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Moderators and administrators are users who have significantly advanced permissions, and are meant to do necessary housekeeping tasks, plus moderate the wiki and keep it free from vandalism and spam. This role is roughly comparable to that of a generic MediaWiki admin.
Both moderators and administrators can

  • block and unblock users
  • delete and undelete pages
  • protect pages (either semi or full)
  • edit system messages on this wiki
  • moves pages without redirect (autoconfirmed users can only move them with a redirect)
  • manipulate the abuse filters (for other users, please contact a moderator if you need any of them changed)
  • import pages from other wikis
  • quickly rollback changes by a particular user (and revert all changes by going to that user's contribution history and clicking Revert all)
  • check users' IP addresses and view the checkuser log

Only administrators can

  • unblock themselves
  • delete pages with large histories
  • edit JSON pages of other users or the wiki (all users may edit their own JavaScript/CSS pages). Note that the right to edit others' JavaScript pages or the global wiki version has been taken away and can only be done by interface admins.
  • patrol edits (not used here)

Most of these rights are unlikely to be used in this wiki, and this is more of a 'legacy' right that was given to some users before.

There are currently 2 moderators and 3 admins on this wiki.