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List of Bugs Fixed in SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 3

Article ID: 184296

Article Last Modified on 9/30/2003


  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 4
  • Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 3

This article was previously published under Q184296


This article is a current listing of the article numbers for bugs that were fixed in SNA Server 3.0 Service Pack 3. Use the Qxxxxxx number that precedes the title of the bug fix to query the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find an article about that bug.

NOTE: If an article appears in the Readme.txt file for the Service Pack, but does not appear in the following list, it is because the article was mistakenly added to the Readme.txt file


167666 SNA TN3270 Access Violation, Event ID 5
175109 3270 Users Fail to Get Sessions to SNA 3.0 After 2.11 Upgrade
175271 SNA 3.0 SP2 Hang or Access Violation in SNA Server or SnaBase
175272 Windows 3.x CPIC or APPC Fails; Host Sends Sense Code 10086040
175273 SNA Server Leaks Memory If Detailed Logging Is Enabled
175336 3270 User Connects to Host Session of Previous User
175341 Multipage LU3 Print Jobs Don't Form Feed Correctly
175384 TN3270 Client Hangs with Keyboard Locked on Some Host Screens
175397 Shared Folders Gateway Should Check If Path Uses Long Filenames
175773 SNACFG Does Not Add an LUA Pool to a TN3270 Server
175778 Invalid Page Fault in Wappc32.dll Using WinAPPCSetBlockingHook
175942 Support Windows NT Services Using SNA Windows 95 Client
176019 SNA Windows 95 Client Support for Multiple Users on Windows NT
176020 SNA Server Starts Slowly When Configured with 15000 3270 LUs
176160 APPC/CPI-C Apps Fail After SNA Server Gets UNBIND Type X'0A'
176188 SNA Link Access Violation in ibmx25!os,wtime
176280 TN3270 Name Resolution Requires Fully Qualified Domain Names
176574 Correlation Error Causes Unexpected Loss of TN3270(E) Sessions
176767 SNA Print Service Prints 80 Columns per Line Instead of 132
176768 SNA Server PU/LU Reactivation Fails After VTAM Z NET CANCEL
176849 SNA Server Logs Events 684 and 685 When Using SDLC Connection
176953 Host Print Transform Dialog Accepts and Sends Lowercase to AS400
177488 SNA Client Takes Longer to Connect Than Normal
177564 TN3270 Server Access Violation in SRSGetSpecificResource
177579 SNA Client Loses One TCP/IP Address on a Multihomed Server
177580 LU1 Print Jobs Formatted Incorrectly when Using Bypass GDI, PDT
177639 MngAgent Event 5137: Internal Error - Allocation Failed
177640 16 or More Link Services of Same Type Show Incorrect Name
177898 Dragging LUs Between Pools of the Same Type Does Not Work
177899 Dependent LU6.2 Bind Rejected with Sense Code 0835
178071 Disable SNA Admin/Manager Support for Windows NT Clients
178074 RUI,TERM Fails to Return When lua,resv56[2] Is Set in RUI,INIT
178089 Thorn,Icelandic,Capital cannot be Mapped to a Macro in a PDF
178126 SNA NT Clients Should not Fall Back to Named Pipes
178248 Access Violation in SNAPRINT.EXE When Link Outage Occurs
178252 Control Unit Image Number Not Available to ESCON Link Service
178253 SNA Server Access Violation in function s1pcsgm.
178254 SNA Server Access Violation in Function S1practs
178255 SNA Server May Fail to Log Event 624 and Create Snadump.log
178256 LUA Program Hangs After Receiving Exception Request (EXR)
178492 SNA 3.0 TN3270 or TN5250 Server Traps When Configuration Saved
178493 SNA Server Status Shows "Off Line" Even Though It's Active
179018 OPEN SSCP RSP ERROR Returns Err1: 000F and Err2: 0003
179860 APPC Session Viewer Incorrectly Reads Some Registry Entries
180052 SNA Server Access Violation in Function s1pucosp
180053 SNA Server Access Violation in Function S1pimcrc
180137 Code Conversion Table For PRC Has Duplicate Mappings
180148 French Support for Host Security
180149 LU3 Print Jobs May Fail to Print After Initial Job Completes
180150 LU3 Print Job Fails If Data Includes X'27' Control Codes
180230 Windows NT or Win95 Client Sponsor Connection Returns Err. Msg.
180392 Uninstall Button Is Not Displayed On Windows NT 3.51
180415 Sense Code in FMH-7 Message Is Not Returned to APPC Application
180416 APPC or CPI-C TPs May Fail When Using Dependent LU 6.2 Sessions
