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"Cannot Launch Server" Error Message

"Cannot Launch Server" Error Message


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a
 - Microsoft Works for Windows 3.0
 - Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0


You may find that you cannot run an OLE (object-linking-and-embedding)
server application from inside Publisher 2.0, or Works for Windows 3.0, or
any other OLE 2.0 application but that other applications ( such as Write,
Word 2.x or Publisher 1.0) can access the server without any problem. When
you try to insert an object, Publisher, Works for Windows 3.0 or Word for
Windows 6.0, may generate the error message "Cannot Launch Server," "can
not insert object" and/or "can not start source application"


This problem occurs if the OLE 2.0 section of your REG.DAT file is
damaged or has been deleted. Publisher is an OLE 2.0 client
application, and needs the OLE 2.0 section of the REG.DAT file. Many
other Windows-based applications still use only OLE 1.0, and can
function normally without the OLE 2.0 section of the REG.DAT file.


To correct this problem, do the following:

1. Rename the REG.DAT file. (This file is in the Windows directory.)

2. Exit Windows and restart. Windows does not find the original
   REG.DAT file, so it creates a new one.

3. Start File Manager.

4. In the PUBLISHER directory, double-click the MSPUB.REG file. This
   registers Publisher in the new REG.DAT file.

5. Switch to the WORDART subdirectory in the MSAPPS subdirectory.
   Double-click the WORDART2.REG file. This registers WordArt 2.0
   in the new REG.DAT file.

6. Locate and double-click the .REG files for each of your other OLE
   server and/or client applications to register them in the new
   REG.DAT file.

   You can locate these files by choosing Search from the
   File menu, searching on *.REG, and choosing Search All

   If you cannot find an application's .REG file, or if it has
   been damaged, you can reregister the application in the REG.DAT file
   by doing a minimal custom reinstallation of the application.

After re-creating the REG.DAT file, you should be able to embed
objects into Publisher without any problems.

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