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Microsoft KB Archive/235453

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List of bugs fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (Part 1)

Article ID: 235453

Article Last Modified on 1/23/2007


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3

This article was previously published under Q235453


This article is part one of a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that are fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 ( Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

Please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for part two of this list:

241740 XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (Part 2)

NOTE: Exchange Server service packs are cumulative and contain all fixes included in earlier service packs. For example, Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 contains all fixes included in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1 and 2. You do not need to install an earlier service pack before you install Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3.

For information about bug fixes included in earlier Exchange Server 5.5 service packs, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

242221 XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1

242222 XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2


Service Pack 3

181697 PRB: Problems Sending Many Messages Using Multiple Threads
182321 XADM: Event ID 1025 Occurs When Search Folders Are Added To the Backlinks List
185592 XCON: Recipient Address Corrupted on Outbound Messages to EDK Gateway
192484 XFOR: Exchange DSS Gets Event ID 133, 143, 168 Errors in Dirsync Cycle
192712 SBS Err Msg: Unable to Display This Folder
192712 SBS Err Msg: Unable to Display This Folder
192910 BUG: CDO Message.Text Property May Return Truncated
193256 XADM: Euro Displayed Incorrectly After MIME Conversion
195006 XADM: Resource Failure Error on Computers with More Than 800 MB of RAM
195742 XCON: Conversion Error When Receiving General-Text Message
195970 XADM: Information Store Loops While Processing Same DBCS Attachment Files
196200 XWEB: CDO Does Incorrect Time Zone Correction for Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam
196304 XFOR: SNADS Connector Displays Error Because of Incoming SMTP Message
196343 XFOR: Extensions for Attachments Handled Incorrectly by SNADS
196663 XCON: MTA Unable to Deliver NDR When Message Fails Because of Size Restriction
196664 XCON: MAD Consumes 100% CPU While Recalculating Routing
196665 XCON: MTA Could Route Messages Through Higher Costing Routes
196669 XCON: MTA Queue Length in Performance Monitor Can Show More Messages than in Queue
196772 LDAP Version 2 Clients Receive Extended Characters Instead of IA5 for Search Queries
196852 XCON: MTA Stops with a Database Server Internal Processing Error
196853 XADM: Macintosh Attachments Have Two Sets of Double Quotes Around Name
197115 XFOR: PROFS Connector Sends NULL Date and Time to RSCS
197289 XFOR: IMC May Not Save Turfed Messages or Save Them to an Unexpected Location
197363 XFOR: Messages Containing .PCX Attachments May Crash CCMC
197491 XADM: Downloading an NNTP Message with a Large Header May Cause the Information Store to Consume 100% of CPU Time
197492 XADM: Information Store Crashes Processing Rules in Public Store
197494 XADM: Outlook Client May Error When Updating Free and Busy
197500 XADM: Tape Backup Program Hangs During Exchange Backup
197870 XFOR: Exchange Notes Connector Stops on Corrupted Message
198392 XCON: NDR Shows the Exchange DN of User Instead of X.400 Address
198393 XFOR: MS Mail Connector May Stop with Error 2380
198548 XWEB: OWA Causes an Access Violation in MAPI
198581 XADM: Information Store Fails in EcCodePageConvertXRaw
