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Microsoft KB Archive/242222

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XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2

Article ID: 242222

Article Last Modified on 10/26/2006


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2

This article was previously published under Q242222


This article is a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that are fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2. Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

NOTE: Exchange Server service packs are cumulative and contain all fixes included in earlier service packs. For example, Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 contains all fixes included in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Packs 1 and 2. You do not need to install an earlier service pack before you install Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3.

For additional information about bug fixes included in other Exchange Server 5.5 service packs, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

235453 XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (Part 1)

241740 XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (Part 2)

242221 XGEN: List of Bugs Fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1


Service Pack 2

140404 OL97: 16-Bit Client Unable to Read Schedule+ Data
143196 OL97: 16-Bit Outlook Can Only Open One Schedule+ Appt Book
172937 OL97: Outlook Hangs when Opening Another User's Calendar
177726 XADM: Authrest.exe Err Msg: Dynamic Link Library Not Found
182319 XADM: Admin.exe Dr. Watsons While Importing an Active Newsgroup
182716 XCLN: Internet Options Tab Missing from Send Options Dialog Box
183014 XCON: MTA Event 2050 with Badly Encoded X.400 Message
183104 XCON: Interop Issue with Lowercase PAB Addresses & Softswitch LMS
183290 XFOR: Notes Client Gets Error Message: Error Loading Metafile
183517 XCLN: Unable to Display Outlook Calendar Folder After Move Mailbox
183650 Schedule + Won't Print Outlook Private Appointments
184333 XADM: Message Class Changed during Forward from Public Folder
184457 XFOR: Cannot Reply to RTF Message Addressed to MS Mail Recipient
184524 XFOR: cc:Mail Connector Sends Messages Twice Under Load
184534 XADM: MIME Type Extension Mapping Not Used for Attachments w/out Extensions from Internet
184662 XADM: Messages Not Rerouted Between Two X.400 Connectors in Same Site
184681 XFOR: Kanji Outlook MS Mail Users Get NDRs Sending to Exchange
184718 XADM: Text Attachments Modified for Internet Mail
184957 XCLN: Outlook & Exchange One-Off SMTP & Display Name Parsing
185098 XADM: AV in Dsamain.exe When Expanding or Scrolling Objects
185592 XCON: Recipient Address Corrupted on Messages to EDK Gateway
185693 XADM: Spinning Thread in Mad.exe During Routing Recalculation
185933 XADM: Directory Service May Stop Unexpectedly During Exception Handling
185934 XCON: Exchange Server MTA Always Uses RTSE Window Size 3
185986 XADM: Attached DBCS Message Not Displayed Properly
186258 XFOR: NDR on Message from Outlook via Microsoft Mail Connector
186343 XCLN: Location of Attachments Is Shifted When Message Is Forwarded
186672 XFOR: Russian Outlook MS Mail User Gets NDR Sending to Exchange
187581 XADM: DBCS Attachment File Name Not Encoded If Using UUENCODE
187643 XCON: Message Content Changes When Sending via X.400 to UNIX to cc:Mail
187868 XADM: Downloading Messages Using Outlook Express Crashes Store
187915 XCON: MTA Routes Messages to EDK Connector when Alternate Route Exists
187970 XCON: Unicode Message with TNEF Causes Information Store to Stop
187994 XWEB: File Attachments in OWA Append 2 Extra Bytes CR/LF
188420 XADM: Adding Recipients To a Form May Change Display Name To Distinguished Name
188597 XCON: Delivery Report Discarded Over 1984 X.400 Connector
188631 XADM: Public Folder Slowness in Folders with Thousands of Messages
188635 XADM: Changing State of Circular Logging Fails on a Cluster Server
188647 XADM: Folder Assistant Rule to Forward Messages May Fail
