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Word: Epson LQ-2500 Is Reset to Draft Mode

PSS ID Number: Q59083 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




If you set your Epson LQ-2500 printer to print in Courier 12-point letter quality and then print your Word document, which is formatted for Courier 12 point, when you check the printer settings, the printer will no longer be set to Courier 12-point letter quality. Rather, the printer will be reset to draft quality.


In the font description for each font found in the LQ2500.PRD, the endmod field has the printer control code “^[x0”. This code causes the printer to remain in draft quality when Word is finished printing.

If you want Word to leave your printer set to letter quality mode, the following is a possible workaround:

Note: Word assumes that the printer is set at the factory default settings. These default settings are usually some form of draft quality printing.

  1. Use MAKEPRD.EXE to convert your LQ2500.PRD printer driver to text format (see Page 210 of the “Microsoft Word Printer Information Manual” for assistance with MAKEPRD).

  2. Load the text version of your printer driver into Word.

  3. Search for the string “byte:4”. At the end of this line, add the following text:


    Note: The quotation marks must be included.

  4. Save the file. Make sure the “format:” field is set to “Text-only.”

  5. Use MAKEPRD.EXE to convert your text format printer driver to a binary format PRD file.

  6. Re-enter Word and choose Print Options.

  7. Specify the revised printer driver as the PRD for Word to use.

Now when you print, Word will not reset your LQ-2500 to draft quality mode.

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