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Inside COM: CD-ROM: Problems Compiling Tangram Source Code

Article ID: 171561

Article Last Modified on 1/16/2001


  • MSPRESS Inside Com ISBN 1-57231-349-8

This article was previously published under Q171561


Errors may occur if you attempt to compile the source code for the Tangram application from the CD-ROM packaged with the Microsoft Press book "Inside COM."


The following corrections should be made before compiling the source code for the Tangram application:

  • Add a subdirectory called \Proxy to the \tangram\source\model\ directory. This directory should be left empty.
  • In file \tangram\source\glwlrd\cgl-pal.cpp, line 108:

    Change: TRACE0
    To: TRACE

    TRACE0 causes the compiler to use a Unicode-aware macro call "_T", but the file doesn't include the necessary header file for the macro.
  • A release build of the final Tangram executable will fail because it attempts to use precompiled headers for files that aren't set up to use them.

    To avoid this error, disable precompiled headers for the entire Release build of the Tangram executable. To do this in Microsoft Visual C++, follow these steps:

    1. On the Developer Studio's Project menu, click Settings.
    2. In the dialog box that appears, click Tangram in the left pane and select Win32 Release from the Settings For list above it.
    3. Click the C/C++ tab on the right, and select Precompiled Headers from the Category list.
    4. Click to select the button for Not Using Precompiled Headers.

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