188772 XADM: Error for Incorrect Journal Recipient Is Informational
188778 XADM: Replying To or Forwarding Resent Message Causes NDR
188807 XADM: Information Store May Crash In STORE!CMAPIextr::hrExtractHdr While a Client Downloads POP3 Mail
188829 XADM: Cannot View Message Text on Black Background
188833 XCLN: CDO Only Publishes Three Months of Free/Busy Data
188969 XADM: Public Folder Rule Fails Using Field From EFD
188979 XADM: NDR When Sending to Recipient From Offline Address Book
188989 XADM: IS Stops Unexpectedly Formatting a Binary Property Value
189193 XADM: Problems Occur When Incorrect Property Is Set on Message
189318 Scheduled Fax Which Includes Files Is Never Sent
189345 XCON: MTA Logs Event 9301 Though X.400 Connector Is Identified
189753 XCON: Exchange MTA Logs Event 1136 When Using a Large Checkpoint Size Over an X.400 Connector
189755 XADM: French Admin Reports Blank Password on Newly Created Windows NT Account
190041 XCON: SMTP Message ID May Be Incorrectly Truncated
190084 XFOR: 12006 and 4117 Errors when IMS Receives an SMTP Message
190361 XWEB: IIS Hangs When User Cancels File Upload from Within Browser
190500 XCON: Facilities Data Not Sent Out (by Exchange) with CALL ACC
190555 XFOR: Connector for cc:Mail Converts Message Bodies Larger Than 20 KB to Attachments
190556 XADM: Corrupted MIME Encoding Causes Information Store to Crash
190557 XFOR: Attachments with $ in the File Name May Be Renamed
190722 XADM: MoveUser Fails After Running ISINTEG
190918 XADM: Eseutil Fails with JetDuplicateKey Error
191163 XFOR: NDR Returned When Message Includes Several Attachments
191164 XCLN: Outlook Fails to Connect, Causes Application Error at Emsui32.dll
191286 XFOR: Notes Connector Crashes When Importing Too-Long Field
191594 XCON: Site Connector Not Usable Through a Firewall
191947 XCON: MTA Fails to Convert Message with TNEF in P2 from 1984 X.400 System
191956 XADM: System Attendant (Mad.exe) Stops in ScSetDeleted
192052 XFOR: MSMI: Messages with Incomplete X.400 Addresses are NDR
192053 XADM: Information Store Access Violates When Freeing Memory for a Property Tag That Was Never Initialized
192065 XADM: High CPU Utilization by STORE Process When a Folder with a Categorized View Is Opened; Client May Appear Hung
192066 XADM: Event Service with Internet Explorer 4.01 Hangs NT Shell (Explorer.exe)
192203 XADM: NNTP Message ID Missing From Event Description
192204 XADM: Information Store Stops When Forwarding Internet Message
192205 XADM: Full Fidelity Not Maintained on Opaque-Signed Message
192274 XADM: IIS Crashes with ActiveX Component Using MAPI
192324 XADM: Dumpster Size Performance Monitor Value Wraps Prematurely
192333 XADM: JET Will Now Retry 16 Times on -1018 Error
192349 XADM: Message NDR after Applying 5.5 Service Pack 1 or 5.0 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix to Store.exe
192440 XADM: Backup Stops Because of Communications Error
192493 XADM: Setup Doesn't Add Permission to MSExchangeES Registry Key
192513 XADM: Slow Backup Performance with Single-Processor Servers
192514 XFOR: DXA Appends 001 at End of Display Name in MS Mail GAL
192519 XFOR: Cc: Field Moved to To: Field with MHS Extended Addressing
192533 XCLN: MAPI Spooler Sends NDRs During Folder Synchronization
192542 XFOR: Lotus Notes Connector Crashes Processing a Voice Mail Attachment from Octel Unified Messenger
192582 XCLN: Cannot Log On to Exchange with NT Account Containing Extended Characters
192583 XADM: IMS/STORE Incorrectly Archives Message If ResolveP2 Is On
192592 XADM: Paged Pool Memory Leak Caused by Attachment Processing
192593 XFOR: Attachment File Name Appears in 8.3 Format in cc:Mail Users Inbox
192594 XFOR: Message with Empty From: Field Stuck in MTS_OUT Queue
192595 XFOR: Incorrect Date on Message Sent Through cc:Mail Connector
192657 XADM: Missing Transaction Log Yields "Unable to Find the File"
192697 XFOR: cc:Mail Connector Ignores Export Custom Recipients Flag
192700 XFOR: cc:Mail Connector Does Not Parse Attachment Name Correctly
