Windows Longhorn/6.0.4002.Lab06 N(ntvbl06).030108-1926

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Build of Windows Longhorn
Longhorn 4002.jpg
4002.Lab06 N(ntvbl06).030108-1926
Kernel NT 6.0
Architecture x86
BIOS date January 9 2003
Key N/A
TCB Build Page N/A
Database N/A

Windows "Longhorn" build 4002 (with a build tag of 4002.Lab06 N(ntvbl06).030108-1926) is one of the first Milestone 4 builds of the Microsoft Windows "Longhorn" operating system. This build makes use of the Desktop Composition Engine seen in earlier Milestone 3 builds 3706 and 3718. Unlike later Milestone 4 builds, build 4002 uses the old setup based routine instead of the the newer one based on the WIM installation format. This build hasn't leaked, but details were [1] by Grabberslasher at his UX.Unleaked blog.