Recipient Due to RFC1327 Conversion
155592: XFOR: MSMI Message Tracking Does Not Log Message Size
155727: XFOR: DirSync Deletes and Modifies Not Being Processed by DXA
155765: XADM: Store Crashes in Ecreleaselogonop
156355: XADM: IS Incorrectly Handles a Forward Slash in DDA Value
156844: XADM: IS Incorrectly Handles a Forward Slash in DDA Value
158151: XFOR: ErrMsg: Event ID 1035 - Unable to Open or Read a Message
158590: XCON: Delivery Restrictions Max CPU and Slow Down Msg Delivery
159166: XCON: MTA Stops Responding; Event ID 2110
160534: XCON: Size Limits May Cause Message Looping
160850: XADM: DS_E_BUSY after Directory Service Restore
161587: OL97: How to Customize Outlook Calendar Holidays
161945: XCON: MSMail Shows Blank Icon for File Attachments from Internet
161952: XFOR: Messages Sent with MSMI Are Malformed
163750: OL97: Outlook Running With Eudora Pro 3.0 May Cause Errors
164136: XCON: MSMail Read Receipts Missing Subject: and To: Information
164247: OL97: Outlook Does Not Correctly Show All TAPI Devices
164340: XADM: Importing CSV to Directory Causes GPF in MAD
164401: OL97: Using Contacts with Insert Address in Word
164408: OL97: Imported Fax Numbers May Not Work in Outlook
164662: XCON: Message Conversion Fails in MIME Uudecoder
164697: XCON: EDK Gateway Gets Directory Name Instead of E-mail Address
164839: XCLN: Application Err When MSMail Client Gets the Return Receipt
164845: XADM: Access Violation in Srvrmax.exe During Setup
164847: XCON: Win95 Client w/ Mail Service Won't Prompt for RAS Callback
164852: XCON: Attachments from HP OpenDesk May Not Open
164855: XCON: Japanese Exchange May Show a Subject Line of ????????
164856: XCON: MTA Fails to Pick Up DN of Servers with Similar Site Names
165115: OL97: Outlook Problems Handling Macintosh File Attachments
165371: XADM: Error Creating NT Account in Exchange Administrator
165412: OL97: Some Outlook Fields Are Offset by One Character
165442: XCLN: Client Deletes Existing PST in Absence of Filescan Rights
165873: OL97: Sam Translator Error Importing Schedule Plus File
166022: OL97: Summary of Changes in Outlook Version 8.02
166023: OL97: 8.02 Security Improvements
166162: XFOR: MACGATE Access Violation During Generation of Admin Msg
166262: OL97: Visual Basic Script Editor Has 32 KB Limit
166515: XADM: Primary SMTP Proxy Not Used for Email Address
166516: XFOR: Message Body Missing or Truncated While Downloading Msg
166518: XADM: New Public Folder Created by INS Defaults to US ASCII
166519: XCON: IMS Encapsulates the X.400 O/R Address
166521: XFOR: X.400 Address is Encapsulated on SMTP Messages
166522: XFOR: From Field Changed when Message Sent to INS
166523: XFOR: 5.0 Mapi Causes IMS to be 10% Slower
166531: XCLN: Mac Attachments are Unrecognizable After Crossing IMC
166532: XFOR: Incorrect Codepage SJIS Used when JIS Set as Default
166533: XFOR: Message Body Corruption Due to Ambiguous Codepage
166534: XCLN: Synchronization of Offline Folders Over RAS or Net Hangs
166536: XCON: MTA Generates Event ID 2187 on Deferred Delivery Message
166537: XFOR: NNTP Authentication Denied with Space in NT Password
166542: XADM: JET_errDatabaseInconsistent After Crash in Soft Recovery
166543: XFOR: Migration Wizard Hangs with Invalid Entry in SEC File
166545: XFOR: DXA Improperly Appending 001 to Friendly Names in the GAL
166546: XCLN: POP Attachments do not Decode
166547: XCLN: Mac Client will not Launch on PowerMacs Without Easy Open
166548: XADM: Administrators Cannot Add Accounts to Private IS
