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Word Version 6.0: Font Mapping File Terminology Definitions

PSS ID Number: Q100505 Article last modified on 11-03-1994



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, version 6.0


This article describes the elements of a font mapping file. This information complements the font mapping documentation in the following resources, supplied with Word for MS-DOS:

  • Appendix C of “Using Microsoft Word” (see especially pages 650-651, 654-655, 662)



Term Description ——————————————————————-

WordFontName The font name, as specified by Word. This name appears in the Font box of the Character dialog box (for example, CourierPC).

FontName Same as WordFontName.

WordFontFamily The set of fonts that represent variations of a single typeface. For example, Times and Times Roman Italic are members of the same font family (roman). The following are the WordFontFamily names:

                    modern, roman, script, foreign, decor, symbol

FontFamily Same as WordFontFamily.

Width Specifies the width of the GFID number (see definition of GFID below).

Attribute Specifies character attributes such as bold, italic, or bold italic.

WordPointSize Specified in half-point units. For example, use 24 for a 12 pt font size.


Word converters use one of the following common font-mapping schemes:

Generic Font Identification Number (GFID)

GFID Font Table:

GFID Number Pitch Size Point Size ———————————————————–

1-65 10 pitch 12 point 66-153 12 pitch 10 point 154-200 Proportional Proportional 201-239 15 pitch 8 point 240-249 5 pitch 24 point 250-259 17.1 pitch 7.5 point 260-279 8.55 pitch 14 point 4096-61439 Proportional-Selectable Proportional

For more information on GFID, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

description and gfid and font and mapping and dca


The font family name appears in the Font box of the Character dialog box.

For more information on the Word font numbering system, see page 142 in “Getting Started and Printer Information.”

Word for MS-DOS Font Table:

WordFontNumber WordFontFamily
00-15 Modern a-Modern p
16-31 Roman a-Roman p
32-39 Script a-Script p
40-47 Foreign a-Foreign p
48-55 Decor a-Decor p
56-63 Symbol a-Symbol b

Note: The RTF file format also uses this numbering scheme.


See the following pages in “Using Microsoft Word” for font mapping file details (such as file name, location, format and syntax):

Conversion Page ———- —-

RTF to Word 654

Word to RTF 655

Word to DCA DCA to Word 650-651

Works to Word Word to Works 662


“Using Microsoft Word,” Appendix C

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