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INF: Using Ampersands in Shorcut Keys, Displaying in Labels

PSS ID Number: Q100974 Article last modified on 07-23-1993

1.00 1.10 WINDOWS

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Access versions 1.0 and 1.1


The ampersand (&) is a reserved character. You can assign a shortcut key by typing an ampersand in the Caption property of a control, immediately preceding the character that you want to assign to the shortcut key. The character you have assigned will then be underlined. Press ALT+underlined character to move the focus to that control.


To display the ampersand character in the caption, type “A&&B” (without the quotation marks). The double ampersand is displayed as “A&B”. The following are examples of how “A&B” appears on a label: Text Typed Text Displayed ———- ————– “A&B” AB - “A&&B” AB “A&&&B” A&B -

Additional reference words: 1.00 1.10 ampersand label underscore KBCategory: KBSubcategory: FrmrptCtlprp Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1993.