166549: XCLN: Can't Access Proptags in Other Propsets Via Fields.Item()
166550: XCLN: Active Messaging App Running as Service Fails
166551: XCON: MTA Fails while Rebuilding Routing Table
166552: XADM: Starting the IMS Causes the Infomation Store to Stop
166553: XCON: Encapsulated Message not Delivered Over X.400 Connector
166555: XADM: Address Book Views Fail if Referenced Object is Deleted
166556: XADM: Modifying cc:Mail Proxy Address can Cause Double Escapes
166557: XCLN: More Secure Launching of Attachments, Freedocs and URL's
166558: XFOR: Inbound Internet Message may Cause Access Violation
166560: XGEN: German EDB Error Messages not Localized
166561: XFOR: CCMC not Handling Bad Messages Correctly
166562: XFOR: STORE.EXE GPFs When POP3 Client Submits Bad Message Header
166563: XADM: System Attendant Stops While Tracking a Message
166564: XCLN: How to Not Convert Outbound Attachments to MacBinary
166567: XCON: How to Enable Lowest Cost Routes Only
166568: XCLN: Message Created Using MAPI Cannot be Opened
166570: XFOR: IMS May Crash When Receiving Message from Pegasus Mail
166572: XADM: 5.0 Proxy Address Generator and Scandinavian Characters
166573: XFOR: Two attachments Created When Filename Has a Path
166576: XFOR: GPF in Store.exe When Doing Fixed Width Font Conversion
166577: XFOR: Subject Field for SMTP Outbound Mails not ECU-KR Encoded
166580: XFOR: MIME and UUENCODED Messages Cause Store Conversion Error
166583: XADM: Folders are Sorted when Non-English Settings are Used
166584: XFOR: IMS does not Immediately Reject Inbound Connections
166590: XCLN: Searching for Manager Produces Mapi Error
166593: XFOR: MSMail Migration Wizard Stops in Progress
166595: XFOR: Japanese Web Client Messages Corrupted when Posted
166596: XADM: Store Dr. Watson's When Trying To Start
166597: XCLN: Outlook Chinese SFS Client Receives NDR's on Replies
166599: XCLN: .MMP file Created by Exchange Active Server
166600: XCON: Message Subject Lost When Sending to SP3 Exchange Server
166602: XCON: Exchange MTA TCP/IP and TP4 connection Limits
166604: XFOR: IMS Behind Firewall does not use Second MX Record
166605: XFOR: Reply Message to Internet Will have Embedded Text Ticked
166606: XFOR: Msgs With Mixed Japanese Encoding not Decoded Correctly
166608: XADM: Store Access Violation with error code C0000005
166610: XFOR: Unable to Open Attachment from ccMail
166612: XADM: Migration from Collabra to Exchange Fails
166614: XFOR: Attachments Migrated from ccMail are not Viewable
166615: XFOR: Message Characters Corrupted When Different Locale Used
166618: XADM: Batch Export Crashes When Non Zero ulUSNBase is Specified
166621: XADM: Gateway out threads not set correctly by Perfwiz.exe
166622: XADM: SA Crashes When Generating Offline Address Book
166623: XCON: Large Number of Messages with Receipts Can Stay in MTA
166624: XADM: Upgrading Active Server Page Scripts
166645: OL97: Printed Shared Calendar Uses Wrong Name in Header/Footer
167024: XFOR: Cc:Mail Migration Generates Dr. Watson in Mailmig.exe
167100: XCLN: Out of Memory errors with Exchange 5.0 16-Bit Client
167132: XADM: Access Violation in Store.exe After Upgrading to SP4
167139: XFOR: MSMI Reports Errors 2563 and 2450
167639: XFOR: MSMI Reports Warning 2597 About Un-installed Codepage
168077: XFOR: Ccmail Connector Alias Name Rule not Functioning Properly
168119: OL97: Outlook 8.01 Does Not Include CC:Mail Service License
168139: XFOR: IMS Inbound Mail Communication Problem
168188: XADM: Possible Loss of Mail with Move Mailbox
168189: XADM: Unable to Extract Windows NT Account List
