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Visio Home: Upside-Down Sections of the Greeting Card Do Not Behave as Expected

Article ID: 254630

Article Last Modified on 11/12/2001


  • Microsoft Visio Home 1.0

This article was previously published under Q254630


When you use the greeting card template, the upside-down sections do not behave as expected. Either nothing happens when you double-click the upside-down sections, or those sections display and print in the wrong direction after you have added text and graphics to them.


The greeting card drawing page is divided into four sections, two of which show text and shapes upside down so that when you print the card and fold it, the text is right side up. Below the large text, there is right side up text which says, "Double-click here to add graphics or text." It is possible to add graphics or text without double-clicking; however, if you do so, when you print your greeting card and fold it, the text and graphics will be upside-down.

If nothing happens when you double-click the text, it may be because you are using the Special Edition of Visio Home (Home SE). In Home SE, double-clicking a section will not open the new window, because this template is not available in this version. It is listed as one of the templates available in the full version of Visio Home.


If the upside-down sections are displayed or printed upside down, it is because you have added text or graphics without opening the group window. You should not have this problem with the full version of Visio Home; however, it is possible to open the new window another way. Just click once to select the upside-down text, and you will see a green, dashed outline and padlock shapes surrounding that quarter of the drawing page. Then, on the Edit menu, click Open Group to open the group window and display the gray text right side up.

To make the text and graphics flip upside down automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the text that is already upside down before trying to add your own text and shapes. This is the nonprinting gray text that tells you what section of the card you're working on, for example, "Inside Left."
  2. When you double-click the gray text, another window should open, and in it the text is displayed right side up. This is the window in which you add your own shapes and text. Please see the comments about Home Special Edition in the "Cause" section if nothing happens when you double-click the text.
  3. Add your own shapes and text to the single-section drawing page displayed in the new window.
  4. After you have added the shapes and text to that section of the card, click the control box in the upper-left corner of the window. This closes the window and flips the elements that you added to that section upside down on the main drawing page.

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