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Microsoft KB Archive/242221

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Article ID: 242221

Article Last Modified on 1/23/2007


  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1

This article was previously published under Q242221


This article is a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that are fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1. Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

NOTE: Exchange Server service packs are cumulative and contain all fixes included in earlier service packs. For example, Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 contains all fixes included in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 1 and 2. You do not need to install an earlier service pack before you install Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3.

For more information about bug fixes included in other Exchange Server 5.5 service packs, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

235453 List of bugs fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (Part 1)

241740 List of bugs fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 3 (Part 2)

242222 List of bugs fixed in Exchange Server 5.5 Service Pack 2


Service Pack 1

152932 XCON: X.400 Connector Uses Session Selector on X.400
164863 XFOR: Setting the MSMI to Send SNADS Address as Reply-To
166520 XADM: Administrator Incorrectly Creates an MS Mail Connector Mailbox
169113 XCON: Using an X.400 Connector with TCP/IP in a Cluster Environment
169130 XFOR: MS Mail Migration Fails When User List File Is Specified
173713 XFOR: Custom Recipient Receives Rich Text Format Information Unexpectedly
174488 PRB: Application Generates Run-Time Error 3633 When Run on New Machine
175042 XCON: Extended T.61 Translated Incorrectly in P2/P22 Subject Field
175360 XFOR: DirSync Cycle Removes Secondary X.400 Addresses
175437 XFOR: Thai Characters are not Translated by the MS Mail Connector
175982 XFOR: Outbound SMTP Mail Never Leaves Microsoft Exchange Server
176037 XWEB: Blank To: Line When Deleting Recurring Appointment
176397 XFOR: Access Violation Migrating Messages from SFS Postoffice
176952 XFOR: Store Fails to Deliver Auto-Generated Messages from X.400 Service Provider
177251 XADM: Disabling Public Folder Replication Status Messages on Information Store Startup
177268 XADM: Information Store Stops When Decoding Inbound TNEF Properties
177308 XADM: Slow Client Logon Due to Missing Addressing Template
177557 XFOR: Recipients Ignored on Mail Sent to Two or More CMS Nodes
177710 XADM: Store Stops Referencing Parent Attachment Pointer
177762 XADM: Access Violation (0xc0000005) During Exchange Setup
177783 XADM: Temp Files Remain After OAB Generation Fails
177793 XADM: NDRs Discarded by Internet Mail Service
177807 XADM: Online Backup of the Information Store or Directory May Stop with Access Violation
177820 XCON: MTA Stops Unexpectedly When Accessing Memory
177825 XWEB: Support for Multiple SSI Providers Is Missing
177862 XCON: Messages that Fail Downgrade Bounce Between X.400 Connectors
177867 XCON: NDR Not Received When Sending to Bad PAB Entry
177869 XFOR: Messages with X.400 Address in From Field Not Delivered
177875 XADM: Memory Leak in Directory Service of Exchange Server
177942 XADM: MIME Message Text Word Wrap Option Cannot Be Configured
177979 XCON: Internet Originated Message w/Message as Attachment Generates NDR at the MSMI
178053 XADM: Store Thread's Processor Utilization Peaks Indefinitely Based on Predictable Weekly Schedule
178056 XCLN: One-Off RFC822 Addresses in Form of: John Smith [] Supported
178082 XFOR: BCC Recipient Appears in To: Field When Sending to PROFS
178091 XFOR: Message from Client Not Homed on Server Crashes IMC
178092 XADM: Modifying Cross-Posted Message Crashes Information Store
178093 XADM: Attachments with Long Names Crash SNADS or PROFS Connector
178094 XFOR: Incorrect Time Stamp on Messages Sent from New Zealand Daylight Saving Time (NZDT) Zone
