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[[Category:Cancelled Projects]]
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[[Category:Windows "Longhorn"]]
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Windows Longhorn
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows Longhorn Logo.png
Windows Longhorn
Codename Longhorn
Kernel NT 6.0
Architecture x86, x64, IA-64
Latest build 6.0.4093.0
Replaces Windows XP
Replaced by Windows Vista

Windows "Longhorn" was the codename for the planned successor of Windows XP. The project was reset and replaced with a new project - Longhorn Omega-13 which was later renamed Windows Vista. Early builds of Windows Vista were often referred to as "Longhorn", causing confusion.

One of the original - and largest - changes is that, with "Longhorn", the .NET Framework would be integrated into the core Windows platform, deprecating the traditional Win32 API. During development, portions of the operating system were rewritten, causing memory leaks and instability, particularly in Windows Explorer.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the early builds of "Longhorn" are not based on Windows XP, but Windows Server 2003 (Build 3663) Release Candidate code.



"Longhorn" was chosen as the codename for the operating system to represent its initial status as an internim release between Windows XP (codenamed "Whistler") and "Blackcomb". Whistler and Blackcomb are names of mountains in British Columbia, Canada,[1][2] and Longhorn is the name of a saloon located in between the two mountains, representing the operating system's initial status as an internim release between the two products.[3] Bill Gates would later state that this choice for a codename of the operating system was "a bit random".[4]


Build 3683

  1. First build to include Desktop Composition Engine (basic window transparency effects).
  2. A new theme, Plex, was introduced.
  3. Internet Explorer was updated to version 6.05.
  4. A new display settings applet was introduced, based on the Windows Presentation Foundation.

Build 3706

  1. New wallpaper.
  2. Animated files and folders icon in the Explorer.

Build 3713

  1. Sidebar is enabled by default.

Build 4001

  1. New Setup UI and OOBE.
  2. Using install.wim during the installation.

Build 4008

  1. New Setup UI
  2. Updated Wallpaper and Plex theme.
  3. Some improvements in Internet Explorer.
  4. Parental Controls introduced.

Build 4015

  1. New wallpaper and logon screen.
  2. Windows Messenger was updated to version 5.0.

Build 4029

  1. Some changes in the Setup UI and Plex theme.
  2. Wallpaper and logon screen were updated.
  3. Outlook Express updated.
  4. Introducing the Game Library.
  5. Introducing the Sync Manager.

Build 4033

  1. New wallpaper.
  2. File a Longhorn bug added.
  3. My Computer icon is updated.
  4. Some improvements in the Internet Explorer.

Build 4039

  1. Changes in the Setup UI.
  2. Some updates in the Explorer.

Build 4042

  1. Plex theme is replaced by Slate (only lab06_n compile).
  2. New logon screen and wallpaper.
  3. New Task Scheduler.
  4. "Start" is removed from the Start Menu button (when sidebar is enabled) and "My" in the Start menu is removed everywhere.

Build 4051

  1. New Setup UI and boot screen.
  2. Windows Media Player 9 is updated.
  3. The first build that had 64-bit version.

Build 4074

  1. New Jade theme.
  2. Updated icons in the Start Menu.
  3. The first build that included full DWM and Aero. However, it requires some work in order to enable it.
  4. The only build that had Animated Preview Pane Aurora. Requires patching to show up in Explorer.

Build 4093

  1. The last Longhorn build before reset.
  2. Early version of UAC called Windows Security.
  3. New Avalon-based Power Options panel.
  4. New Text To Speech panel.


Several different logos were created throughout the development of "Longhorn". Early builds used 2D and 3D representations of a longhorn bull; later builds included white or glass versions of the Windows flag.

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For server builds, see the Windows Server 2008 page.
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External links

  • UX.Unleaked - Grabberslasher's blog that describes several unleaked "Longhorn" builds
  • [1] Describes the existence of a "Longhorn timebomb"