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Microsoft KB Archive/191441

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Systems Management Server 1.2 Service Pack 4 Fixlist

Article ID: 191441

Article Last Modified on 4/13/2006


  • Microsoft Systems Management Server 1.2 Service Pack 4

This article was previously published under Q191441

The following table lists article identification numbers (Q numbers) and article titles that document corrected problems in Systems Management Server version 1.2 U.S. Service Pack 4. For more information about each corrected problem in Systems Management Server version 1.2 U.S. Service Pack 4, query on the following word in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (without the spaces):

   S E R V P A C K

To download the service pack, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

158864 How to Obtain Systems Management Server 1.2 Service Pack 4

NOTE: Systems Management Server 1.2 Service Pack 4 is a cumulative build of all fixes to Systems Management Server version 1.2.

Summary List for Systems Management Server Version 1.2 U.S. Service Pack 4

140374 SMS: System Management Server Jobs Continue to Retry & Not Fail

162409 SMS: Remote Control Windows Corrupted with Cirrus 5446 Chipset

172899 SMS: Despooler Instruction (.SNI) Files Are Not Processed

173073 SMS: Package Is Currently Being Installed in the Background

173388 SMS: PCM Does Not Run Mandatory Jobs in Date/Time Order

175652 SMS: PCM May Not Change the Status of Executed Package Commands

175764 SMS: DBCNV12a Does Not Modify Table During SMS 1.2 SP2 Upgrade

178748Security Administrator Tool causes high memory use in WUSER32

179561 SMS: Invproc Stops Responding on Long Raw File Records

179562 SMS: DNS Name Not Reported for Windows 95 Clients

179563 SMS: WinNT UDP Remote Control Fails with Security Context Lost

179564 SMS: Admin Lose Mouse/Keyboard Functionality of WinNT Clients

179565 SMS: Unable To Generate Traps For Dr. Watson Events

180694 SMS: Chkdsk Runs Every Time the System Is Restarted Post-SP3

181402 SMS: DBG Entries in Sched.log File Recorded by Scheduler

181081 SMS: ScanDisk Runs After a Remote Reboot of a Win95 OSR2 Client

182048 SMS: Suppressing Unaddressable Sites Message Opening SMS Admin

182049 SMS: Remote Control Is Slow Using NetBT on SMP Clients

182052 SMS: Program Group Control Causes Intermittent Dr. Watson Errors

182060 SMS: Rservice for Alpha Does Not Process All Computers in List

182416 SMS: SMS Version 1.2 SP3 GETDISK Reports Two Floppy Disk Drives

183243 SMS: Access Violation in Wuser32.exe

183770 SMS: Snmpelea Unable to Open Security Event Log

183958 SMS: Access Violation in Wuser32.exe/Security.dll

184489 SMS: Despooler May Delete Package Dir Contents If Files in Use

184512 SMS: Despooler Refreshes Every File in Package Directory

184694 SMS: Events Prior to Initialization of SNMP Agent Not Translated

185337 SMS: Existing UNC Connection to Distribution Server Not Reused

185338 SMS: PCM as a Service and Security Context

185345 SMS: "SMS Logon Server Not Found" Message Displayed at Logon

185649 SMS: Run Cmd on Workstation Send Phase Only Never Shows Complete

185805 SMS: Disabling the Mandatory Countdown Timer in PCM

185807 SMS: "Unable to Load Resource DLL" Starting Database Mgr Tool

185913 SMS: MIF Attribute Case Change May Cause MIF to Be Rejected

185914 SMS: Mismatch in Network Data Reported by 16/32-Bit Inv Agents

185915 SMS: Background Bitmaps Slow WinNT Remote Control Performance

185917 SMS: Remote Control Agent Installed Regardless of Site Settings

185918 SMS: "SNMP.exe Entry Point Not Found" Error Message

186400 SMS: Msapps32.pdf Does Not Support Windows NT Clients

186406 SMS: Drive Letter Selection for SMS Client Files Inconsistent

186407 SMS: Access Violation When RAW Files Are Larger Than 48 KB

186411 SMS: Secondary Sites Do Not Get WinNT 4.0 Video Drivers

187287 SMS: PCM Does Not Remind Users of Pending Commands

187293 SMS: Raw File May Cause Inventory Processor to Stop Responding

187334 SMS: Inventory Processor Does Not Indicate When MIF Not Created

187335 SMS: Clients Not Re-mapped After DOMAIN:SITECODE Change

188042 SMS: Logon Servers Are Flooded with .sni Files

188880 SMS: OSR2 and Internet Explorer 4.0 Inventoried as Windows 98

191293 SMS: PCMSVC32 Does Not Recover from a Logon Server Failure

191297 SMS: SMSEXEC May Dr Watson If a Distribution Server Is Inactive

191298 SMS: Inventory May Stop Responding on Windows 3.1 LanMan Client

191299 SMS: PCMDOS Cannot Regain Control After Running a Package

191301 SMS: Duplicate Datakeys in SMS Database After SQL Deadlock

191302 SMS: Rservice.exe Does Not List Total Failures Correctly

191303 SMS: Ipconfig.exe Makes Inventory Stop on Windows for Workgroups

191304 SMS: INVMAC Fails to Complete Inventory

191305 SMS: Hierarchy Manager Can Ignore the Site Attachment Dump

191306 SMS: Unattended Installation of SMS 1.2 Service Pack 4

191307 SMS: Despooler Can't Create Temp Storage While Decompressing Pkg

191317 SMS: "Not Mandatory Over Slow Link" Check Box Has Been Removed

191320 SMS: Windows 95 Client on Dell P590 Computer Fails Logon Script

191337 SMS: Forcing Inventory May Cause Overhead for Dataloader

191348 SMS: WinNT 3.51 SP5 Upgrade Pkg Not Moving to Executed Commands

191349 SMS: WinNT Servers Don't Display Resource Domain in Inventory

191351 SMS: Long Environment Paths May Cause Incomplete Inventory

191352 SMS: Duplicate/Cross Linked Datakeys Appear on Very Large Sites

191354 SMS: Remote Control May Fail with a Fire 1000GL Video Card

191359 SMS: Win95 OpenGL Screen Saver May Cause Computer to Stop

191360 SMS: Despooler Retry Count Increments by 2 and Not by 1

191417 SMS: Dataloader Service Delete Group Action May Fail

191436 SMS: Event to Trap Translator may stop SNMP Service On NT 3.51

191437 SMS: NULL Data values reported differently by INVDOS / INVWIN32

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