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Microsoft KB Archive/233388

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SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4 Fix List

Article ID: 233388

Article Last Modified on 8/19/2004


  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4

This article was previously published under Q233388


This article is a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that were fixed in SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4. Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

NOTE: SNA Server service packs are cumulative and contain all fixes included in earlier service packs. For example, SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4 contains all fixes included in SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 1, 2, and 3. You do not need to install an earlier service pack before you install SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4.

For information about bug fixes included in earlier SNA Server 3.0 service packs, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

184296 List of Bugs Fixed in SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 3

168655 List of Bugs Fixed in SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 2

165458 List of Bugs Fixed in SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 1


180052 SNA Server Access Violation in Function s1pucosp
180788 Changing User Rights Not Recognized Until Snabase is Restarted
180862 Single Form Feed Sent by Host on LU3 Print Session Is Ignored
180864 Print Sessions Stop with Host Print Service
180865 Print Server Adds Space After Form Feed
182252 HPLJ 4000N Printer Name Missing from Properties Printing Window
182264 5250 or 3270 Applet Will Hang When Started
182268 SNA Server Event 60 Should Log Local APPC LU Name
182332 SNA Clients Experience Delay Connecting to Multihomed Server
182374 TN5250 Event ID 16 Error Causing APPC Session To Fail
182574 SNA Server Stops Forwarding FMH-5 Attach Messages
182575 IBM PComm AS/400 Data Transfer Doesn't Display Remote APPC LUs
182577 Dynamic Definition of Dependent APPC LUs Doesn't Work Properly
182637 SNA Server Notifies Windows NT Clients of All Invokable TPs
182714 StartDoc and OpenPrinter Fail to Return Correct Error Codes
182915 3270 Emulator Hangs and Returns X'1003' Error to Mainframe
183966 SNA PrintServer Fails to Establish Session with Custom Object
184549 Service Fails Unexpectedly with Access Violation in s1ppcass()
184576 SNAPRINT: 3270 Order
185447 LUA Program Access Violation Occurs If SnaBase Fails to Start
185449 DLC 802.2 Connection Stays Pending After Remote System Restart
185503 APPC Security Information Sent Even If Host Doesn't Support It
185540 APPC/5250 Hot Backup Fails If Connection Is Inactive or Pending
185630 3270 Sessions May Hang When Emulator Rejects Host Bind
185676 FEEDIGNOREINITIAL Option Not Working in Snaprint
185685 TN5250 Event ID 9 Causes TN5250 Server to Stop Responding
185687 CPU Utilization Randomly Goes to 100 Percent on SNA Print Server
185690 SNA Server Manager Not Reflecting Correct Status
185710 STOP 0x3F Error When SFGW Fails to Create DBCS Folder
185715 CPI-C Side Information Does Not Allow "." (period) in TP Name
185737 TN3270 Server May Cause Dr. Watson Error to Occur
188238 SNA MngAgent Trap in Function CManage::GetNotify
188689 Converting From ASCII-EBCDIC Using CPICs CMCNVI and CMCNVO
188893 SnaBase Hangs When 256th Process Added to Internal Process Table
188990 Application Exception in Snamanag!CSISend
188991 5250 Print Session May Be Hung in Stuck State
189053 SNA Server Access Violation in Function Snaservr!s1prfpda
189476 SNA Server Error 0352 - Unable To Open Configuration File
191394 SNA Server Access Violation in Function S1psineg
191395 SNA Client APPC and RUI/SLI Applications May Seem Slow
191625 TN3270 Server Rejects Valid BIND with 0821 Sense Code
192711 Users Unable to Update Their Host Cache Using UDConfig
192807 SNABase Service Fails to Start on SNA Server
193487 SNACFG Displays APPC Session Security Key in Clear Text
193659 SNA Server Access Violation in s1prfrcb()
193684 APPC/CPI-C Apps May Hang When Allocating LU 6.2 Sessions
193729 SNA Distributed Link Service Access Violation in sbpbputh()
193813 Multiple NVRunCmd Commands May Cause Unpredictable Results
193817 SNA Server Event ID 11 Missing Description Information
193827 FMH Bit Not Set in Query Reply with Function Management Header
193986 Enable OtherServers Function In The Firewall Environment
193988 APPC/CPIC Application May Fail When Using Remote APPC LU Name
