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Article ID: 255949

Article Last Modified on 4/21/2001


  • Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q255949


When you add an existing site diagram into another project in Visual InterDev, the diagram may appear blank when it is opened.


This is because the site structure file (located in the _vti_pvt folder) is missing in the new project.


NOTE: In this article, the project that contains the original site diagram is named "myOrigProj". The new project that contains the blank site diagram is named "myNewProj".

  1. Close all sessions of Visual InterDev.
  2. Back up and rename the structure file (Structure.cnf) on the development computer (under /Inetpub/Wwwroot/myNewProj/_vti_pvt).
  3. Open Windows Explorer, go to the Web server and copy the server's structure file, /Inetpub/Wwwroot/myOrigProj/_vti_pvt/Structure.cnf, to the new project's master Web directory (/inetpub/wwwroot/myNewProj/_vti_pvt) and also to its local directory (/My Documents/Visual Studio Projects/myNewProj/myNewProj_Local/_vti_pvt).
  4. Open myNewProj in Visual InterDev. From the Project Explorer, right-click the site diagram and choose Delete. Next, re-add the site diagram from myOrigProj to myNewProj. To do so, right-click on the project in the Project Explorer window and choose Add, click Site Diagram, and then click Existing. Select the site diagram from myOrigProj.
  5. In the Project Explorer, right-click ServerName/myNewProj and select Recalculate Links.
  6. Double-click the site diagram, and the diagram should appear correctly. If you view the Active Server Pages (ASP)/HTML page in the browser, the layout and links should be displayed properly on the page.


This behavior is by design.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Create a new site diagram in a project named myOrigProj. Drag a few HTML or ASP files onto it, and save the project.
  2. Create a new project called myNewProj, and then add the site diagram and the files that are contained on the site diagram into the project.
  3. Open the site diagram in the new project, myNewProj. It should appear blank.

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