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Microsoft KB Archive/241740

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XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (Part 2)

Article ID: 241740

Article Last Modified on 10/26/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3

This article was previously published under Q241740


This article is part two of a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that are fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 ( Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

Please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for part two of this list:

235453 XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Packs (Part 1)

NOTE: Exchange Server service packs are cumulative and contain all fixes included in earlier service packs. For example, Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 contains all fixes included in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1 and 2. You do not need to install an earlier service pack before you install Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3.

For information about bug fixes included in earlier Exchange Server 5.5 service packs, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

242221 XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1

242222 XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2


Service Pack 3

227142 XFOR: The cc:Mail Connector May not Deliver Some Messages with Attachments
228534 XFOR: DBCS Attachment Name Disappears When Sending a Mail by Means of CCMC
228743 XFOR: NDR Message from Downstream cc:Mail PO Doesn't Name Unreachable Recipient
228998 XADM: Trailing Space in the Domain Name Allowing Mail to Route Incorrectly
229089 XADM: Unable to Reply All to Forwarded Post from a Public Folder
229114 XFOR: InterOrg Fails to Replicate Public Folder
229314 XFOR: Lotus cc:Mail Migration Fails when PO Name Contains Non-AlphaNumeric Characters
229498 XIMS: Cannot Change Nickname After Default Has Been Assigned
229631 XFOR: InterOrg Fails to Replicate Public Folder if Folder Name Has Backslash
229643 XCON: 9156 Errors Occur after Applying Exchange 5.5 Service Pack 2
229648 XADM: Sent Field Displayed Incorrectly in Forwarded Message
229688 XIMS: Chat Service Returns List of All Users When WHO Command Is Sent Without Parameters
229729 XWEB: Inetinfo.exe Stops Running During Anonymous MAPI Logon Process
230051 XFOR: Internet Mail Connector Dial-Up Connection Stops Working
230215 XADM: Backup Checksuming Not Performed on Single Processor Computers
230273 XWEB: OWA Creates English Special Folders (Contacts, Calendar ...) During First Logon
230285 XADM:"Denial of service" Vulnerability in Store with IMAP
230288 XFOR: NDR from Internet Mail Service Contains Incorrect 3-Byte Reason Code Sent to X.400 Connector
230331 XFOR: SMTP Address Generator May Include Multiple Consecutive Periods in the Address
230563 XADM: Information Store Crash in FreePadrlist:padrlist
230691 XADM: Space Tree Fragmentation in Exchange Database Engine Can Degrade Server Performance
230691 XADM: Space Tree Fragmentation in Exchange Database Engine Can Degrade Server Performance
230769 XADM: Information Store Stops During RTF or HTML Conversion
230780 XADM: Cannot Start KM Service After Upgrading to V3 Certificates
231303 XFOR: New Feature for Setting Size Limit for Internet Mail Service
231307 XADM: KM Server Issues V1 Certificate When Configured to Issue V3 Only
231411 XCON: Embedded X.400 Message is Incorrectly Opened Using the Message Compose Window
231748 XADM: A Certain Pattern in Address Fields in SMTP Messages Causes Information Store to Crash
231751 XADM: Cannot Renew Signing Key After Applying SP2 for Exchange Server version 5.5
231799 XCON: MIME Messages Sent Using Outlook Express Receive an NDR
231803 XADM: CC Recipient Lost in P2 When BCC Is Present on a Lotus cc:Mail Message
231818 XCON: P1 Headers Containing Very Long Object IDs Cause the MTA to Crash
231967 XADM: Isinteg Has Been Modified to Dump the Mailbox Table
231969 XADM: IS/DS Check Does Not Recreate Deliv-Ext-Cont-Types for Mailbox
231974 XFOR: Notes Connector Doesn't Restart
231992 XFOR: Enabling/Disabling Meeting Request Support with PROFS/Notes Connectors
232076 XFOR: Notes Connector Access Violation During Message Conversation when Address Is 256 Bytes Long
232279 XCON: Internet Mail Service Stops with Event IDs 4102 and 4182
232370 XCON: MTA Loses Attachment on FTBP Messages with No Subject
232384 XFOR: Information Store Does Not Recognize Double Angle Brackets Correctly
232388 XCON: MTA Content Conversion Error
232391 XADM: Duplicate Messages are Received When Message is Sent to Large DL and Recipient's Quotas are Exceeded
232396 XCON: Content Conversion Failures Result in Reroutes to Another Server in the Site
232448 XFOR: Netscape 4.x Cannot Delete Appointments in Calendar Using OWA
232471 XFOR: Replication from Lotus Notes to Exchange Server Displays Inconsistent Times
232579 XCON: Wrong Encoding of Extended Characters
232586 XCON: X.400 MTA Logs "Loop Detected" Error Message When Receiving a Message from Exchange Server
232599 XADM: Exchange Server Creating Illegal JIS Encoded Text