193989 Opening Subdomain in SNA Manager Fails on Every Other Attempt
194620 I_DOTLESS_SMALL in PDF Always Maps to Space
194624 TN3270 Server Traps When TN3270 Session Load Is Under 30K
194630 SnaBase May Get Access Violation if Over 255 TPs in Subdomain
194763 SNA Print Server PDF Fails to Support Macros Exceeding 127 Chara
194848 SDLC Connection Fails with Event 23
194858 SNA Server Manager Shows Incorrect Status For Print Sessions
194932 Implicit Incoming Remote LU Cannot Be Set to None with SNACFG
194933 Problems Displaying Underscored Greek Characters in 3270 Applet
195012 Queued 3270 Print Jobs May Intermittently Print Incorrectly
195063 Common User ID Problem when Using Associated Printer Feature
195121 SNA Server Fails With Access Violation in S1pnsuns()
195125 Stopping MngAgent Service May Cause Trap in Mngcli.exe
195165 SNA Print Server FMH5 ATTACH PIP Data is Corrupted
195166 NVAlert Service Logs Event 3006(ReadEventLog Returns 122)
195167 SLI Application Fails with LUA_DATA_SEG_LENGTH_ERROR
195168 SNACFG Doesn't Output Complete Data for the ADDPARTNER Option
195169 NvRunCmd Hangs When it Receives Data with a Certain Length
195170 SNA Server Sends an Incorrect Sequence Number in BIND Response
195354 LU3 Print Sessions Don't Support Transparent Print Sections
195399 SNA Print Service Access Violation in S3pcsctl()
195401 ACTPU(ERP)/ACTLU(ERP) Requests Not Sent To Downstream Systems
195402 Absolute Vertical Move Command Handled Incorrectly if PDT Used
195746 Print Server Sends a Continuous Stream of Formfeeds to Printer
195747 Implicit Incoming LU Not Used After Saving Configuration Change
195770 Print Margins Not Properly Configured When Using SNACFG.EXE
195771 Print Server Uses 100% CPU If No Line Formatting Option Enabled
195818 Windows NT 4.0 SP4 Breaks SNA Encrypted Client Connectivity
195945 Traced version of the x.25 link service doesn't provide output
195987 Snatrace Won't Start if "Background Thread" = "Below normal"
195996 SNA Server Incorrectly Handles Cancelled Allocate Requests
195997 Strict "No Response" Protocol Check Causes TN3270 Session Hang
196000 SNA Print Server Rejects FMH-1 With Sense Code 1005
196037 AFTP Server Displays Incorrect Date for Files after 1999
196038 Date Subvector of NVAlert Major Vector Incorrectly Set in Yr 2K
196077 SNARAS Ports Become Unavailable after Network Outage
196079 API Tracing May Cause Access Violation With CMETPN() Function
196237 SDLC Multiport Connection Only Works with One DSPU at a Time
196238 SNARAS Goes Into Infinite Loop When Invalid Msg Type Is Received
196239 SNA Client for Windows NT Hangs When Receiving PID > '0x8000'
196240 Characters Above 127 Were Incorrectly Mapped By NvRunCmd
196242 SNA Print Server May Leak Memory
196243 Host Print Sessions Using GDI May Stop Printing
196298 Characters May Print Over Each Other When Using Print Server
196392 MngAgent Access Violation In Function CStdAgentProxy::SetPending
196571 NVRunCmd Does Not Return More Than 32 KB of Data Per Command
196604 SNA Server Manager May Not Find Subdomain When Started
197085 Heap Corruptions Cause Access Violations in SNA Server and SnaBa
197436 Remote Link Service Does Not Answer Incoming Calls
197437 Print Server Data Filter DLL causes Access Violation in SNAPRINT
197629 SLI Application Fails With LUA_RESERVED_FIELD_NOT_ZERO
197903 Access Violation in SNASERVR!SNPUGETI if Invalid Frame Received
198180 Unable to Correlate SLI_OPEN Request With SLI BIND Routine
198398 Access Violation in Snalink.exe Activating Numerous Connections
214491 SNA Server Access Violation in Function S1PWHSES()
214521 Multithreaded SLI Application May Deadlock within WINSLI32.DLL
214571 Duplicate Remote APPC LUs Can Be Created On A Connection
214614 APPC Application Works on SNA 2.11
214656 Absolute Horizontal Move Command Handled Incorrectly if PDT Used
216047 Activating Numerous DLC Connections Results in Inactive LUs
216558 Recycling Server Causes Invalid RPC Binding for Host Security
216711 After SDLC Outage
216713 SNA Server Access Violation in S1PXSND
218165 WAPPC32 Ignores User ID Provided By APPC App On Consecutive Allo
218170 APPC Application Receives AP_ALLOCATION_FAILURE_RETRY In Error.
218178 Access Violation in SNASERVR!SNPUGETC
222119 SNA Server Fails With Event 686 Using Persistent Verification
222121 Enhanced Security When Using Persistent Verification
229636 NvRunCmd Terminates if SNA Application Internal Trace Is Enabled
229719 NvRunCmd Passes Wrong Data When Certain Programs Are Started
229727 Display Problems Occur with NvRunCmd

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