168216: XADM: DSAMAIN.EXE Maxes CPU When Connecting With a Browser
168300: XCLN: Err Msg: Cannot Open Attachment - Format is not Consistent
168356: XFOR: Cannot Reply to SMTP Mail Coming from the ccMail Connector
168536: XCON: Event ID: 246 An Internal MTA Error has Occurred
168586: OL97: Lunar New Year Is a Chinese, Not a Japanese, Holiday
168587: OL97: ALT+I in Find Items Causes Outlook to Stop Responding
168619: OL97: ErrMsg: Condition is Not Valid Using Timex Wizard
168621: OL97: Calendar Disappears in Second Window
168622: OL97: Date Prints in Empty User Defined Date/Time Field
168623: OL97: ErrMsg: Operation Failed Saving Message with Attachment
168625: OL97: Items Deleted From a Shared Mailbox Go to Wrong Folder
168626: OL97: Southern Hemisphere Time Zone Appointments Off One Hour
168641: OL97: Unable to Resolve Nicknames
168642: OL97: Unable to Print a Shared Schedule+ Calendar from Outlook
168656: XCON: Given and Surnames Moved to the Front of FROM: Line
168767: OL97: Garbled Characters in Imported CC:Mail Bulletin Board
168771: XFOR: Read Receipt From MSMail Does not Contain Subject Line
168832: OL97: Spelling Checker Does Not Check Words in the Subject Line
169060: OL97: Error Occurred While Checking Spelling
169076: OL97: Mailto Function Includes Only E-mail Address
169163: XCLN: Changes not Proped When Items Added to Fields Collection
169167: OL97: Invalid Page Fault Opening Outlook Notes MAPI Folder
169174: XFOR: IMS Halts if RFC821 Address Over 1k in Size is Received
169200: XADM: Offline Address Book does not Contain all Users
169241: OL97: Error in Page Setup Using Acrobat PDFWriter
169242: OL97: Viewing Other's Schedule+ Calendar Uses Outlook Calendar
169259: OL97: New Nickname Features in Outlook Service Release 1

5.2 Service Pack 2

146677: XFOR: Host Names Beginning With Digits Not Accepted in IMC
148234: XCON: Latin-1 Characters May Be Translated Incorrectly
148272: XADM: Exchange Server Setup Halts Copying MAPI32.DLL
149780: XFOR: IMC and IMS Do Not Wrap Line Text At Property Page Value
151249: XFOR: Contents of Attachments Swapped via MS Mail Connector
151785: XCON: MTA Queue Blocked by NDR or Delivery Receipts
152937: XADM: Multipart Mime Message with TNEF Causes Store Failure
153488: XADM: Mail Limits on CR Fail to Stop Delivery of Large Message
159188: XADM: Content Conversion Errors with Large Recipient Lists
159188: XADM: Content Conversion Errors with Large Recipient Lists
159304: XADM: Quoted-Printable Is Used in Mixed DBCS/SBCS Messages
161887: XFOR: Starting Internet Mail Service, Store Causes Stack Fault
163085: XCON: MTA Logs Warning Events When Queues Reach Specified Sizes
163257: XADM: Dr. Watson, AV When You Create X.400 Address
164863: XFOR: Setting the MSMI to Send SNADS Address as Reply-To
164960: XFOR: Exchange Store Stops While Converting SMTP Message
165164: XCLN: Memory Problems After Printing
166026: XADM: Malformed Message Causes Access Violation in IS
166152: XFOR: Extended Chars in Attached Filenames not Preserved on Macs
166153: XFOR: PCMTA May Create *.MAX, *.PX or *.ATX Files
166154: XFOR: DXA Doesn't Export New Recipients Container During DirSync
166165: XFOR: ISOCOR MTA May Drop Messages Sent from Exchange Server
166247: XADM: Inproxy.dll Creates Non-RFC Conformant SMTP Addresses
166402: XCON: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly With 2110 and 9405 Event IDs
166500: XCLN: Windows 3.x Client Can't Fully Display or Save Large Msgs
166501: XADM: NDR from Postmaster Incorrectly Formatted by IS
