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Hello, I'm X010. A moderator on the wiki (feel free to ask me anything about it), and the BA forum. Usually a kind one, that is.
Unrelated rant below.

This page is a list of requests that I am trying to get done, but are held up because the BetaArchive Wiki:Bureaucrats need to do something before I can do it. All of these are for improving the wiki, and please be patient; I have to get them to do it, after all...

  • Set up a cron job so that the number of active users list is properly updated
  • Modification of the site CSS to enable basic talk page threading and possibly make it look more like the forum
  • Quizzes on this wiki
  • Video support on the wiki
  • Wiki SSO

But I've also done a fair bit to the wiki till date, including help launch the Microsoft KB Archive.