Windows Embedded 2009

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Windows Embedded 2009
Version of Microsoft Windows
Codename Quebec
Kernel NT 5.1
Architecture x86
Latest build 5.1.2600
Release date 2008-12-09
Support end 2019-01-08 (Standard)
2019-04-09 (PoS)
Based on Windows XP Embedded
Replaces Windows XP Embedded
Replaced by Windows Embedded 7

Windows Embedded 2009 is a version of Windows XP SP3 designed for use in embedded units such as car PCs and point-of-sale terminals.

Like former versions of Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 is based on Windows XP Professional. The system uses granular building blocks of functionality, which are known as components, to create custom operating system images for embedded devices. Using this approach, OEMs can customizethe OS according to the exact requirements of their current project. This enables flexibility and control over the complete OS infrastructure, as well as applications that run on target devices. In addition, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 includes a comprehensive set of Embedded Enabling Features (EEFs) to provide embedded-specific functionalities, such as disk protection, fast start up, and device management.