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REG: UPS Service Entries

Article ID: 102975

Article Last Modified on 11/1/2006


  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

This article was previously published under Q102975

UPS Service Entries

The Registry does not contain information for the UPS service until you check the Uninterruptible Power Supply Is Installed checkbox in the UPS dialog box and then chooses the OK button. Changes to settings should be made by using the UPS icon in Control Panel.

The UPS service will not start unless the UPS subkey is present in the Registry, all parameters are present in the Registry, and all values are within the correct range. If any of these elements are missing or in error, a message announces that the UPS service is not correctly configured. All corrections can be made using the UPS icon in Control Panel.

The UPS parameters remain in the Registry if you remove UPS. The path for the UPS subkey is the following:


BatteryLife   REG_DWORD   2 to 720 minutes
Default: 2 (minutes)

Specifies the life of the UPS backup battery when fully charged.

CommandFile   REG_EXPAND_SZ   Filename
Default: (empty)

Specifies the name of a command file to execute immediately before shutting down.

FirstMessageDelay   REG_DWORD   0 to 120 seconds
Default: 5 (seconds)

Specifies the number of seconds between initial power failure and the first message sent to the users. If power is restored within the FirstMessageDelay time, no message is sent, although the event is logged.

MessageInterval   REG_DWORD   5 to 300 seconds
Default: 120 (seconds)

Specifies the number of seconds between messages sent to users to inform them of power failure.

Options   REG_DWORD   Value

Defines the bit mask for messages related to options in the UPS dialog box, as the following:

Installed            0x00000001
PowerFailSignal      0x00000002
LowBatterySignal     0x00000004
CanTurnOff           0x00000008
PosSigOnPowerFail    0x00000010
PosSigOnLowBattery   0x00000020
PosSigShutOff        0x00000040
CommandFile          0x00000080

Port   REG_SZ   Port name
Default: COM1

Specifies the name of the serial port the UPS is connected to.

RechargeRate   REG_DWORD   1 to 250 minutes
Default: 100 (minutes)

Specifies the recharge rate of the UPS backup battery.


Reference: "The Windows NT Resource Kit for Operating System Version 3.1".

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