214407 XADM: Internet Mail Service Stops with an Access Violation
214559 XADM: Clients Hang Using the Offline Address Book
214565 XFOR: MS Mail Connector Is Throwing Away Read Receipts from Mac Client
214635 XADM: ESEUTIL /P Crashes on a Corrupt Database
214640 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Access Violation When Sending Mail Over an SSL Session to a Remote System
214682 XCON: MTA Deferred Delivery Message Generates NDR: Maximum Time for Delivering the Message Has Expired
214684 XADM: Information Store Crashes Due to Database Corruption Occurring after a Faulty Rollback Operation on a Transaction
214686 XCON: MTA Performance Monitor Counters Continue to Count When 0 Messages
214689 XADM: Corrupted RTF Error Message When Information Store Is Stopped While Sending Messages
214711 XADM: Message Properties Incorrectly Indicate that a Read Receipt Was Not Requested
214763 XFOR: OVVM Connector Sends Incorrect Location Info in Meeting Request
214822 XFOR: Lotus cc:Mail Source Extractor Fails with Event 8030, 8124, and 8002
214836 XFOR: One-Step Migration for Lotus cc:Mail fails with Errors 8092 and 8002
214838 XFOR: Migrated PMLs Contain Empty Entries with Resulting Event 1052
215368 XCON: MTA Content Conversion Error 4101 with HP Openmail
215505 XFOR: Error 14 While Running Import in MS Mail
215533 XADM: Directory Export Sends Out the OBJ-DIST-NAME Instead of the Directory Name
215554 XADM: How to Change the POP3-Download Order
215604 XWEB: OWA Client Allows You to Delete Special Outlook Folders
215851 XADM: Send Options in PAB Entry is Ignored
215924 XADM: Store Process Is Causing 100 Percent CPU Utilization
215947 XFOR: SNADS: Bad In-body Addresses Cause the Generation of NDRs to Stop Lsdiamex.exe
216049 XCLN: MAPIResolveName Does Not Properly Handle Multi-Byte Character Set (DBCS) Strings
216065 XFOR: PROFS: LME-PROFS-DIAMEX Fails to Process the Incoming Message from OV/VM
216161 XFOR: Automatic Replies to SMTP Reports Disallowed
216162 XFOR: Exchange IMS Can Suppress Generation of a Delivery Receipt
216264 XADM: Non-Delivery Receipts Fail Due to Error 0xfffff9bf
216313 XADM: Exchange Admin Unable to Map SIDs to Account Names After 5.5 Upgrade
216460 XADM: ISINTEG Reports JET_errUpdateNotPrepared
216473 XFOR: Migrating Mailbox with Message from cc:Mail Release 8 Client
216474 XFOR: Delivery Receipts, OV/VM (PROFS) Connector and the Internet (SMTP)
216492 XFOR: Extra Space in Notes Proxy Address Causes Mail to NDR
216550 XFOR: Meetings Cannot Be Used Between French Exchange Server and French PROFS Host
216647 XFOR: MCIS 2.0 Chat Service Incorrectly Allows Users to Change Nickname
216682 XADM: Perfwiz Doesn't Recognize Logical Partitions on Clustered Drive Resource
216963 XFOR: Remote Chat Service Stops Unexpectedly When Operator Privileges Are Given to a User
216989 XFOR: Chat Service May Truncate Complete Chat Room List
216990 XADM: Exchange Fails to Install on a Second Partition of a Cluster
217053 XADM: Memory Leak When Information Store Is Stopped
217131 XCON: Link Remains Up After Urgent Message Overrides Schedule
217139 XADM: Meeting Requests Are Not Delivered if Recipient's Mailbox Has Exceeded the Storage Limit and Has a Delegate Defined
217149 XFOR: Chat Service May Terminate Unexpectedly When Sending a 0-Byte Privmsg or Whisper
217155 XADM: Missing MIME Boundary Causes Bad MIME Prolog
217193 XCON: First Character in Line May Be Deleted When Sending a Message Over X.400 Connector
217195 XFOR: Admin Notification Is Being Incorrectly Executed
217378 XFOR: Chat Service Stops Unexpectedly or You Are Unable to Change Your Nickname
217601 XADM: Incorrect Time Appears After Directory Is Modified
217768 XADM: Storage Warnings Incomplete for Swedish Outlook or Exchange Clients
218187 XADM: Error 8004010f-0501-8004010f When Moving Mailbox
