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Article Last Modified on 9/12/2007


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4

This article was previously published under Q274833


This article is part two of a current listing of article numbers for bugs that are fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4. Click the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to view the article about that bug.

Please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for part one of this list:

274832 List of bugs fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4 (Part 1)

Note Exchange Server service packs are cumulative and contain all fixes that are included in earlier service packs. For example, Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4 contains all fixes included in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1, 2, and 3. You do not need to install an earlier service pack before you install Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 4.

For more information about bug fixes included in earlier Exchange Server 5.5 service packs, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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For more information about how to obtain Exchange Server 5.5 service packs, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

191014 How to obtain the latest Exchange Server 5.5 service pack


Service Pack 4 (continued)

277911 Mail lost during Move users between 2 Oz servers, via PT Admin

277767 User without proper permissions can open public folders

276508 The format of the RemoteMsgID in the Exch5.5 log file is not consistent with the format of MsgID in PT"s log file when sending a message from an 5.5 server to a PT server through a IMS connector

275653 MTA stops unexpectedly in SNPUPUTN() while accessing object in database

275647 MTA terminates unexpectedly in GwartCopyDoorwayList()

275616 Messages are lost when the domain controller is unavailable

275616 Messages are lost when the domain controller is unavailable

274403 Internet mail service stops processing inbound conversion

274200 Duplicated message received with STORE post-sp3 hotfix

274200 Duplicated message received with information store Post-Service Pack 3 Hotfix

273948 Internet mail service running on Windows 2000 does not accept an SSL connection from another internet mail service

271614 GroupWise free and busy information does not reflect all appointments

271590 Calendar Connector stops working when Notes Server is upgraded to version 5.02c or above

271542 Directory service does not start with Event ID 1171 error message

271307 Invalid calendar recurrence causes looping in Cdo.dll and Outlook Web Access failure

269589 MTA may stop responding when parsing an address and MIXER is enabled.

269588 Heap corruption in MAPI causes MTA to stop responding

269576 Messages sent through internet mail service contain UTF-8-encoded characters

269076 Information store receives access violation on LAST or NEXT command

268357 Exchange Server 5.5 clients appear to hang when the information store queries the directory

268324 Changing parent distinguished name lists causes corrupted offline Address Books

266711 CCMC: The ability to route mail with larger than 4k message headers has been added

266693 GWISE: the ability to dirsync Exchange SMTP addresses to the GW alias field has been added

266269 Error message: Lsdxa.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows

265511 Paged pool memory leak caused by attachment processing

265403 Outbound X.400 message created by CDO may result in a non-delivery report

264987 Exchange Hotfix X5:113608 breaks inbody addressing

264862 No Certificate Revocation List Distribution Points extension in X.509 V3 certificate

263641 Exchange GroupWise connector incorrectly translates Nordic characters.

263069 Dr. Watson in Exchange information store

261135 Information store receives access violation when a news client issues STAT command

259399 Cannot send e-mail from notes to Exchange Server if user name contains non-ANSI 1252 code page characters

258055 Oabgen.dll file does not post changes.oab file to public folder

255169 Running multiple instances of Esefile.exe may cause computer to stop responding

250450 Using Notes document type cause Address Books to reload

250441 Internet Mail Service moves good messages to the Archive folder from the Pickup folder

250400 DXANOTES writes mail server data to the personal document of the target address

250342 SNADS connector causes host to abend during directory synchronization

250338 Mdbvu32 enhancements for viewing and managing rules messages

250302 SMTP mail causes information store to stop responding

249884 Last name is truncated by Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes directory synchronization process

249883 Migration Wizard reports error message 12024 when migrating from Notes

249878 Notes Dirsync does not catch all changes while using mapping rules

249877 Outlook Web Access first chance exception in Emsmdb32.dll

249870 Unable to access client permissions on Internet newsgroup after upgrading to SP3

249861 Microsoft Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise does not process non-delivery report for message with long subject

249834 Mailbox Manager fails with 80004005 when installing on cluster

249810 Plain text message becomes RTF upon autoforward

249641 Exchange Server Administrator cannot display more than 65535 public folders

249349 MTA converts (a) to (040)a(041) in message tracking

249300 MSExchangeDSA Replication Update counters not available

249250 Proxy addresses may be modified after applying Windows NT Server Version 4.0 Service Pack 4

249243 Appointments created with OWA appear to be shifted one hour ahead when viewed with Outlook

249153 MTA may stop while processing malformatted incoming X.400 message

249148 Handles leak during online backup

249113 Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes extracts filter rule incorrectly

