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  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
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  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition

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During normal operation, the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) service may generate many event ID 4224 messages in the system log. The exact error is shown below.

Event ID: 4224
Source: WINS
Description: WINS encountered a JET error. This may or may not be a serious error. WINS will try to recover from it. If you continue to see a large number of these errors consistently over time (a span of few hours), you may want to restore the database from a backup. The error number is in the second DWORD of the data section below.


Note that error 4224 is very generic, and can be logged by WINS for various problems related to your WINS database. In order to isolate a specific issue you will need to check the hex information in the event message. For example, if your hex information was as follows:

0000067F FFFFFC06

Perform the following steps to extract and analyze the WINS error code:

  1. Check the hex data's second double-word (DWORD), that always indicates the error code. In this example, the error code is FC06. Your error code may be different.
  2. Take the 2s complement of the error code that is 1018, and then check out the error status in the Jet header file. In this example, error 1018 maps to a read verification error. This indicates that WINS failed because the database is corrupt and cannot be read.

This is an indication that the Jet Database has some corruption. JET stores the database in 4K pages, and a checksum is calculated and stored with each page. The JET database will return a read verify error to WINS when it tries to read a page if the calculated checksum doesn't match the checksum stored in the page.

If you are experiencing many of these error messages, and if these error messages still occur on the WINS server (even after removing and reinstalling the database) it is a good indication that this is caused by hardware failure. If you check the application log, you may see some errors generated by the JET in the application log. You may also see SCSI timeout events in the system log. To resolve this issue, run hardware diagnostics and contact the hardware vendor for more specific troubleshooting information.

2s Complement

The 2s Complement is a method for storing negative numbers such as these error conditions in WINS. To determine the 2s complement of the number in the example, follow these steps:

  1. Start Calculator (Calc.exe).
  2. On the View menu, click Scientific, and then click Hex.
  3. Type FC06, click Xor, and click FFFF.
  4. Click =, click +, and then click 1.
  5. Click =, and then click Dec to convert the result to decimal.

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