178095 XADM: Access Violation in Store.exe when Importing Active Text File
178096 XCLN: Outlook Client Crashes Accessing Restricted DL
178219 XADM: Administrator Cannot Specify a Font Size in IMC
178259 XADM: Chat Service Failure Caused by an Invalid Number of Reply/Request Arguments
178338 XADM: Information Store Access Violation in hrVerifyAttach
178376 XCON: Local Address Space Replicated to Other Sites
178378 XCON: IMS Does Not NDR Message When Passed DISP_NDR_ORIG
178386 XWEB: RecvTextA Interface for Channel Service Is Broken
178436 XFOR: Looping Messages over Internet Mail Service Site
178543 XCLN: Err Msg: Can't open this item. Cannot add the attachment; no data source was provided.
178620 XCLN: Client Profile Update Doesn't Update DNS FQDN
178627 XFOR: Chat Server 2.0 Can Fail with Extremely Heavy Usage
178657 XADM: Hyperlinks Composed in WordMail 97 Do Not Function
178659 XCON: Asserts Problem When Downloading Messages
178820 XADM: Collabra Migration Tool Does Not Handle OLE Embedded Docs
178939 XADM: Language Not Maintained with Cyrillic (KOI8-R) Messages
179014 XFOR: Characters Are Stripped on Fixed File Sent from PROFS
179048 XADM: Admin Mailbox Cleanup Deletes Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Journal, and Tasks
179050 XADM: WinNT Account Becomes Domain\\User When Output by Export
179056 XADM: Store Stops While Processing Rule for Client
179058 XADM: Store on Alpha Fails When POP3 User Retrieves Attachment
179072 XFOR: Exchange cc:Mail Connector Causes NFT Error on Clandata
179289 XFOR: Internet Mail Service May Not Start When Multiple Entries Are Used and RelayFlags Are Set to RELAY_USE_ALLOW_LIST
179441 XCLN: Exchange Server Slows with Message Stuck in User Mailbox
179623 XADM: Store Terminates Unexpectedly in CbBinlen
179677 XFOR: Comma Precedes SMTP Sender's Display Name When Sending to cc:Mail by Means of Internet Mail Service
179739 XCON: T.61 Body Part of Incoming Messages Not Handled Correctly
179814 XADM: Dr Watson in Store in EcFormatMVString8
179837 XCON: NDR from Malformed Message Not Received
179893 XWEB: Forwarding Message Sends Message to All on BCC: Line
179927 XADM: KCC Site Teardown Blocked by Large Site-Proxy-Space Attribute
179980 XFOR: DBCS Messages Not Migrated Correctly from Novell GroupWise
180350 XADM: Remote Monitoring Increases Open Handles on Server
180544 XADM: SMTP Display Name in Korean Displays Incorrectly After Public Folder Replication
180641 XCON: cc:Mail Connector NDRs Messages with Unknown Date Format
180679 XCON: Encapsulated Message Properties May Be Lost
180730 XCON: Erroneous Deletion of SMTP and SNADS Routes During Routing Recalculation
180876 XADM: Err Msg: Invalid Home Server Definition in User List File
181086 XCLN: Err Msg: The MS Exchange Directory Service Could Not Be...
181124 XADM: Invalid Page Fault Opening Signed Message with Attachment
181125 XFOR: Bcc Recipients Visible in Migrated cc:Mail Messages
181130 XFOR: Additional Characters Appear in Migrated cc:Mail Messages
181186 XFOR: CCMC Fails to Operate if Exchange is Installed to Long Directory Name
181263 XADM: Exchange Sends Message Without Valid O/R Address
181410 XADM: Store Stops Responding with High CPU Usage for a Thread
181481 XFOR: Non-Delivery Report When Using SSL Without Authentication
181579 XCON: Private Messages Not Always Delivered
181649 XADM: MSMail Message Body Missing when Received Through the Internet Mail Service
181742 XFOR: Message from Notes to Exchange Gets Stuck in Exchange
181824 XADM: Exchange Database Engine Doesn't Detect Removed Page in B-tree Split Operation
181838 XADM: Jet97 Database Header Does Not Contain Last Repaired Date
181848 XCON: MTA Stops Unexpectedly When Message Volume Is Very High
181864 XADM: Setup /Q Prompts for Service Account When Installing Non-Service Components
181931 XADM: Information Store Crashes in JetMove
181938 XCLN: Assertion Failure When Starting Outlook 8.0
182010 XADM: Auto Receipt Is Always from POSTMASTER@<local_domain.ext>
182040 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Converts Two-Digit Years Incorrectly