249112 Filter rule is ignored by directory synchronization process and all Notes users without domain name are synchronized to Exchange Server

249111 Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail not supporting Korean language

248839 MTA drops message and fails to send NDR during move user operation

248828 Exchange dirsync requestor updates not sent after you upgrade to SP3

248827 Message is never delivered to foreign system user

248825 Subject field is not displayed correctly

248732 MTA stops processing while handling incoming mail

248664 Cannot reply all to SMTP reply received from Notes R5 user

248456 Out Of Office Assistant does not start if a rule is set to stop processing other rules

248453 The Exchange Server Administrator program is not updating the distribution list membership list when removing all distribution lists

248398 Restricting permission to Address Book views

248385 Netscape 4.7 does not display the contents of the message body

248383 Notes R5 recipient cannot reply to SMTP message sent through Internet Mail Service or SMTP connector

248253 Deferred delivery problems in Exchange Server 5.5 SP3 MTA

248234 Exchange clients get no results querying the Exchange Server 5.5 information store on BCC address properties

248067 Isinteg cannot fix warnings if public folders have no MAPI properties

248056 Bad non-delivery report with no intended recipient stops Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes

248052 Installation and use of encryption on Exchange Server with French settings

247761 Read notifications received over an X.400 connection do not show up on the Outlook Tracking tab

247654 Directory replication doesn't work, Event 1171 with parameters -1069 and 0

247647 Colon in display name causes SMTP: to be added to address

247622 Migrating from Lotus stops the wizard with a Dr. Watson event

247419 TCP/IP control block shortage Event ID 9156

247291 Migration is slow to enumerate names from a large Notes Address Book

247255 Information store silently drops messages

247222 Cannot create newsfeed on Windows 2000 Server computer

247182 Exchange Notes Connector directory synchronization deletes the custom recipients propagated by Linkage Directory Exchange

247084 Access violation in information store while trying to resolve a public folder conflict

247080 NDR after you delete a user from a distribution list in other site

246881 Non-delivery report includes distribution list name rather than individual recipient

246741 Administrator export doesn't extract Windows NT accounts in multiple NT domains

246724 Notes Conversion Assistant fails when processing a large number of user-defined fields

246597 Out of Office message is received for a message sent to a distribution list configured not to generate them

246567 LDAP searches on Home-MDB in multiserver site are not returned properly

246434 Internet messages from Lotus Notes to Exchange Server need address format of SMTP_ADDRESS@DOMAIN

246385 Directory entries not imported from Novell GroupWise

246302 MTA stops unexpectedly when receiving message from foreign MTA

246253 Site folders deleted for Exchange sites that exist in the directory

246214 Directory logging 1349 GUID changed events when RPC errors occur

246079 The ISINTEG -PRI -FIX -TEST FOLDER command does not finish if it finds orphaned folders

246051 No NDR generated when inbound SMTP message exceeds "Max Recipients on Submit"

245979 Containers of other replicated sites are displayed in Policies tab in Mailbox Manager program

245748 Low resource condition causes information store to stop unexpectedly

245742 MTA stops responding--Access Violation e0020004

245740 Addresses rerouted to IPv4 literals result in NDRs

245694 Mailbox Manager crashes when any excluded mailbox has no proxy address

245664 Backup of Exchange Server does not finish from a Terminal Server Client

245645 Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2 Outlook Web Access deletes folder permanently