180467 SNA Client Does Not Retry Other Sponsors After Error Response
180469 Print Server Access Violation When Starting First Session
180470 Scale Font Option Not Working for SNA Server Print Server
180489 APPC Partnership Changes May Cause SNA Manager to Disappear
180537 TPs Can't Be Invoked On Windows 95/NT Clients if One TP Ends
180538 SNA Server SDLC Connection Fails to Reactivate After Host IPL
180574 Client Fails if WNAP Started Using /User: and /Pwd: Options
180619 SNA Server Stops After Logging Event 684 and 685.
180620 APPC or CPIC Performance Is Degraded When Using Host Security
180620 APPC or CPIC Performance Is Degraded When Using Host Security
180621 Symbol Files for 5250 Applet Not Available with SNA Server 3.0
180664 SNACFG Fails To Create Print Session When a PDT Is Specified
180665 SNA Server Code Conversion Between 037 And 932 does not work
180693 IPX Clients Fail to Obtain A Sponsor Connection
180701 CPIC Application CMINIT May Stop on SNA Windows NT Client
180704 SLI,CLOSE May Hang if CICS Doesn't Respond to SHUTC
180706 Incoming X.25 Host Connection Indicates Primary Link Role
180728 SNA Manager Traps When Assigning Multiple LUs to a Workstation
180729 Handle Leak in SNAUDB.EXE
180788 Changing User Rights Isn't Recognized Until Snabase is Restarted
180790 Print Server Traps or Cannot Load Ppdxxxx.dll on NT3.51-J SP5
180791 An ATTACH May Fail When Using Set,CPIC,Side,Information
180792 Print Server Logs Event 4103 as a Stop Event
180862 Single Form Feed Sent by Host on LU3 Print Session Is Ignored
180863 Print Server May Experience Occasional Performance Degradation
180864 Print Sessions Stop with Host Print Service
180865 Print Server Adds Space After Form Feed
180866 Persistent Verification Support for APPC Sessions
180867 SNA Server Fails to Map Host User ID/Password
180868 SFGW May Trap When Creating New Devices in SQL Manager
180869 Unable to Start Print Sessions Until Print Service Restarted
180874 Control Unit Image Number Should be a 1 Digit Field
180929 TN3270 Client Ignoring Keyboard Lock
180930 Access Violation in SNA Manager When Editing DLS Properties
180931 MicroGate SDLC Adapter is Not Being Allowed Time to Reset DSR
180935 Distributed Link Service Reactivation Fails with Event 77,x0AFF
180937 Reset Button Problems in Print Session Properties
180938 Unable to Activate Multiple DLS Connections Using the Same SAP
180939 Unable to Start Print Session After Changing Session Name
180940 Unable to Use Host Print Transform After Applying SP2
180941 APPC Printing Misinterprets ASCII Data
180949 Windows 95 Client Retrieves Wrong Password from the Cache
180950 3270 Single Sign-on Keywords MS$SAMEU & MS$SAMEP Not Documented
180951 Pool Name Not Displayed in the 3270 LU "Assigned To" Field
180953 Err Msg: "Missing Component" When Applying Service Pack
180954 Allocation of Print Server Threads May Cause Delays
181025 Print Server Doesn't Support Vertical Channel Select SCS Code
181026 New SNA Print Server Tracing Option
181027 Closing Subdomain Causes Dr. Watson in CSnaItem:Terminate
181028 Print Server Resets LPI During Print Job
181030 SNAPRINT Ignores SCS Codes, Print Job Ignores SCS Formatting
181031 Callback Verbs Documented Incorrectly in the LUA SNA SDK
181099 Some SNACFG Options Fail using a German version of Windows NT
181100 Print Server Incorrectly Handles DBCS Codes in SCS Datastream
181121 Enhanced Event Logging for SNA Server Event 9,12
181132 Configuring Host Print Transform May Cause an Extra Form Feed
181133 Win95 Host Account Manager on WinNT Fails to Copy UDSUPPNT.DLL
181134 The Service Pack Uninstall Does Not Check for Active Processes
181135 CNOS Failure if Accessing A Control Block that is not Present
182332 SNA Clients Experience Delay Connecting to Multihomed Server
182375 API or Message Tracing May Cause SNA Server Process to Hang
182544 Host Security, Memory Leaks, Database Corruption, Event Logging
182714 StartDoc and OpenPrinter Fail to Return Correct Error Codes
183238 SNARAS Logs Events 101, 102, and 201 When Dialing Out
183239 Application Exception in Rasman.exe in Function SnaRasUnbind()
183240 Master and Backup Host Account Databases Not in Sync
183241 Host Account Cache Database Shows High CPU Utilization

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