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Works 2.00 README: Cannot Use Spelling Checker

PSS ID Number: Q50661 Article last modified on 03-24-1997



====================================================================== 2.00 MS-DOS ENDUSER


The following contains partial contents of the README.WPS file located on the 5.25" Setup disk for Works Version 2.00:

Cannot Use Spelling Checker

If you cannot run “Learning Works” from within Works, or you cannot use Help or Spelling Checker, do the following:

Check the number of file handles specified in the FILES= line of your CONFIG.SYS file. Works requires 15 or more file handles. To set or change the number of file handles, add or change the following line in your CONFIG.SYS file to be at least 15:


KBSubcategory: dworkskb

====================================================================== Keywords : dworkskb Version : 2.00 Platform : MS-DOS ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1997.