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Article ID: 106243

Article Last Modified on 8/15/2003


  • Microsoft Excel 97 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q106243


In Microsoft Excel, when you change the data or the field name of a list that is included in a PivotTable, and you then start the PivotTable Wizard, the information in the existing PivotTable is not updated unless you click Refresh Data on the Data menu.


This behavior is by design of the versions of Microsoft Excel listed at the beginning of this article.


To refresh the data, click Refresh Data on the Data menu.


You can use the PivotTable Wizard to change the list range, the arrangement of fields in the page, column, row, or data areas, and the location of an existing PivotTable. However, the PivotTable Wizard does not automatically update the data in the existing PivotTable.

After you create a PivotTable, you can select a cell in the PivotTable and click PivotTable on the Data menu to display the source information. However, clicking this command does not automatically refresh the data.

NOTE: Changing the field names in the original list may cause inaccurate results when the PivotTable data is refreshed. To change field names, click PivotTable Field on the Data menu.


"User's Guide," version 5.0, Chapter 25

For more information about customizing PivotTables, click the Search button in Help and type:

pivot tables, customizing

Additional query words: 8.00 97 XL97 database list pivot tables XL

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