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Backup Err Msg: Incorrect DOS Version

Article ID: 102813

Article Last Modified on 11/21/1999


  • Microsoft MS-DOS 6.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 6.2 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 6.21 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 Standard Edition

This article was previously published under Q102813


When you try to run the BACKUP command from an MS-DOS command prompt or a third-party application, you may receive the following error message:

Incorrect DOS Version


This error can be caused any of the following conditions:

  • You upgraded to MS-DOS 6.0 or 6.2 from MS-DOS 5.0.

    The BACKUP command in MS-DOS 5.0 is an .EXE file. In all previous versions of MS-DOS, BACKUP is a .COM file. When you install MS-DOS 6 Upgrade or MS-DOS 6.2 Upgrade, Microsoft Backup removes only those files that it is replacing. Therefore, both the BACKUP.EXE and BACKUP.COM files may remain in the MS-DOS directory. MS-DOS looks for files to execute in the following order: .COM, .EXE, and lastly .BAT. The error occurs because the BACKUP.COM file from a previous version of MS-DOS is still somewhere on the system and MS-DOS is attempting to execute it.
  • The SETVER version table has the wrong version listed for Backup.
  • The number "1" is the last digit in the SETVER entry. For example, the following entry causes the above error message:

    setver 4.01

  • You manually expanded BACKUP.EXE from the MS-DOS 6.0 or 6.2 Supplemental Disks (instead of running the SETUP.BAT file.


To work around this problem:

  1. Type the following from the root directory to display the directory listing of all files named BACKUP on the drive:

    dir backup /s

  2. If you have a BACKUP.EXE file, delete any BACKUP.COM files on your system.
  3. If you do not have a BACKUP.EXE file, use the SETVER command to set the correct version for BACKUP.COM. Set the version to your previous version of MS-DOS or to the version of MS-DOS that matches your MS-DOS Supplemental Disk. For example, type setver 4.00 at the MS-DOS command prompt and then press ENTER.

    If you expanded Backup from the MS-DOS Supplemental disks, delete BACKUP.EXE from the SETVER version table. For example, type setver backup.exe /d at the MS-DOS command prompt, press ENTER, and then restart your computer.

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