218439 XADM: PerfMon Counters for Monitoring Exchange DB Sessions
218955 XFOR: Chat Service Fails DPA Authentication with 9-Character User Names
218960 XFOR: International Version of InterOrg Does Not Replicate Public Folder
218962 XADM: MTSIDs Are Generated with 2 Different Characters as Delimiters
219031 XADM: Default POP3 Line-Wrap Set to 72 Characters
219691 BUG: CDO Copies Unnecessary Properties in Forwarding and Replying
220882 XADM: NDR Generated for Wrong Recipients
220890 XADM: Simple IMAP4 Fails if IMAP4 with SSL Fails
221149 XADM: Store Crash in IMAIL HTML-RTF Conversion
221235 XADM: Attachments in a Binhex Message Are Empty
221238 XADM: OST Sync Fails with 80070005-508-00-324
221434 XADM: "Send As" Functionality Does Not Work When DPA Is Used as Authentication Method
221551 XFOR: Fixed Length RFT Attachments Incorrectly Transformed by OVVM Connector
221565 XFOR: Messages Blocked from Host to Exchange on OV/VM(PROFS) Connector
221699 XFOR: MTA Includes Else Doorways into Previous Route Siblings
221840 XFOR: Notes Connector Is Unable to Handle Meeting Request from Schedule+ 1.0
221843 XFOR: Migration Wizard Crashes When Migrating Schedule Information from a Notes Client with a Blank End Date
221929 XFOR: OV/VM (PROFS) Connector Stuck in Endless Loop
221939 XFOR: Notes Connector Keeps CPU Use to More Than 80 Percent and Stops Moving Messages
221989 XADM: Buffer Overrun in Exchange Server 5.5 LDAP Service
222191 XADM: New Intersite Replication Counters Added
222508 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Sends MIME Plain Text as Both HTML and Plain Text
222621 XADM: Buffer Is Not Cleared in Exchange LDAP Service
222622 XADM: Security Handle Not Released After LDAP Bind and Disconnect
222641 XCON: Content Conversion Error When Sending an Outlook Contact as an Attachment
222647 XADM: Extended Characters Entered into a Mailbox via LDAP Cause Directory Replication to Break
222839 XFOR: Migration Wizard Crashes While Importing Data from a GW PO with Subfolders Under Root Folders
222912 XADM: Cannot Use Administrator Program to Modify Database Paths on Clustered Server
222985 XCON: MTA Stops Processing Messages with Large Attachments and May Log Event 2136
223057 XFOR: PROFS Connector Fails to Remove .att Files from Objects Folder after Message Is Delivered
223383 XCLN: Lotus cc:Mail Importer Asserts when Attempting to Migrate cc:Mail Archive Files
223385 XIMS: IMS Routing Incorrectly When Directory Replication Is Enabled
223391 XADM: OOF Messages Received Even When OOF Option is Disabled
223772 XFOR: Connector for cc:Mail Loops Trying to Import Same Message
224174 XADM: Exchange Administrator Program is Inaccurate When Mailbox Exceeds 2 GB
224195 XADM: Store Failure During the Processing of a Client Based Rule
224327 XCON: Inetinfo Stops with ASP Event 5 in CDO!EcDecompressData
224438 XADM: Some Information Store Counters Not Updated Properly
224456 XFOR: Member's Properties Modified After They Move to a Different Channel
224565 XADM: Addresses Are Displayed with a Double / Character in DDA
224597 XCON: SP2 of PROFS Connector Sets Sent Date to Jan 1, 1601 on Messages Received from SoftSwitch Environment
225157 XCON: MTA Stops Unexpectedly with Cirel Winsock X.400 Connection
225345 XCON: MTA Mishandles Deferred Delivery Messages After Daylight Saving Time Changes
225500 XCLN: Using CDO to Search the Exchange Global Address List for CdoPR_MHS_COMMON_NAME is Slow
226202 XCON: No Delivery Receipts When the IMS Is in "Mailbox Disabled" State
226328 XWEB: OWA Crash in CDOHTML!CTableView::IsSameAs
226329 XFOR: Connector for Lotus Notes Access Violation in Lsmexout Process
226350 XCLN: Opening Additional Mailboxes When Starting Outlook Does Not Work When DPA is Used as Authentication Method

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