182051 XADM: Cannot Move E-form Message From a Public Folder to a Mailbox or PST File
182084 XGEN: CDO's GetNext with Custom Property Fails at 17th Time
182232 SMTP Messages with TNEF Sent Via the Internet Mail Service May Lose Formatting and Attachments
182294 XADM: Synchronization Fails When Attempting to Modify a Deleted Message
182307 XADM: Text Attachments Appear Corrupted Because IMS Uses Quoted-Printable Encoding
182314 XADM: DBCS Becomes "?" When You Click "Save Window Contents"
182321 XADM: Event ID 1025 Occurs When Search Folders Are Added To the Backlinks List
182478 XADM: Information Store Crashes Attempting to Deliver Message with No Message Class Attribute
182479 XFOR: GP Fault Sending or Receiving SMTP Messages
182521 XADM: Access Violation When Using Directory Import to Delete Windows NT Accounts
182522 XADM: Administrator Program Corrupts the IMC Routing Table
182618 XADM: Cannot Log On Using IMAP4 If WinNT Locale Set to Swedish or Norwegian
182619 XCON: MTA Terminates with 9404 Error
182663 XADM: NDR After Information Store Stops Unexpectedly
182715 XADM: Store Stops in STORE!COLLECT::EcImportHierChange
182716 XCLN: Internet Options Tab Missing from Send Options Dialog Box
182758 XCON: X.25 Cards Supported Through Direct Hardware Interface
182797 XADM: Directory Replication Stops in Low Memory Condition
182798 XADM: Routing Calculation Fails Across Entire Organization
182821 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Not Trying Next Exchange Record
182932 XFOR: Directory Replication Fails over Internet Mail Service
182953 XCON: MTA Fails to Convert Attachment and Stops Unexpectedly
182955 XWEB: Some MHTML and HTML Messages Are Not Displayed Correctly
182990 XCON: MTA Stops Unexpectedly After Receiving RPC Information
183015 XADM: Restrictions on ABV Break Mailbox Name Resolution
183057 XADM: Private Information Store Has High Disk Size Item Numbers
183064 XCON: MTA Does Not Correctly Handle DDA Values With Equal Signs
183073 XADM: Microsoft IS Generates AV in LOGON::IncrObjCount
183105 XADM: Dr. Watson While Upgrading from 4.0 SP4 to 5.5
183225 XADM: GPF Occurs on Double-Byte Character Set Server
183312 XADM: SFS Mail Not Migrated When Custom Recipient Is Converted
183415 XFOR: NNTP JIS Message Converted to SJIS, Displayed Incorrectly
183481 XADM: CR/LF Characters Missing from End of Internet Text Body Parts
183598 XFOR: Multiple "Text/Plain" Body Parts Combined by Default
183605 XADM: Access Violation in Store.exe
183615 XADM: Access Violation in Store.exe
183633 XADM: High CPU in Store.exe with Incorrectly Formatted Attachment
183686 XWEB: Cannot Identify Yourself When Posting Newsgroup Messages
183801 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Can Only Send SMTP Type Mail
183818 XCON: MTA Unable to Send Message to Large Number of Recipients
184051 XFOR: Queued Message Waiting for ETRN Never Expires
184052 XFOR: Reply Address Wrong in cc:Mail Enterprise to Enterprise ADE Relationship
184053 XCON: Fax from cc:fax to Exchange Recipient Is Not Readable
184103 XCON: MTA Converts General Text BP15 Attachments
184160 XADM: Messages Left After Deleting Mailbox with Directory Import
184190 XADM: System Instabilities After Restoring Information Store
184230 XADM: ESEUTIL/P Generates JET_errLVCorrupted (-1526) Error
184392 XWEB: Temporary Files Accumulate in Webtemp Directory When Using OWA
184437 XADM: Information Store Stops with Large Number of NNTP Users
184468 XADM: Edbutil.exe and Eseutil.exe Cannot Dump Log File Header
184536 XADM: Removing E-mail Addresses Through Directory Import
184542 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Very Slow with High Message Volume
184746 XFOR: Attendees Missing from Migrated Groupwise Meeting
184823 XADM: Bad Schema Index After Exchange 4.0 to 5.5 Upgrade
184841 XWEB: OWA Add-in Component for IIS May Cause Heap Corruption
185024 XCON: MTA NDRs Messages with Loop Detection After Upgrading Bridgehead to 5.0SP2 or 5.5
185180 XFOR: Carriage Returns Not Preserved by Notes Connector on Mail from Notes Web Client
