Windows Longhorn/6.0.4040.Lab04 N.030828-1910

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Windows "Longhorn" build 4040, with a build tag of 4040.Lab04_N.030828-1910 is a Milestone 6 "Longhorn" build and was one of the last for that milestone. It was first described by Grabberslasher[1] on his UX.Unleaked blog on June 6, 2008.


  • Aero Glass (frame only) barely works, having problems such as not redrawing the window contents unless resizing the window. Both variants of Aero Glass are included - transparent and opaque.
  • "3D View" option is available in the shell view menu, enabling a MIL-rendered file view.
  • 3D spinning icons - which were first seen in 4029.main.030619-0000
  • Phodeo and Carousel
  • Plex - the version from the leaked build 4033.main.030717-1555


A video[2] of this build surfaced on November 21, 2014, but it is unknown if it is real.