Windows Vista/6.0.5259.winmain idx02.051113-2100

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Kernel version NT 6.0
CPU architecture x86
Edition Ultimate
BIOS date November 14, 2005
Product key TGX39-HB48W-R29DH-6BVKB-3XFDW
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Windows Vista 5259 (with a build tag of 5259.winmain_idx02.051113-2100) is a Beta 2 build of Windows Vista. The build, like its immediate predecessor Build 5231 is a relatively minor release when contrasted with the former 5112 and 5219 builds of Windows Vista. Nevertheless, it presents significant application introductions, interface changes, and feature omissions at this point during development of the pre-release operating system.

Interface changes from Build 5219 include the removal of "Start" from the Start button and the adornment of the Windows pearl—a glistening globe in which the Windows logo resides—resembling pre-reset "Longhorn" concepts where only the Windows logo appears on the Start button; the pearl is a distinctive primary interface element that is emblematic of Windows Vista itself (it was previously included in Build 5212 and was ultimately used in RTM). The Start menu has been updated—icons no longer appear in its latter pane (controls for locking, sleeping, and switching are also updated). Similarly, the taskbar in this build features a glossier visual style. The Windows Shell now uses blue and green auroral gradients in folders (instead of separate colors for different folder templates as builds from at least 5063 up to 5231 had used). Setup for Windows Vista includes numerous visual updates and a new default wallpaper for the Windows desktop is introduced. New applications include Memory Diagnostic Tool, Windows AntiSpyware (Windows Defender), and Windows Mail.

Virtual Folders in this build are significantly reduced as Microsoft transitions to its vision for Library from Build 5219; nearly all of the primary Virtual Folders originally based on AutoLists from Build 5048 (e.g., All Documents)—excluding Favorite Music and Recent for documents—are removed; the Library is also now available from the Start menu. Build 5259, however, introduces Fresh Tracks (Recent Music) and Shared By Me; the introduction of these Virtual Folders—despite the foregoing emphasis on the individual Library—indicates uncertainly in regard to Microsoft's vision (later builds will omit the Library entirely before further accompanying features are diminished or removed).


Former Microsoft Design Director Tjeerd Hoek having recreated the Windows pearl on paper. According to Hoek, the pearl's interface prominence and its symbolism of Windows Vista were the reasons for its use. A team of 35 designers prototyped with various concepts before using the pearl.[1]

New Features

  • AutoPlay, File and Printer Sharing, Performance Center, Personalization, and Windows AntiSpyware (Windows Defender) applets in Control Panel
  • Memory Diagnostic Tool
  • The ability to remove the Search box from the Start menu
  • Windows AntiSpyware (Windows Defender)
  • Windows Mail

Removed Features

  • Albums, All Documents, All Music, All Pictures and Videos, All Videos, Artists, Authors, Date Taken, Favorite Music, Genre, Keywords, Rating, Types, and the User's Files Virtual Folders are removed.


  • Color gradients (green for documents, orange for pictures or videos, and red for music) for folder templates—including those determined by the predominant type of files in a folder ("folder sniffing")—first observed in 5063 (formally unveiled in 5112 and updated in 5219) are replaced with blue and green auroral gradients.
  • Control Panel applets have since been renamed from Build 5231:
    • Auxiliary Display is now Windows SideShow
    • Peer-to-Peer is now People Near Me
    • Speech is now Text to Speech
    • Windows Parental Controls is now Parental Controls
  • Shared By Me replaces Documents Shared By Me
  • The icons for Auxiliary Display (Windows SideShow), Ease of Access, Network Map, and Speech Recognition Control Panel applets have been updated
  • Windows Digital Gallery—introduced in Build 5219—is now Windows Photo Gallery