166520: XADM: Admin Incorrectly Creates an MS Mail Connector Mailbox
166524: XADM: Offline Defrag Fails with Error -1605
166540: XFOR: IMC Appears Hung with Improper DN Format
166541: XADM: Random Access Violation in Store.exe (Edb.dll)
166544: XADM: DS Terminates Unexpectedly With Event IDs 1186, 1129, 1171
166559: XCLN: Setup /q1 Ignores HomeServer & MailboxName in Default.prf
166578: XADM: KCC Fails with More Than 212 Sites in Organization
166579: XCLN: Remote Connection Interval Not Constant
166581: XADM: Exchange-Cc:Mail Dirsync: CR with Corrupt Proxy Addresses
166585: XADM: Msg with Bad TNEF Causes Store to Access Violate
166586: XCON: Incoming Attachments Lost from Wang X.400 Connector
166587: XCON: High Priority Mail Sent from MS Mail Changes Priority
166588: XCON: MTA Work Queue Backlog when Restrictions used with DL
166589: XFOR: Microsoft Mail Connector Fails When Sending an Attachment
166594: XCON: Messages not Being Delivered Over the First Association
166598: XCON: Wrong Attachment Names in Messages from Mail.D
166603: XFOR: Messages Rejected by X400 System
166611: XCON: No Rerouting Needed When OU Field is Empty
166619: XCON: DR Contains only DN in Non-Replicated Exchange Environment
166640: XFOR: Unable to Delete Read Receipts from Mail Sent to PROFS
166642: XFOR: Err Msg: An Unexpected Response (500) Was Received...
166866: XFOR: SMTP Outbound Mail Transfer Stops After SP1 is Installed
167207: XADM: Incorrect Status for Storage Limits in Mailbox Resources
168086: XCLN: MS Schedule+ Time Zones Wrong w/ OEM Service Release 2
168738: XCON: HP Openmail Users Cannot Reply to SMTP Mail
169664: XFOR: Unexpected Icon Description for Internet File Attachments
169666: XADM: POP3 Users may not Receive an Attachment if Part of DL
169669: XADM: Admin Can't Delete/Return Msgs to MS Mail Postoffice
169670: XCON: Incoming Messages from HP OpenMail Include Winmail.dat
169671: XFOR: MSMI Terminates on Bad SMTP Address
169673: XADM: Remote Procedure Call Fails When Generating Offline AB
169674: XADM: Read Receipt May Not Be Delivered If Message Read Offline
169676: XCON: DirRep Messages NDR Due to Connector Restrictions
169677: XFOR: DXA Reports 249 Error with Error -1201
169678: XADM: IMS and IS Use Quoted-Printable Encoding For MIME/JIS
169679: XADM: Messages Sent with MIME/JIS Encoding May Not Be Readable
169681: XCON: IMS Stops with Access Violation When Using Imcext.dll
169683: XFOR: New IMS Routing Functionality in Exchange Server 5.0 SP2
169685: XFOR: When Remote Clients Support MAPI, BP9 not Sent
169687: XCON: Some Extended Characters Not Correctly Translated
169689: XADM: Store.exe May Access Violate While Replicating PFs
169690: XCON: MTA Terminates with 2191, 2198, 2197, and 9405 Events
169691: XCON: MTA Slow to X.400 Links
169694: XCON: Content Conversion Fails When MDBEF Formatting Disabled
169700: XADM: Exception Error Receiving Message from PROFS/OV Connector
169703: XADM: Error Msg. When Accessing cc:Mail Connector Properties
169704: XADM: Mailbox Grows Excessively Large
169707: XADM: AV in Mad.exe w/ 20 or More IP Addresses for NIC
170060: XADM: Store Uses 100% of CPU on Incoming MIME Binhex Message
170137: XFOR: PCMTA Service Stops When Message Sent with Date 00
170317: XFOR: IMC Stops Responding When VRFY Is Enabled
170758: XADM: Delivery Restrictions for Custom Recipients Fail
170911: XADM: Clean Mailbox Utility Deletes Msgs Not Archived
173123: XCLN: 5.0/SP1 Macintosh Client Drops Three-Letter Extension
173279: XFOR: IMC Issues Incorrect Event ID
