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Works 2.00: Using Cut-Sheet Feeder with the Panasonic KX-P1124

PSS ID Number: Q51582 Article last modified on 06-12-1996




The Panasonic KX-P1124 cut-sheet feeder will default to a 15-inch feed cycle unless the following two conditions are set on the printer:

  1. The paper feed lever on the top upper left of the printer must be set to “F”, the farthest position towards the back of the printer.

  2. The printer must be initialized for the cut-sheet feeder option as follows:

    1. Turn the printer Off. Turn the printer On while holding down the function button. The Online indicator light will blink. (Note: the Online light will also blink if you press the function key while the printer is already on; however, this is not the same as following this step exactly and will produce different results.)

    2. Press the Row button until the light next to the font indicator blinks (about 6 times).

    3. Press the Column button until the second light across the top of the control table is either lit or blinking.

    4. Press the Set button.

    5. Press the Function button to return to normal printing mode.

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