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{The community for beta collectors}  

BetaArchive is one of the webs largest Beta Repositories!

About BetaArchive

BetaArchive - A Free Beta Repository

With over 4700GB in our Beta Repository, we are quite possibly the largest repository of it's kind on the web!

We invite you to join our website and forum and get your Windows Beta Downloads and Apple Beta Downloads absolutely free of charge! We also have a huge Abandonware Repository for you to check out old classics, and a Beta Games Repository for you to check out how your favourite games were made.

Archive Size: 8.67TB (7.89TiB) in 24539 files

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What sort of files does BetaArchive store in its Beta Repository?

The Beta Repository mainly contains Windows Beta Downloads and Apple Beta Downloads. These are the most popular files and are enjoyed by most our members on the forum. However we also have a Beta Games Repository which has a huge selection of older and more modern game betas. We like to widen our scope a little bit too, so our Abandonware Repository stocks old classics from various consoles and computers from many years ago.

So I can get a Windows Beta Download for free?!

Yes! We don't believe in charging for our Windows Beta Downloads, or any of the Windows Beta Repository for that matter. Not only would it be illegal to profit from such files, it is also against our philosophy to do so. We also don't believe in advertisements, however we do ask that if you find the site useful and you do download anything from the Beta Repository that you make a donation, no matter how small, to help keep the Beta Repository alive. Supplying our Windows Beta Downloads is no easy feat as our servers do cost money to upkeep. Without donations it would be up to the site owner to fulfil those costs, which isn't viable. Being a free Beta Repository, we rely on users to keep us online!

How do I get my Windows Beta Download or my Apple Beta Download?

It's easy! All you need to do is sign up on the forum, make enough contributing posts, and then you can apply to what we call the "Advanced Members" group. An administrator will review your application, and if your posts meet the contribution rules, you are accepted and can start downloading anything from the Beta Repository at once! Our fast FTP servers make sure you get the best possible speeds at all times of the day. So sign up, get accepted, and you will have access to Windows Beta Downloads in the huge Windows Beta Repository, Apple Beta Downloads, a huge Beta Games Repository and a huge Abandonware Repository!

What are you waiting for? Sign up on the forum now!

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How did BetaArchive get it's Beta Repository?

BetaArchive began when a site called OSBetaArchive closed down as the owners had had enough of the spam being brought to the site. On 17th August 2006, the site closed down, and on 18th August 2006, BetaArchive opened it's doors to OSBA's members, in hope of carrying on what OSBA left behind.

Since that day, BetaArchive has had it's own small Beta Repository and Windows Beta Downloads collection because Andy, the admin of BetaArchive, was a member of OSBA and had a small but fast FTP server over there. With lots of Windows Whistler downloads on the server, it brought people to the site looking to continue downloading those files. As a result, a large majority of the stayed on BetaArchive to call it their home.

It has not been easy keeping our Windows Beta Repository fresh and up to date. Space woes has hit the site a number of times, threatening to halt the growth of the Windows Beta Repository for good. Thankfully, generous members were able to donate enough money to upgrade the server and get us enough space for more Windows Beta Downloads.

What Windows Beta Downloads are in the Windows Beta Repository?

Since we opened, we have collected thousands of Windows Beta Downloads. All of them have been sorted through by our FTP Administrator 'mrpijey', and all repacked and verified to be genuine.

Some of the most popular Windows Beta Downloads are:
Windows 7 Betas
Codename Whistler
Codename Longhorn

We also have Windows Beta Downloads with codenames you have probably never heard of. Lets list a few, in no particular order:

Codename Chicago, which became Windows 95
Codename Memphis, which became Windows 98
Codename Whistler, which became Windows XP
Codename Longhorn, which became Windows Vista
Codename Daytona, which became Windows NT 3.5
Codename Cougar, which became Small Business Server 2008
Codename Centro, which became Windows Essential Business Server
Codename Fiji, which became Windows Media Centre Feature Pack 2008

Of course there are lots of other codenames Microsoft has used for it's various Operating Systems and Applications, so why not take a look at the on the Microsoft Discussion Forum?

We also have a lot of PC games in the Abandonware Repository that you might like to try along side the Windows Beta Downloads. Sign up now!

What Apple Beta Downloads are in the Beta Repository?

Just like Microsoft, Apple have their fair share of codenames to sit side-by-side their products. In the case of Apple, they appear to have named their codenames after animals.

For example:
Leopard, the codename for Mac OS X 10.5
Snow Leopard, the codename for Mac OS X 10.6

The list goes on. The difference with Apple is they keep the codename assigned to the operating system throughout development and release, where as Microsoft change the name of their operating systems after or close to release.

We have an Apple Discussion Forum for all of your questions, and plenty of knowledgable members who have lots of information to share about Apple Beta Downloads.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and get your Apple Beta Downloads now! You don't know what you're missing out on!

What do you have in your Beta Games Repository?

Betas of course! Lots of Betas of the latest games, and games from the past. A huge selection of the games in the Beta Games Repository were donated by members since we opened in late 2006. Only some of these were brought with us from OSBA.

The Beta Games Repository is one of the less used parts of the forum, simply because it's so hard to get hold of these Betas in the first place. You probably won't find any Beta Games Repository like ours anywhere else on the web, simply because it was so hard to get hold of them in the first place.

You might be wondering what sorts of machines we hold Betas for in the Beta Games Repository. Well lets list a few of them now:

Xbox Consoles
Nokia N-Gage
Playstation Consoles

... plus many more. However you will have to sign up and gain your access to the Beta Games Repository before you can see what else we have to offer! You might also be interested to know we do have some Abandonware games in the Abandonware Repository too, so you don't just have to enjoy Betas, you can have full games too!

What do you have in your Abandonware Repository?

Although we're called BetaArchive, we don't just keep Betas, we have extended our collection and now have an Abandonware Repository as well. Thanks to our FTP admin contributing a wide range of Abandonware, you can enjoy hundreds of full games for PC and Mac. All have been repacked and verified before being uploaded to the Abandonware Repository so you can be sure they are virus-free and completely safe (although we do recommend you check it yourself first!).

We don't just have Abandonware games however, we also have Abandonware operating systems, service packs, software development kits and applications in the Abandonware Repository. You won't believe it until you see it.

What are you still reading for? Why haven't you clicked the register link and signed up to the forum! The sooner you sign up, the sooner your contributing posts will be made and the sooner your Abandonware Repository access will be waiting for you!

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