232600 XADM: Message Using Non-GAPI Code Page Is Not Converted Properly
232602 XCON: MTA Fails to Recover Associations Following Network Problems
232604 XCON: MTA Is Leaking During Content Conversion
232606 XIMS: Exchange Server 5.5 LDAP Service Running on Windows 2000
232656 XCON: MTA X.400 1988 to 1984 Downgrade Failure Causes NDR
232687 XFOR: Cannot Send Messages to cc:Mail Recipients After Directory Synchronization
232713 XCON: Message Arrives with Blank To and From Fields
232767 OL2000: Integrity Check For Client OAB
233054 XFOR: Migration Wizard Stops Processing Messages When Passed Bad Attribute
233236 XFOR: Chinese Outlook MSMail Users Receive NDRs Sending to Exchange Server
233284 XADM: Installing Event Service after Exchange Server Setup Causes Unwanted Public Folder Replications
233319 XFOR: INMR01 Record Doesn't Have All Recipient Addresses When Sending Attachments with CMS/Netdata Format
233325 XFOR: Migration from cc:Mail Stops after Encountering an Invalid Date
233512 XIMS: Chat Service Ends Connection When Client Does Not Send Data for 10 Minutes
234175 XADM: Store May Stop Responding When Generating a DR to an SMIME Message
234350 XFOR: Cannot Send Message with Brackets in Subject Field Through Connector for cc:Mail
234432 XADM: Running Isinteg May Truncate Databases to 8 KB
234630 XADM: Event Scripts Fail with Error 0x800401f0 (CO_E_NOTINITIALIZED) after Installing Exchange 5.5 SP2
234671 XWEB: IIS May Not Work When OWA Is Being Heavily Accessed
234745 XFOR: Corrupted Message Causes CCMC to Stop Inbound Traffic and Engage 90 Percent of CPU
234764 XADM: Eseutil Ends with -1808 (Jet_ErrDiskFull) on /P or /G
234869 XADM: Multi-Valued String Array MAPI Property is Not Being Copied from Store to Store
235051 XADM: Disabling Clear Text Authentication for POP3 Also Disables SSL Clear Text Authentication
235059 MAPI Crashes When Using COM Multithread Model
235219 XADM: Too Many Consecutive CRLF Characters Truncate Message or Cause Information Store to Stop Responding
235223 XADM: Cannot Configure Dial-Up Connections in the German Version of Exchange Server
235228 XWEB: OWA Stops Responding after Applying Exchange Server 5.5 SP2
235372 XADM: Display Name Corrupts and Information Store Stops Frequently
235392 XADM: Slow Intra-Site Replication on Multi-Processor Server
235455 XCON: Modification in X.400 Blind Copy Implementation
235464 XADM: Server Indicates Certificate Was Imported After You Cancel Operation
235533 XIMS: Refreshing MTS-OUT Queue Causes Application Error in Msexcimc.exe
235534 XCON: MTA Logs Errors 2124, 2175 on Invalid Incoming X.400 Message
235607 XADM: HTML in Subject Field Is Not Converted Properly When Message Is Forwarded
235619 XIMS: Clients Being Disconnected or Receive Channel Collision Messages from Microsoft Exchange Chat Service
235627 XIMS: AUTH LOGIN Command Must Use Base-64-Encoded User Name and Password
235659 XFOR: Lsmexnts Access Violation When Sending Recurring Meeting Request
235679 XADM: Slow Performance When Opening Unread Item from Public Folder with Many Restrictions
235699 XFOR: Meetings with Attachments Incorrectly Migrated from GroupWise 4.x
235965 XADM: Message Forwarded Through Chinese Traditional Client Not Displayed Correctly
236156 XADM: Permissions for Viewing Client Permissions on Public Folders
236170 XCLN: Event Service Stops with Event ID 5
236311 XIMS: WHO Command with Wildcard Characters Causes Server to End Portal Connection
236335 XFOR: The To Field is Empty if a User Sends Mail with AT Command from the OV/VM
236426 XADM: Information Store or Directory Service Appear Hung
236586 XCON: Mail Flow Stops with MTA Event ID 4287, Error Code 8640
236788 XIMS: URL Not Formatted Properly in IMAP Referral Response
236882 XIMS: Addresses Separated by Spaces in IMAP4 Envelope
236900 XFOR: Notes Connector Corrupts CR Display Name When Dirsync Occurs over a Slow WAN Link
236910 XIMS: Cannot Open IMS Dial-Up Connections Tab on Windows 2000 Server Computer
237182 XFOR: MSMI Fails with Unknown Exception While MTA Delivers Message
237187 XCON: MTA Performs Excessive Context Switching During Heavy Message Traffic
237327 XFOR: Server Advertises STARTTLS Even Though SSL Certificate Not Available
237421 XCON: Euro Displayed Incorrectly After Being Sent Through X.400 Connector
237422 XADM: ESEUTIL /P Aborts with -1605, JET_errKeyDuplicate
237544 XADM: Unable to Connect Using IMAP/SSL
237876 XADM: Cyrillic Characters in TNEF Not Converted Properly
237927 XIMS: Messages Sent to Encapsulated SMTP Address Are Rerouted Even Though Rerouting Is Disabled
237953 XADM: Erroneous -1018 Error Returned During Online Backup
238429 XADM: Messages Auto Forwarded to an Invalid Internet Address Appear to Create a Looping Message
238491 XCON: Exchange Server Message Transfer Agent MIME Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay - MIXER
238838 XCON: Delivery Reports Are No Longer Received After Upgrading to Exchange Server 5.5 SP2
238911 XADM: Delegate Stops Receiving Meeting Requests
239082 XIMS: IMAP4 Client Hangs Attempting to Append Message Using SSL
240788 XIMS: Outbound Limitation Works Improperly in Exchange Server Internet Mail Service 26xx

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