173303: XADM: 5.0 Administrator Program Stops 4.0 Directory Service
173343: XFOR: Slow Processing of Internet Messages with MIME Bodyparts
173344: XFOR: MSMI Can't Process 256+ Character Recipient Names
173457: XFOR: Information Store Stops in URL Processing RTF to HTML
173491: XFOR: Message to IMC via Telnet with Year 1900
173713: XFOR: CR Receives Rich Text Format Information Unexpectedly
174035: XFOR: Multiple Messages Are Sent When All Mail Is Forwarded
174039: XCON: Read or Delivery Reports Show OU2 and OU3 Values
174059: XADM: Cannot Create Custom Recipient with ^ as First Character
174165: XADM: Directory Replication Error 1224 After Replacing Server
174380: XADM: Setup Marks Mapi32.dll and Exchmem.dll as System
174890: XFOR: Content Conversion Fails with Outbound Internet Message
174895: XCON: Messages Are Lost When MTA Size Limit Is Exceeded
175042: XCON: Extended T.61 Translated Wrong in P2/P22 Subject Field
175235: XCLN: Greek Outlook Client Cannot Send Message to MS Mail User
175236: XFOR: Failed Message Conversion Error on Inbound Messages
175253: XFOR: General Protection Fault in Module Ofwinfil.exe
175254: XFOR: Messages Misrouted Due to Directory Replication Latency
175360: XFOR: DirSync Cycle Removes Secondary X.400 Addresses
175411: XADM: POP3 Client May Cause Exchange Information Store to Crash
175437: XFOR: Thai Characters not Translated by the MS Mail Connector
175475: XFOR: Information Store May Incorrectly Stamp Time Zone Info
175493: XADM: Can't Extract Account List if Similar Domain Name Exists
175545: XADM: Directory Replication Occurs Five Minutes after Startup
175578: XFOR: Autoforwarded Messages not Handled Correctly
175579: XFOR: Systems Using Addresses with DDATYPE=MSXCX500, Will NDR
175580: XADM: Internet Mail Service Does Not Handle Uudecode Correctly
175688: XADM: Exact Name Resolution Fails with First and Last Name
175704: XFOR: IMS Failing to Decode Uuencoded Attachments
175708: XCON: Gateway Address Routing Table Not Recalculated Correctly
175733: XADM: Key Normalization Problem Causes Stack Corruption
175780: XCON: Sending to Nested DLs Fails
175958: XFOR: NDR When You Send Msg over MS MAIL Connector
175964: XFOR: MTA Stops Processing Messages and Generates Event ID 210
175965: XFOR: MSMI Crashes Logging NDR Event, Generates Event ID 2380
175967: XADM: Cannot Edit the PAB Migration Message in Exchange 5.0
175968: XCLN: Windows 3.x Client Fails to Send to SMTP Address
175969: XCLN: NT Client Generates Application Error, Exception Violation
175982: XFOR: Outbound SMTP Mail Never Leaves Microsoft Exchange Server
176046: XCON: Routing Issues with Microsoft Exchange Server, Version 5.0
176125: XADM: Outbound Unicode 2.0 Messages Not Decoded Properly
176126: XCON: No NDR When You Send Message to Invalid OR Address
176127: XCON: Read Receipts Looping in the Message Transfer Agent
176128: XCON: Message to SMTP Address Fails with Reason 0
176129: XCON: Can't Reply to Messages from User with Dual DDA Address
176130: XCON: MTA Stops When You Select Items in MTA Queue
176131: XCON: Recipient Added from PAB Does Not Convert MSXCX500 DDA
176132: XCON: Signed Message in DMS MTA Not Converted
176143: XCON: Non-Delivery Report on Empty P772 Messages
176146: XCON: X.400 Connector Line-Wrap Cuts Msg Line at 80 Chars
176148: XCON: No NDR on Malformed X.400 Addresses
176149: XADM: Store.exe Stops Unexpectedly When Handling Unicode Msg
176150: XADM: P42 Message Delivery Fails Setting ENTRYID
176151: XCON: Err Msg: EMS MDB Assert Failure
