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Copy and Paste to New Document Does Not Carry over Text Style PSS ID Number: Q35590 Article last modified on 07-11-1994

1.00 1.10 1.10a 2.00



When text is copied and pasted into a new document, the style assigned to the text sometimes does not carry over into the new document.

More Information:

This problem will occur in the following two instances:

  1. Usually, when text that has a style applied to it is copied and pasted into a new document, the style is copied to the new document with the text and remains applied to the text.

    However, when one of Word’s automatic styles, such as one of the Outlining styles or Table of Contents styles, is redefined and applied to selected text, and that text is then copied and pasted into a new document, the text takes on the characteristics of the automatic style before it was redefined.

    This behavior is normal. When an automatic style is redefined, it is redefined only for that document, unless it is set as a default style.

  2. The other instance in which a text style will not carry over to a new document is when a style that has the same name as the one applied to the text being pasted in already exists in the new document.

    For example, if you have Style 1 defined as bold and underlined in Document 1, and Style 1 defined as italic in Document 2, when the text from Document 1 is copied and pasted into Document 2, it will be italic instead of bold and underlined.

Additional reference words: winword w4wformat 2.0 2.00


Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.