192742 XADM: Performance Monitor Counters Unavailable After Applying 5.5 SP1
192748 XADM: Admin Program Quits Unexpectedly When Creating Newsfeed
192792 XFOR: Server Stops Responding When Running a Print Service and INS
192836 XADM: Admin.exe Stops When Viewing Properties of Remote Server
192839 XADM: Full Offline Address Book Download with Differences Specified
192887 XFOR: MS Mail Connector Doesn't Support Turkish Characters
192911 XFOR: Dirsync Between Notes and OV/VM over Exchange Backbone Fails
192932 XFOR: PROFS Does Not Retain File Extension of Attachment If Conversion Applied
192939 XFOR: Event 4123; Message Not Delivered When PR_AUTO_FORWARDED & Disable Auto Replies Set
192940 XFOR: Internet Mail Loses Message Body
192982 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Does Not Allow Auto Forwarded Msgs
192983 XCON: Content Conversion Errors on OLE Embedded Objects
193035 XFOR: Ability to Restrict Size of Headers Contained in Message
193040 XADM: Cannot Stop Information Store from a Command Prompt
193041 XADM: Information Store's Directory Query Returns LDAP Error
193049 XADM: MTA Stops; Events 2110, 2171, & 9299 Appear in Event Log
193081 XADM: NDR When Message Is Routed Between Multiple Connectors
193123 XADM: Unable to Reply to Messages After Exchange 5.5 Post- SP1 Store Hotfix Is Applied
193215 XADM: Security Context Deleted and Initialized at Same Time
193221 XADM: Per-Entity MTA Counters Not Working After Upgrade
193256 XADM: Euro Displayed Incorrectly After MIME Conversion
193258 XADM: DBCS Text in Bulleted List Not Displayed Properly
193260 XADM: OWA Stops when Replying to Message with Inline Image
193283 XADM: Meeting Update Generates NDR After Moving Server
193345 XCON: No MTA Support for ISO 8859-7 (Greek) Character Set
193346 XFOR: Message Delivery Is Slowed or Stopped to SNADS
193395 XFOR: Access Violation Occurs When Stopping Dirsync Service
193423 XADM: Address Book Views Not Updated After Correct Interval
193437 XFOR: Error Msg: The Domain or User Name You Have Specified...
193485 XADM: Exchange Server 5.5 120-Day Evaluation Copy Expiring
193557 BUG: Outlook Web Access Stops on Distorted Calendar Data
193567 XADM: KMS Database Conversion Fails During Exchange 5.5 Upgrade
193623 HOWTO: Determine the Logical Drives on a System
193639 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Stops with Event Log Error 4116
193675 XWEB: Bad Error Handling in CfolderRender::put_DataSource Causes OWA to Crash
193735 XFOR: Dates Incorrect After Migrating cc:Mail DB6 Bulletin Board
193745 XFOR: Dates Appear Incorrectly After cc:Mail Migration
193761 XFOR: cc:Mail Connector Doesn't Deliver NDRs from Certain ADMDs
193762 XCON: Zero Byte Attachments Cause NDRs from Exchange 5.5 SP1
193780 XFOR: Message Sent from Lotus Notes with X.400 One-Off Address Generates NDR
193782 XADM: Internet Mail Service Stops with Event IDs 4182, 12800
193842 XFOR: DXA Does Not Handle MAC Mail Addresses in Excess of 10 Characters Properly
193894 XCON: MTA Stops Processing Messages and Generates 9156 Events
193961 XCON: One Recipient Dropped on Mail to an Exchange DL from X.400 Mail System
194031 XCON: MTA Queues Backup After MTA Logs 1133 State Check Warning
194128 XFOR: Exchange 5.5 SP1 Upgrade Fails on Cluster Server if IMS Installed
194191 XFOR: Notes SMTP Addresses Are Truncated upon Reply
194192 XADM: Reply from POP3 Client to Message Sent from Exchange User Is Returned as Non-Deliverable
194218 XFOR: cc:Mail Migration Wizard Fails to Migrate cc:Mail User if CR Exists on Exchange Server
194321 XADM: Nordic Alt 0216 Character Incorrectly Translated in SMTP & X.400 Proxy Address
194337 XADM: Information Store Crashes Processing Incoming HTML Message from the Internet
194504 XCON: NDR Returned for Deleted Mailbox when Message Sent to DL
194505 XADM: NDR When Message Contains 8-Bit Subject
194506 XADM: Deadlock While Purging Unused Indices
194560 XADM: Store Crashes while Processing Outbound SMTP Message
194651 XADM: Empty Subject Msg Can Cause NDR When Sent Through X.400