176177: XADM: Outlook Client Connects to Remote Public Folder Servers
176180: XADM: Deferred Delivery Settings Not Effective
176181: XCON: NDRs Dropped When You Don't Use PRMD and Multiple DDAs
176182: XADM: Information Store Crash Due to Incorrect Caching
176183: XADM: NDRs Generated by PF Rules Not Forwarded to the Contacts
176184: XFOR: Message Format Differs Between POP and MAPI Clients
176185: XFOR: 1251 Character Sets Not Preserved on Incoming IMS Message
176187: XCLN: BCC Recipients Not Shown in Sent Items Folder
176193: XCON: Outbound Conversion of UTF Messages Causes Infinite Loop
176194: XFOR: Messages Fail to Process When No PRMD Defined
176195: XADM: Address Book Views Do Not Replicate Between Sites
176196: XADM: Some Mailboxes Not Included in Directory Synchronization
176219: XADM: DXA Objects Do Not Have Support for Hebrew
176231: XADM: TEXT/PLAIN Bodyparts Discarded in Embedded Messages
176235: XCON: Cyrillic Characters Not Rendered Correctly
176375: XFOR: CCMC Shuts Down and Logs Events 82 and 83
176396: XCON: Long Lines of Text Cause Content Conversion Error
176397: XFOR: Access Violation Migrating Messages from SFS Postoffice
176398: XADM: User Count Shows 4294962176
176425: XFOR: MS Mail Connector NDRs Messsage Due to Malformed Address
176433: XADM: MIDSET Errors Generated by ISINTEG
176440: XCON: Large Messages Sent Through MTA Cause CPU Spike
176453: XCON: Problems with Attachments Using Boldon James Encoding
176455: XADM: NDR When Attempting to Send to Large Number of Recipients
176458: XCLN: Misleading Message After Installing Service Pack 1
176459: XADM: DirRep Bridgehead Errors Modifying Site Naming Contexts
176465: XFOR: Information Store Stops Unexpectedly with Null Recipient
176477: XFOR: SMTP Message to More Than 100 Recipients Is Not Delivered
176538: XADM: Display Name Missing for RFC 822 ""Group:;"" Address
176622: XADM: User and Group Permissions Granted Automatically
176627: XADM: Information Store Stops Unexpectedly
176682: XADM: System Attendant Uses Unusually Large Amount of Memory
176708: XCON: Memory Leak in Microsoft Exchange Message Transfer Agent
176709: XADM: Memory Leak in Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
176710: XFOR: Japanese Characters in Subject are Corrupted
176739: XFOR: IMS Uses Incorrect Reply To Address
177152: XADM: X400 Address with Embedded Slashes Rejected by the Store
177217: XADM: Store Crashes with NNTP XHDR on Large Number of Articles
177251: XADM: Disabling PF Replication Status Messages on IS Startup
177259: XADM: User Count Increments Incorrectly
177268: XADM: Information Store Crashes Decoding Inbound TNEF Properties
177308: XADM: Slow Client Logon Due to Missing Addressing Template
177322: XADM: -1022 or -1026 Error Verifying Consistency of Databases
177328: XFOR: MTA Terminates Unexpectedly with Event ID 2051 and 9405
177374: XFOR: Disable BilateralInformation and IternalTraceInformation
177375: XFOR: Exchange SP1 Embedded Messages Appear as Raw MIME
177464: XADM: IS Crashes in EcCreateP1 when Starting the MTA
177491: XADM: Corrupted IPX Packets Cause Information Store to Crash
177543: XFOR: IMS Provides Maximum Logging When Set to Medium
177710: XADM: Store Crashes Referencing Parent Attachment Pointer
177769: XADM: Assert Error When You Extract Windows NT Account List
177779: XADM: Error Message in Store.exe on Messages Sent from PROFS
177782: XADM: Home Server Not Updated After a Move Mailbox
177793: XADM: NDRs Discarded by Internet Mail Service
177794: XADM: Log Files Are Generated During Backup w/ Circular Logging
