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A screenshot of a Windows "Longhorn" demonstration displayed in a Longhorn Days video.

Longhorn Days is a set of early conceptual videos created by Microsoft to demonstrate the capabilities of the Windows "Longhorn" operating system. These video shows Macromedia Director demos containing features intended for "Longhorn".


The earliest "Longhorn Days" video is the one with the "Get the Party Started" by P!nk, as an advertisment for PDC 2003.

Stephen Chapman also made two videos based on unreleased demos from the "Longhorn Days" series. These may be accessed here and here.


Some of the demoes are available at the website of Heesung Koo, product designer for the Windows team during the development of Longhorn.[1]

The executable files showing how the Basket tile was intended to function may be downloaded here.

Other demos may also be downloaded here. These demos are:

1. bin8.exe - Longhorn Listmaker

2. burn1.exe - Burn to CD wizard

3. e2e photos.exe - My Pictures and Videos (the basic functionality of this is in Windows 10's Photos app, though not the eye candy and the auto-rotate function)

4. msxday.exe - My Music library

5. tree1.exe - Longhorn Listmaker navigation