194657 XADM: Unable to Post a Reply to an Exchange Server 5.5 Newsgroup Folder
194750 XCON: Message Sticks in MTA Queue While Other Messages Flow By
194839 XADM: Outlook Web Access Cannot Resolve Name if First Character of Trailing Byte is 0x00 on UNICODE
194998 XCON: Client Cannot Retrieve Message in Parts Using SSL
195040 XFOR: Internet News Service Sends "newnews" Command That Is Too Long
195124 XCON: MTA Generates NDR When You Reply All to Message Sent to Moved User
195171 XADM: Invalid Fetch Command Causes Information Store to Stop
195200 XADM: Premature MTA Fanout Inside a Site
195201 XFOR: 5.0 and 5.5 Internet Mail Services Do Not Do AUTH NTLM Between Each Other
195203 XFOR: Lotus cc:Mail 8.01 Clients See Attachment File Name Changed to Date
195214 XADM: Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1 Update Fails on Second Cluster Node with French Primary Domain Controller
195215 XFOR: Outbound SMTP with 8-Bit Data in the Message Body
195304 XFOR: Lsdiavm.exe Process Terminates with a Dr. Watson
195363 XADM: Popup Error in Exchange Admin When Attempting to View Property Page for Internet Newsgroups Root Folder
195397 XCLN: Attachments with Long Filenames Crash Client
195523 XFOR: Notes Shortname Field Might Not Be Synchronized in Exchange Server Directory
195583 XADM: Rules Are Not Applied to SMTP Messages Received as [cc]
195731 XCON: MTA Stops and Numerous Events Appear in Event Log
195741 XADM: Store Crash when IMAP Append Is Aborted on 100 MB Network
195852 XFOR: Notification Option Set Incorrectly During GroupWise Migration
195894 XADM: Access Violation While Processing Long DBCS BinHex Files
195905 XCON: Address Space Not Updated When You Recalculate GWART
195969 XFOR: Cannot Specify Domains to Relay to in Internet Mail Service When Message Routing is Allowed
195971 XADM: Deadlock in STORE Due to a Stack Overflow
195985 Move Mailbox Fails with Client Operation Failed 80004005-0501-80004005
196043 XADM: Directory Service Stops When Upgrading to Exchange Server 5.5 or Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1
196045 XCON: DRAS Connector Fails Connecting to Multiple Sites
196169 XADM: Option to Zero Out Deleted Messages on Exchange Server
196491 XADM: Attributes Not Available to LDAP Users with Admin Rights
196615 XFOR: PROFS and SNADS Connector Does Not Support Euro Symbol
196670 XWEB: OWA Causes an Access Violation in MAPI
196849 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Attachment Formatting Fails Due to Content-Location Support Added in SP1
196892 XFOR: Dirsync Service Stops Unexpectedly, Event 181 in Event Log
196893 Total Nick (Alias) Collisions Counter Not Incremented Properly
196895 XADM: Mailbox Receives Duplicate Messages after Server is Moved
197013 XADM: RTF Message Appears Incorrectly After Being Forwarded
197059 XFOR: POP3 Clients Cannot Log In with Clear Text Authentication through Membership Server
197060 XADM: JET Retry Hotfix Makes Repair (ESEUTIL /P) Very Slow
197130 XCON: FETCH Using IMAP Client Fails to Retrieve SMIME Message
197142 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Stops when Routing Messages
197280 XADM: Changes to Domain Names Cause Large Incremental Downloads
197281 XCON: MTA Can Stop After Generating an Event ID 9405
197291 XFOR: Dirsync Does Not Correctly Convert Date to UTC Format
197292 XFOR: Mode Command Does Not Function Properly with Chat Server
197293 XADM: Changing Calendar View Takes an Unusually Long Time
197376 XFOR: IRCX Channel Name on Remote Server Appears Incorrectly
197378 XCON: MTA Generates 9301 Events on Incoming Connections
197394 XADM: Euro Symbol Displays "?" Sending Plain Text
197398 XCON: MTA Stops Processing Mail with Events 57, 2051 and 1105
197405 XADM: Cannot Filter Junk E-mail on Blank "From" Field
216259 XADM: IS Stops Responding Due to Critical Section Leak, Event ID 1160s Are Generated in the Application Log
217160 XADM: Read Receipt Is Not Sent or To Line Is Blank

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