177807: XADM: Online Backup of the IS or Directory may Crash
177820: XCON: MTA Stops Unexpectedly When Accessing Memory
177821: XCON: Message Transfer Agent Stops Unexpectedly
177822: XCLN: Err Msg: General Protection Fault Running Forms Designer
177823: XADM: Incorrect RPC Operations Cause Information Store to Fail
177835: XFOR: Extended Characters on Addresses Are Not Recognized
177836: XCON: Delivery Receipts Display Fields as UNKNOWN
177862: XCON: Messages Fail Downgrade, Bounce Between X.400 Connectors
177869: XFOR: Messages with X.400 Address in From Field Not Delivered
177875: XADM: Memory Leak in Directory Service of Exchange Server
177886: XCON: MTA Terminates With 218x, 2143, 2171, and 9405 Events
177942: XADM: MIME Message Text Word Wrap Option Cannot Be Configured
177944: XFOR: Incorrect Spacing in RTFHTML Messages w/ Outlook Express
177955: XADM: Information Store Crashes Receiving NDR in UTF Format
177956: XFOR: Interoperability Between Exchange Server 5.0 and 5.5
177957: XFOR: Messages with Non-ANSI Characters Arrive with Garbage
177958: XADM: BCC Recipient Becomes TO Recipient
177959: XADM: Information Store Does Not Start, Error -1022
177961: XFOR: Fail to Decode Inbound Messages with 1522 UTF Encoding
177979: XCON: Internet Message w/Message as Attachment Generates NDR
177988: XADM: BCC Line Is Viewable from Recipient's Mailbox
178053: XADM: Store Thread's Processor Use Peaks Indefinitely
178056: XCLN: One-Off RFC822 Addresses Supported
178097: XADM: Delete Control Message Does Not Work in NNTP Protocol
178118: XADM: Inbound Unicode 2.0 Messages Not Decoded Properly
178163: XADM: Colon in Site Name Breaks Intersite Directory Replication
178204: XCON: MTA Using 100% CPU on Receiving Message
178219: XADM: Administrator Can't Specify a Font Size in IMC
178244: XADM: Store Stops When POP3 Client Retrieves NDR for UTF-7 Msg
178338: XADM: Information Store Access Violation in hrVerifyAttach
178344: XADM: IS Uses 100% of CPU and Generates Access Violation
178378: XCON: IMS Does Not NDR Message When Passed DISP_NDR_ORIG
178543: XCLN: Err Msg: Can't open this item. Cannot add the attachment.
178620: XCLN: Client Profile Update Doesn't Update DNS FQDN
178657: XADM: Hyperlinks Composed in WordMail 97 Do Not Function
178658: XADM: KCC Uses Increasingly Large Amounts of Memory
178659: XCON: Asserts Problem When Downloading Messages
178698: XADM: Calendar Reminders Not Functioning After Move Mailbox
178757: XADM: Store Logs Error 1203 When You Delete a Mailbox
178758: XCON: CCMC Stops Randomly with Out of Disk Space Error
178820: XADM: Collabra Migration Tool Does Not Handle OLE Embedded Docs
178854: XCLN: When You View Message from Explorer, Client Stops
178891: XADM: Incorrect Message When Issue Warning Limit Is Reached
178892: XADM: DMS-Latest Delivery Settings Not Effective
178939: XADM: Language Not Maintained with Cyrillic (KOI8-R) Messages
179013: XADM: IS Stops in _mapises\notifysrv.cxx During Shutdown
179048: XADM: Mailbox Cleanup Deletes Calendar, Contacts, and Notes
179050: XADM: WinNT Account Becomes Domain\\User When Output by Export
179056: XADM: Store Stops While Processing Rule for Client
179058: XADM: Store on Alpha Fails When POP3 User Retrieves Attachment
179072: XCON: cc:Mail Post Office Gets NFT Error
179152: XFOR: Mail Retrieved w/ POP3 Client Shows in SJIS Not JIS
179153: XADM: NDR Not Sent If Allow Rich Text Option Is Selected
179665: XADM: Message Receipts Generated Even with Option Cleared

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