245585 Message Transfer Agent replaces DDA Type "RFC-822" with DDA Type "SMTP" after installing Service Pack 3

245565 Message delivery failures using the Internet Mail Service with NTLM Authentication/Encryption

245458 Notes delegate cannot see meetings from Outlook user

245330 Information store stops responding when starting an automatic forward rule

245041 Postmaster incorrectly receives SMTP messages

244467 GroupWise delivery receipt does not work on long Orig-Msg-ID attribute

244144 Exchange message transfer agent may stop unexpectedly when restarting after an abnormal shutdown

244129 Notes Connector rejects incoming messages with the apostrophe (') character in the SMTP address

243925 Chat portal link incorrectly propagates MIC channel names

243822 Internet Mail Service message size restriction is not correctly displayed

243769 Store.exe crashes converting transport-neutral encapsulation format data

243759 Message Transfer Agent may stop on 9405 error with access violation

243701 Microsoft Mail Connector interchange generates Events 2450 and 2380 when restarting the message transfer agent

243626 Delivery receipts not properly routed to MTA for delivery, causing 2006 events

243601 Backups time out on large databases when Database Scrubbing is enabled

243569 Wrong wording for storage warnings for Czech clients

243066 PRB: MessageBox() after MAPIUninitialize causes access violation

242861 Message transfer agent stops on 9405 errors

242384 DBCS message sent through Notes Connector is not displayed properly

242367 Limitation warning message has wrong words

242341 Access violation in the Inetinfo.exe file after repeatedly saving changes to appointment

242255 Outlook Web Access first chance exception in Emsui32.dll

242252 Outlook Web Access first chance exception in Emsmdb32.dll

242251 First chance exception in Mapi32.dll

242201 Information store stops responding when processing a public folder replication message

242063 Recovery may incorrectly increment the checkpoint file

241988 After Dirsync, cc:Mail address does not include the period after the middle initial

241842 Memory leaks in ChatChannel object of Chat Server

241556 OpenMsgStore function is not thread safe

241553 Migrated message returned as not deliverable for migrated Lotus cc: Mail user

241516 Exchange Server becomes unresponsive approximately every 24 days

241482 Invalid TNEF from the Internet Mail Service causes the information store to crash under stress

241462 Non-delivery report may contain the wrong user information in the body

241309 Isinteg stops responding with ecNotFound - MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND

241292 Collabra migration objects - file attachments not visible

241278 Insufficient memory when CDO/MAPI application accesses a message on Exchange Server

241213 Possible message looping with the SNADS/PROFS/GroupWise/Notes connectors

241186 Directory replication bridgehead servers generate notifications for downstream servers even if there are no changes

241086 GroupWise directory synchronization update does not create objects in GroupWise

241030 After installing Exchange Chat Service fix, some DBCS characters can't be used as IRCX channel name

240913 PROFS AT command fails when forwarding meeting requests

240876 Chat server extension cannot process DBCS nickname

240873 Notes Migration source extractor fails to migrate mail

240236 Ctkeepdays only works with a value of 1 or 7

239816 Exchange Server Internet Mail Service stops responding with a particular message

239228 Internet Mail Service incorrectly routes mail if address space restriction is set to Site or Location

238911 Delegate stops receiving meeting requests

238850 Migration fails with error message and Event 6003

238842 Memory leaks in ChatService object of Chat Server

238784 Not all messages are migrated from a Lotus cc:Mail DB8 Post Office and 1032 events are produced

238756 Migration fails to migrate messages from a GroupWise 5.x PO with forwarded appointments

238498 Store generates NDR to an SMTP report if Prohibit receive is enabled and active

238487 Exchange Notes Connector may stop responding with bad SMTP address

238430 Messages with three or more attachments can have the wrong name associated with the attachment

238419 Information store stops responding when delivering an NDR

238183 Default IMAP4 line-wrap set to 72 characters

237993 Users cannot reply to SMTP messages in a PST after migration

237886 Message attachment name incorrectly changed in migration from cc:Mail DB6 Post Office

237838 Exchange Server corrupts Japanese cc:Mail message subject routing it to the Internet

237588 cc:Mail connector Dirsync problems with multiple Exchange export containers

237459 Move Server wizard does not properly reset Free/Busy Information on mailboxes

237327 Server advertises STARTTLS even though the SSL certificate is not available

237174 IMAPISession::OpenMsgStore leaks approximately 40-60 bytes per call

236601 Notes proxy address generation fails on some Eastern extended characters

236575 Intersite directory replication stops functioning, 1171, 1105, and 1106 event messages logged

235528 Mailbox item and size counts are incorrect

235010 Site Server Search does not index the Exchange integer custom property

233353 OLE attachments are replaced with <<...>>

230273 OWA creates English special folders (Contacts, Calendar ...) during first logon

273613 RTF information gets lost from Notes Connector to custom recipient over Internet Mail Service

264335 CopyFolder presents Unicode without Unicode flag

266792 Exchange Server 5.5 Post-SP3 message transfer agent may stop responding after reporting Event ID 4283

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