185330 XFOR: SNADS and PROFS Connectors Reject Messages When Auto-registration PAB Fills Up
185455 XCON: DRAS Connection Is Established and Dropped Immediately
185504 XFOR: Dxadata Folder Cannot Be Moved to Different Location
185593 XFOR: cc:Mail Dirsync Results in Blank Firstname, Lastname Fields in Exchange GAL
185692 XADM: Synchronization of OST Fails
185694 XADM: Thread Deadlock When Windows NT Backup Is Stopped
185847 XFOR: Message Conversion Fails If Fixed Font Setting Is Enabled
185905 XADM: Cannot Display Message with Content-Type Entry That Wraps
185942 XADM: Cannot Run ISINTEG -PATCH on Cluster Server Computer
185996 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Takes Unusually Long Time to Start
186043 XCON: ECB Usage Count Events Appear with Large Directories
186048 XCON: MTA Closes Improperly After Repeated Stops and Restarts
186096 XADM: Eseutil.exe Does Not Fix Records with Missing Long Values
186172 XCON: POP3 RETR and LIST Command Behavior Reversed
186182 XFOR: Some Macintosh Attachments Not Encoded Using BinHex
186184 XADM: Cannot Perform Online Backup After Repairing Database
186215 XADM: Cleanup of Items Past Retention Triggers Read Receipts with "Not Read" Status
186216 XFOR: Date Appended to Attached Files Sent to cc:Mail Mailing List
186289 XCON: Least-cost Routing Doesnt Take Open-retry State into Account in Routing Algorithm
186291 XADM: Cannot Determine Free Space Available in Exchange Database
186292 XADM: Database Size Increases Even Though Free Space Available
186344 XCON: Exchange Routes Messages Over X.400 Connector When It Should NDR Them Locally
186580 XFOR: OV/VM Connector Fails to Return NDR for Message Addressed to Non-Existent Exchange PROFS Proxy Addresses
186581 XCON: Event ID:152 When Messages Are Filtered Based on O/R Address of Originator
186673 XWEB: Error Msg: Unable to Delete Message After Exceeding Storage Limit Using OWA
186714 XCON: Cannot Configure MTA to Provide Adequate Message Control
186756 XCON: MTA Associations Fail On MSCS Installation
186764 XCLN: Cannot Search For Names That Contain Swedish Characters
186788 XWEB: Cannot View Attachments in OWA on IIS 4.0 Computer
186833 XADM: Internet Messages with Attachments Have Wrong Extension
186915 XFOR: Notes Connector May Send Empty Messages
186930 XFOR: Cannot Log On After Upgrading to Microsoft Chat 2.1
187225 XCON: Clustered MTA May Generate Socket Errors on X.400 Connections Via IP
187226 XCON: MTA Generates Application Exception in Function otpugobj When Performing FANOUT
187246 XFOR: Internet Mail Service Produces Dr. Watson
187798 XWEB: Appointment Shows End Date In Different Month Than Start
187799 FIX: ERR Msg: Failed to Perform MAPI Logon
187828 XADM: Information Store Hangs as Thread CPU Utilization Drops to 0%
187865 XFOR: Problems Running Multiple LinkAge Connectors
187866 XADM: Store Produces Dr. Watson When Converting File Name
187868 XADM: Downloading Messages Using Outlook Express Crashes Store
187869 XADM: Information Store Stops While Processing Message
187911 XCLN: Outlook Template Adds Zeros to Raw Number Field
187921 XADM: Body Part Not Mapped in Multipart/Alternative Message
187929 XCON: Recovery Checkpoint Size Different, MTA Connection Fails
187970 XCON: Unicode Message with TNEF Causes Information Store to Stop
188013 XFOR: Application Error With Multipart/Alternative Message
188040 XCON: MTA Disconnects and 2004 Event Appears in Event Log
188302 XADM: Clean Mailbox Command Cannot Delete Based on Date Received
188341 XFOR: AUTH/EHLO Commands Cause Internet Mail Service to Stop
188369 XADM: AUTHINFO Command Causes Information Store Problems
189142 XADM: ESEUTIL /P Uses All Available Disk Space
189268 XADM: Encrypted Message Unreadable When TNEF Is Turned On
189790 XFOR: Linkage 3.2 Connectors or Exchange Connectors Crash When Message Contains PR_REPLY_RECIPIENT_ENTRIES
190441 XADM: Access Violation Deleting NT Accounts Using DAPI
190661 XADM: Cannot Install Exchange 5.5 After Installing CDO 1.21

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