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Obtaining File-Handle Information

PSS ID Number: Q10148 Article last modified on 11-16-1992

1.07 1.10 1.12 MS-DOS

Question: Is it possible to obtain the COBOL file handle in COBOL Version 1.x? If so, how is it done?

Response: Under COBOL Version 1.12, no file handles are used. You can use FCBs (File Control Blocks), which are the MS-DOS Version 1.x methods of handling files. Under COBOL Version 2.00, you can use file handles for your files; however, they are not available to the COBOL programmer. The COBOL program uses the filename, and it is converted into a file handle. If you want to get a file handle for a file not used by COBOL, it is necessary to write an assembly-language subroutine.

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