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Word 5.00: Display Problems with Hercules Emulation Cards

PSS ID Number: Q47699 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




Word version 5.00 does not display correctly in graphics mode on some systems that have a monochrome monitor and an EGA card that emulates a Hercules graphics card.

This problem occurs because the code in the HERC102.VID file is Hercules-specific. Problems such as a rolling or blank screen, blinking text, and inability to get into graphics mode can occur. The following are some of the systems on which this problem has been identified:

Unisys PW2 with Unisys Universal Video Card BOCA EGA Paradise EGA 480 Autoswitch Amstrad

A modified screen driver file that can correct this problem is available as an application note from Microsoft Product Support Services by calling (206) 454-2030. The application note is titled “Updated Screen and Keyboard Drivers.” These screen drivers can also be found in the Software/Data Library by searching on the keyword SCRNDRIV, the Q number of this article, or S12534. SCRNDRIV was archived using the PKware file-compression utility.


Note: This patch has been made to the screen drivers in the “Updated Screen and Keyboard Drivers” application note.

Microsoft has developed the following patch, which should be made to the HERC102.CSD file found on the Utilities 2 disk. A backup copy of the HERC102.CSD file should be used in case you make a mistake during the debug process.

  1. Copy HERC102.CSD, HERCULES.GSD, and MAKEVID.EXE from the Utilities 2 disk to the hard disk.

  2. Change to the directory containing these files.

  3. Type “DEBUG HERC102.CSD” (without the quotation marks).

  4. The debug prompt “-” will appear.

  5. Type the following:

    e 378 90 e A92 90 w q

You now have a patched HERC102.CSD file. You should now run MAKEVID to create a new SCREEN.VID file. The syntax for MAKEVID is the following:


Rename the old SCREEN.VID file to OLD.VID. Rename HERC102.VID to SCREEN.VID. Delete the MW.INI file. Start Word. \softlibproj

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