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Article Last Modified on 11/1/2006


  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.5

This article was previously published under Q124617


This article lists the error codes and messages used by Jetpack.exe (the Microsoft Windows NT Server utility that can be used to compact a WINS or DHCP database).



   0   Successful Operation


   1   Function Not Yet Implemented

System Errors

   100   JET_errRfsFailure
   101   JET_errRfsFailure
   102   Could not close DOS file
   103   Could not start thread
   104   Fail to get computername
   105   System busy due to too many IOs

Buffer Manager Errors

   200   Buffer page evicted
   201   Page not found
   202   Cannot abandon buffer

Directory Manager Errors

   300   Out of page space
   301   Itag too big
   302   Record deleted
   303   Tags used up
   304   Conflict in BM Clean up
   305   No Short Circuit Avail
   306   Cannot horizontally split FDP
   307   Cannot go up
   308   On an FDP Node
   309   May have left critical section
   310   Moved through empty page
   311   Device extent being extended
   312   Found Less
   313   Found Greater
   314   Son out of range
   315   Item out of range
   316   Greater than all items
   317   Last node of item list
   318   First node of item list
   319   Duplicated Item
   320   Item not there
   321   Some versions couldn't be cleaned
   322   Version already existed
   323   Reached Page Boundary
   324   Reached Key Boundary
   325   SridFather in page to free

Record Manager Errors

   400   Key too big (truncated it)
   401   Too many key segments
   402   Key is entirely NULL
   403   No more keys to extract
   404   Null segment in key
   405   Separated long field

Logging Recovery Errors

   500   Restore failed
   501   Log file is corrupt
   502   Last log record read
   503   No backup directory given
   504   The backup directory is not empty
   505   Backup is active already
   506   Fail to restore (copy) database
   507   No databases for restore found
   508   jet.log for restore is missing
   509   Missing the log file for check point
   510   Fail when writing to log file
   511   Fail to incremental backup for non-contiguous generation number
   512   Fail to make a temp directory
   513   Fail to clean up temp directory
   514   Version of log file is not compatible with Jet version
   515   Version of next log file is not compatible with current one
   516   Log is not active
   517   Log buffer is too small for recovery
   518   Retry to LGLogRec

   1001   API not supported
   1002   Invalid name
   1003   Invalid API parameter
   1004   Column is NULL-valued
   1005   No such reference
   1006   Buf too short, data truncated
   1007   Database is already attached
   1008   On end point
   1009   Sort does not fit in memory
   1010   Invalid database id
   1011   Out of Memory
   1012   Couldn't allocate a page
   1013   Max # of cursors allocated
   1014   JET_errOutOfBuffers
   1015   Too many indexes
   1016   Too many columns in an index
   1017   Record has been deleted
   1018   Read verification error
   1019   Obsolete database format
   1020   No more file handles
   1021   Disk not ready
   1022   JET_errDiskIO
   1023   JET_errInvalidPath
   1024   JET_errFileShareViolation
   1025   JET_errFileLockViolation
   1026   JET_errRecordTooBig
   1027   Database limit reached
   1028   This isn't a database
   1029   JetInit not yet called
   1030   JetInit already called
   1031   JET_errFileLockingUnavailable
   1032   JET_errFileAccessDenied
   1033   OS sharing buffer exceeded
   1034   Query support unavailable
   1035   SQL Link support unavailable
   1036   Too many client tasks
   1037   Unsupported OS version
   1038   Buffer is too small
   1039   SeekLE or SeekGE didn't find exact match
   1040   Too many columns defined
   1041   Too many fixed columns defined
   1042   Too many variable columns defined
   1043   Container is not empty
   1044   Filename is invalid
   1045   Invalid bookmark
   1046   Column used in an index
   1047   Data buffer doesn't match column size
   1048   Can't set column value
   1049   Commit did not flush to disk
   1050   Forced Salvager abort
   1051   Index is in use
   1052   Link support unavailable
   1053   Null keys are disallowed on index
   1054   JET_errNotInTransaction
   1055   No extended error information
   1056   Installable ISAM not found
   1057   Operation canceled by client
   1058   No idle activity occurred
   1059   Too many active database users
   1060   Cannot append long value
   1061   Invalid or unknown country code
   1062   Invalid or unknown language id
   1063   Invalid or unknown code page
   1064   Can't build key for this sort order.
   1065   Re-entrancy on same cursor family
   1066   Can't create relationship
   1067   No write lock at transaction level 0
   1067   API not supported using old database format*

   1101   Cannot BeginSession
   1102   Write lock failed due to outstanding write lock
   1103   Xactions nested too deeply
   1104   Invalid session handle
   1105   Commit lock failed due to outstanding read lock
   1106   Read lock failed due to outstanding commit lock
   1107   Another session has private version of page
   1108   Operation not allowed within a transaction

