Windows Longhorn/6.0.3663.Lab06 N.020728-1728

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Longhorn 3663 (2).png
Kernel version NT 6.0
CPU Architecture x86
Edition Professional
BIOS date 29th July 2002
Key and TCB link

Windows "Longhorn" build 3663 (with a build tag of 3663.Lab06_N.020728-1728) is the earliest known compilation of the Microsoft Windows "Longhorn" operating system for which screenshots exist, and possibly the first build based on the Windows Server 2003 Release Candidate 1 code base. The build has yet to leak to the general public.

This build technically introduced the Plex theme seen in later builds, but due to it being so early in development, the visual style was only a slightly updated version of the silver Luna theme introduced in Windows XP. The theme notably changes the four colors of the Windows flag on the Start button into a single white color. Otherwise, this build is not much different from previous versions of Windows XP.

Main changes

  • a new boot screen, showing date and time;[1]
  • a "My computer" window showing information about the disk space usage;[2]
  • a new completely white Windows logo in the Start button;
  • a new desktop wallpaper



Four screenshots were leaked by XBetas on 19th October 2002,[3] but the group doesn't have the build - they took the screenshots from Calvin Zhang,[4] and watermarked them. A few years later, the same screenshots without watermarks leaked.

Unconfirmed source

The screenshots below are almost certainly real, although they come from an unknown source, and a slight difference in the design is seen within the folder windows.