Windows Longhorn/6.0.4051.idx02.031001-1340

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Windows "Longhorn" 6.0.4051
Build of Windows Longhorn
Desktopwinver 6.0.4051.png
Kernel version NT 6.0
CPU Architecture x86, AMD64
SKUs Professional
BIOS date October 2, 2003

Windows "Longhorn" build 4051 (with a build tag of 4051.idx02.031001-1340) is a Milestone 7 build of Windows "Longhorn" and is also the build given to attendees of Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference of 2003. It leaked on October 20, 2003.


  • Documents and Photos and Videos libraries.
  • The prefix "My" was dropped, resulting in new names for locations Computer, Network Places and Contacts.
  • If the Windows Sidebar is enabled in the 32-bit version, the word "Start" is removed from the Start button (similar to later builds of Windows Vista). The x64 version lacks the sidebar completely.
  • Internet Explorer 6.05 included an add-on manager, a download manager, pop-up blocker, and a tool to quickly delete browsing history.
  • Only the basic sidebar tiles are included: Classic Tray, Clock, Quick Launch, Slide Show and Sync.
  • Self-Healing NTFS.


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