   1201   Database already exists
   1202   Database in use
   1203   No such database
   1204   Invalid database name
   1205   Invalid number of pages
   1206   Non-db file or corrupted db
   1207   Database exclusively locked
   1208   Database is encrypted

   1301   Open an empty table
   1302   Table is exclusively locked
   1303   Table already exists
   1304   Table is in use, cannot lock
   1305   No such table or object
   1306   Cannot rename temporary file
   1307   Bad fiindex density
   1308   Cannot define clustered index
   1309   No DDLo exclusive lock
   1310   Invalid table id
   1311   Cannot open any more tables
   1312   Oper. not supported on table
   1313   Query Execution segment is released
   1314   Table or object name in use
   1315   Rules loaded, can't define more
   1316   Object is invalid for operation

   1401   Cannot build clustered index
   1402   Primary index already defined
   1403   Index is already defined
   1404   No such index
   1405   Cannot delete clustered index
   1406   Illegal index definition
   1407   RefereReferenced index is the same
   1408   Clustered index already defined

   1501   Column value is long
   1502   No such chunk in field
   1503   Field will not fit in record
   1504   Null not valid
   1505   Column indexed, cannot delete
   1506   Field length is > maximum
   1507   No such column
   1508   Field is already defined
   1509   No defaults on tagged fields
   1510   Second autoinc or version column
   1511   Invalid column data type
   1512   Max length too big, truncated
   1513   Cannot index Bit,LongText,LongBinary
   1514   No non-NULL tagged fields
   1515   Invalio a current index
   1516   The key is completely made
   1517   Column Id Incorrect
   1518   Bad itagSequence for tagged column
   1519   Cannot delete, column participates in relationship
   1520   Single instance column bursted
   1521   AutoIncrement and Version cannot be tagged

   1601   The key was not found
   1602   No working buffer
   1603   Currency not on a record
   1604   Primary key may not change
   1605   Illegal duplicate key
   1606   Cannot insert before current
   1607   Alreadclear current
   1608   No call to JetMakeKey
   1609   No call to JetPrepareUpdate
   1610   Data has changed
   1611   Data has changed; operation aborted
   1612   References to key exist
   1613   No referenced key exists
   1614   Repaint whole datasheet
   1615   Master key does not match lookup key
   1618   Moved to new key
   1698   CONSIDER: QJET INTERNAL(jpbulk.c)*

   1701   Too many sort processes
   1702   Invalid operation on Sort

   1801   Config. file can't be opened
   1802   System db could not be opened
   1803   Temp file could not be opened
   1804   Database file can't be opened
   1805   Too many open databases
   1806   Db file could not be closed
   1807   Too many files open
   1808   No space left on disk
   1809   Permission denied
   1810   Could not open sort file
   1811   File not found
   1812   No space left on disk
   1813   Database file is read only

   1850   Cannot Restore after init.
   1851   New log generation id too big
   1852   Logs could not be interpreted

   1901   Failed sysdb on beginsession
   1902   Invalid logon at beginsession
   1903   Invalid account name
   1904   Invalid SID
   1905   Invalid password
   1906   Invalid operation
   1907   Access denied
   1908   Can't open MSysAccounts
   1909   Can't open MSysGroups
   1910   Invalid pin

   2001   RMT: ODBC call failed
   2006   RMT: Can't load ODBC DLL
   2007   RMT: Insert statement failed
   2008   RMT: Delete statement failed
   2009   RMT: Update statement failed
   2010   RMT: data truncated
   2011   RMT: Can't create JET type on server
   2012   RMT: Create table stmt failed
   2014   RMT: Function not legal for rdb
   2020   RMT: Data value out of range
   2022   RMT: Server Not Responding
   2023   RMT: Internal only - need Lv data
   2024   Fat cursor has no effect ***
   2025   RMT: INTERNAL: wrong SProc ver ***
   2026   RMT: the def for the rmt tbl has changed
   2027   RMT: Can't open DenyWrite
   2029   RMT: INTERNAL: driver cannot convert
   2030   RMT: Table ambiguous: must specify owner
   2031   RMT: SPT: Bad connect string

