Console demo disc related question

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Console demo disc related question

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I did read through what sort of software is accepted and had a search through the forum first, but I just wanted a bit of clarification about what would be considered a "console demo disc," as I have some discs that I would consider to technically be console demo discs, but are officially pressed PlayStation or PlayStation 2-era discs, and wanted to see if these would be suitable or not for the archive.

The discs originated an official subscription service called "PlayStation Club" and members of this club would be sent pressed discs that included Trial Edition versions of games, memory card/savegame data, promotional materials such as commercials, and occasionally exclusive content for the club. The majority of these are compilations (in that they feature multiple trial editions or additional materials), but occasionally would also be sent with a standalone Trial Edition copy of a specific title. There is a JP Wikipedia article about these discs also available here.

Given some of these Trial Editions for specific titles can or otherwise do pre-date the retail, or are potentially timed content that isn't the same as the retail, would these be suitable for the archive, or would these not be permitted under the "console demo disc" category of software or material not otherwise accepted for the archive?
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