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SETARGV Wildcard Expansion Documentation Error PSS ID Number: Q38006 Article last modified on 11-15-1988 PSS database name: S_QuickC

1.00 1.01



Page 75 of the “Microsoft QuickC Compiler Programmer’s Guide” incorrectly states the procedure necessary to link a program with the SETARGV.OBJ module used in expanding DOS wildcard characters. The manual instructs you to link with mSETARGV.OBJ, where m is the appropriate memory model (S, M, C, or L).

The correct filename is SETARGV.OBJ; it works properly with all memory models. If you attempt to follow the manual’s instructions, you will try linking with SSETARGV.OBJ, LSETARGV.OBJ, etc., which do not exist and will generate the appropriate errors.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1988.