   3001   Invalid query attribute
   3002   Only 1 such row allowed
   3003   Missing value in row
   3004   Invalid value in Flag field
   3005   Cycle in query definition
   3006   Invalid table in join
   3007   Ambiguous column reference
   3008   Cannot bind name
   3009   Parm redefined with different type
   3010   Too few parameters supplied
   3011   Invalid query output
   3012   HAVING clause without aggregation
   3013   Duplicate output alias
   3014   Cannot input from MGB
   3015   Invalid ORDER BY expression
   3016   Too many levels on MGB
   3017   Missing intermediate MGB level
   3018   Aggregates not allowed
   3019   Duplicate destination output
   3020   Grbit should be set for Bulk Operation
   3021   Query is not a Bulk Operation
   3022   No inconsistent updates on outer joins
   3023   Column must be NULL
   3024   Query must have an output
   3025   Query must have an input
   3026   Query is not updatable (but IS RVT)
   3027   Bogus character in alias name
   3028   Cannot input from bulk operation
   3029   T.   must use direct child
   3030   Expression evaluation error
   3031   Query does not return rows
   3032   Can't create RVT, query is static
   3033   Wrong parameter type given
   3034   Query Objects are being updated
   3035   Operation must use an updatable query
   3036   Missing destination column
   3037   Repeated table name in FROM list
   3038   Query is an MGB
   3039   CannotMGB
   3040   DISTINCT not allowed for MGB
   3041   DISTINCTROW not allowed for MGB
   3045   Dest DB for VT parm not allowed
   3047   Duplicated Fixed Value
   3048   Must specify tables to delete from
   3049   Cannot delete from specified tables
   3050   Too many GROUP BY expressions
   3051   Too many ORDER BY expressions
   3052   Too many DISTINCT output expressions
   3053   Malformed value list in Transform
   3054   Connect string too long
   3055   Invalid Parmeter Name (>64 char)
   3056   Can't get parameters with Db Parm
   3057   Illegally Upward ref'ed
   3058   Joins in a QO are ambiguous
   3059   Not a DDL Operation
   3060   No database in connect string
   3061   Not row returning
   3062   RVT already has a find session open
   3063   At most one record with one column can be returned from a scalar
   3064   Union Query: number of columns in children do not match
   3065   Top not allowed for MGB
   3066   Must set JET_bitTableDDL
   3067   Query is Corrupt
   3068   INTERNAL only
   3069   SPT marked as RowReturning did not return a table

   3100   Syntax error in expression
   3101   Illegal type in expression
   3102   Unknown function in expression

   3500   Bogus SQL statement type
   3501   Parameter clause syntax error
   3502   INSERT clause syntax error
   3503   UPDATE clause syntax error
   3504   SELECT clause syntax error
   3505   Expected 'FROM' after 'DELETE'
   3506   FROM clause syntax error
   3507   GROUP BY clause syntax error
   3508   ORDER BY clause syntax error
   3509   LEVEL syntax error
   3510   JOIN syntax error
   3511   TRANSFORM syntax error
   3512   HAVING clause syntax error
   3513   WHERE clause syntax error
   3514   Expected query name after 'PROCEDURE'
   3515   Buffer too small for SQL string
   3516   Missing ; at end of SQL statement
   3517   Characters after end of SQL statement
   3518   OWNERACCESS OPTION syntax error
   3519   Not supported in V11
   3520   Can be present in V10 format only
   3521   UNION query syntax error
   3523   Pass Through query Disallowed
   3524   Pass Through query involved

   3550   Constraint syntax error
   3551   Create table syntax error
   3552   Create index syntax error
   3553   Column def syntax error
   3554   Alter table syntax error
   3555   Drop index syntax error
   3556   Drop vprocedure syntax error
   3557   Create view syntax error

   3600   Property was not found
   3601   Small Property larger than 2K
   3602   No JPM for V1.x databases
   3603   Property already exists
   3604   DeleteOnly called with non-zero cbData

   3700   Cursor wrapped during fast find
          TLVs can only be placed on native user tables columns
   3701   This field cannot be null
   3702   This column cannot be blank
   3703   This validation rule must be met
   3704   This TLV property cannot be placed on this column
   3705   Expression evaluation error
   3706   Unknown function in TLV expression
   3707   Syntax error in TLV expression
          CONSIDER: Remove the following error.

   5001   I-ISAM: assert failure
   5002   I-ISAM: record locked
   5003   I-ISAM: data truncated
   5004   I-ISAM: table is not open
   5005   I-ISAM: incorrect password
   5007   I-ISAMlast
   5008   I-ISAM: invalid date
   5011   I-ISAM: options were ignored
   5012   I-ISAM: incomplete table definition
   5013   I-ISAM: illegal network option
   5014   I-ISAM: illegal timeout option
   5015   I-ISAM: invalid file format
   5016   I-ISAM: unexpected engine error code
   5017   I-ISAM: can't convert to native type

   5020   Paradox: no primary index
   5021   Paradox: sort order mismatch
   5023   Paradox: net path or user name missing
   5024   Paradox: bad Paradox net path
   5025   Paradox: obsolete lock file
   5026   Paradox: invalid sort sequence
   5027   Paradox: wrong sort sequence
   5028   Paradox: can't open unkeyed table

