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HOWTO: Change the Default Namespace in Windows Management Instrumentation CIM Studio


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Platform Software Development Kit (SDK)


The Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Common Information Model (CIM) Studio connects to the \Root\CIMV2 namespace by default. This article demonstrates how to change the default namespace.


You can change this to a different namespace by modifying CIM Studio's .htm files.

NOTE: Please make a backup copy of any .htm files before you make any modifications.

In the studio.htm file, line 116 is as follows:


To set the default namespace to \Root\default, change the code to this:


WMI CIM Studio consists of the following four .htm files:

* studio.htm

  • studiobanner.htm
  • classnav.htm
  • editor.htm

These files use the WMI ActiveX controls to provide access to WMI. The Platform SDK installs these files to the \Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\Bin\WMI folder.

The default namespace of \Root\CIMV2 is currently hard-coded in the WMI Namespace Picker control. In order to override this value, you must explicitly set the Namespace property of the WMI Namespace Picker control.

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