Windows/Visual Styles

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Visual styles are a set of graphics, measurements, and other properties which modify the Microsoft Windows user interface. Early versions of Windows, such as Windows 3.1, provided basic options for window customization. Windows XP is the first version of Windows to use a theming engine and graphics for portions of its interface. Visual styles undergo several changes throughout their development, because of this, many variations of them exist.

Due to the inclusion of a desktop compositor, the behaviour and effects of visual styles changed significantly in the Windows "Longhorn" and Windows Vista operating systems.

List of visual styles

Name Appears in Finalized?
Windows Classic Windows 95 to Windows 8.1 Yes
Watercolor Early builds of Whistler No
Experimental Whistler themes Whistler builds 2410 and 2419 No
Candy Windows XP source code No
Luna Windows XP Yes
Royale Windows XP Media Center Edition Yes
Embedded Windows Embedded 2009 Yes
Royale Noir None (leaked) No
Zune None (downloadable) Yes
Plex Longhorn M3-M6 No
Slate Longhorn M7 No
Jade Longhorn M7 No
Windows Basic Windows Vista - Windows 7 Yes
Aero Longhorn M6 - present Yes
Aero Lite Windows 8 - present Yes