   5101   dBase: invalid .INF file
   5102   dBase: can't open .INF file
   5103   dBase: unmaintainable index
   5104   dBase: missing memo file
   5105   dBase: Illegal century option
   5106   dBase: Illegal deleted option
   5107   dBase: Illegal statistics option
   5108   dBase: Illegal date option
   5109   dBase: Illegal mark option
   5110   dBase: duplicate indexes in INF file
   5111   dBase: missing index in INF file
   5112   dBase: wrong memo file type
   5113   dBase: Illegal exact option

   5200   Btrieve: more than one memo field
   5201   Btrieve: wbtrcall.dll missing
   5202   Btrieve: win.ini [btrieve] options wrong
   5203   Btrieve: need to GetIndexInfo
   5204   Btrieve: can't modify record column
   5205   Btrieve: out of resources
   5206   Btrieve: locking deadlock
   5207   Btrieve: Btrieve DLL failure
   5208   Btrieve: data dictionary corrupted
   5209   Btrieve: too many tasks
   5210   Btrieve: Illegal IndexDDF option
   5211   Btrieve: Illeagl DataCodePage option
   5212   Btrieve: Xtrieve INI options bad
   5213   Btrieve: Missing field.ddf
   5214   Btrieve: Illeagl IndexRenumber option
          Extended error codes must be in the following range.
          Major error codes may not be in this range.


   8001   Syntax error in FastFind expression
   8002   Syntax error in QBE expression
   8003   Non-existant object in FROM list
   8004   Syntax error in some query expression
   8005   Syntax error in expression column
   8006   Expected alias after 'AS' in FROM list
   8007   Expected 'BY' after 'GROUP'
   8008   Expected 'BY' after 'ORDER'
   8009   Expected ')' after column list
   8010   Expected column name after 'PIVOT'
   8011   Expected database name after 'IN'
   8012   Expected datatype after parameter name
   8013   Expected '=' after update column name
   8014   Expected join expression after 'ON'
   8015   Expected expression after 'TRANSFORM'
   8016   Expected expression after 'WHERE'
   8017   Transform expects GROUP BY clause
   8018   Expected grouping expression
   8019   Expected HAVING expression
   8020   Expected 'INTO' after 'INSERT'
   8021   ExpectLEFT   RIGHT
   8022   Expected LEVEL after select list
   8023   Expected number after 'LEVEL'
   8024   Expected 'ON' after right join table
   8025   Expected ordering expression
   8026   Expected output alias after 'AS'
   8027   Expected output expression
   8028   Expected 'PIVOT' after SELECT statement
   8029   Expected right join table after 'JOIN'
   8030   Expected 'SELECT' after INSERT clause
   8031   Expected 'SELECT' after Transform fact
   8032   Expected 'SET' after table name
   8033   Expected ';' after level number
   8034   Expected ';' after parameter list
   8035   Expected ';' after PIVOT clause
   8036   Expected ';' at end of SQL statement
   8037   Expected table name
   8038   Expected table name after 'INTO'
   8039   Expected update expression after '='
   8040   Expected update column name
   8041   Bogus token after FROM list
   8042   Bogus token after GROUP BY list
   8043   Bogus token after HAVING clause
   8044   Bogus token after ORDER BY clause
   8045   Bogus token after SELECT clause
   8046   Bogus token after WHERE clause
   8047   Number after 'LEVEL' too big
   8048   LEVEL allowed only in MGB
   8049   Not group key or agg, but not MGB detail
   8050   Agg. arg. uses outputs from > 1 level
   8051   Agg. ohigher level
   8052   Cannot set column in join key to NULL
   8053   Join is broken by column value(s)
   8054   INSERT INTO unknown column name
   8055   No dest. col. name in SELECT INTO stmt
   8056   No dest. col. name in INSERT stmt
   8057   Join expr refers to non-join table
   8058   Aggregate in JOIN clause
   8059   Aggregate in WHERE clause
   8060   Aggregate in ORDER BY clause
   8061   Aggregate in GROUP BY clause
   8062   Aggregate in argument expression
   8063   HAVING clause on TRANSFORM query
   8064   HAVINGo groupiaggregation
   8065   HAVING clause on MGB query
   8066   Cycle in SELECT list (via aliases)
   8067   'T.*' with grouping, but not MGB level 0
   8068   '*' with grouping, but not MGB detail
   8069   Cycle in tree of query objects
   8072   Table appears twice in FROM list
   8073   Level > 2 in TRANSFORM query
   8074   Too many levels in MGB
   8075   No dest. column name in UPDATE stmt
   8076   Join table not in FROM list
   8077   Join tables have same name
   8078   Output level > 1+max group level
   8079   ORDER BY conflicts with GROUP BY
   8080   ORDER BY conflicts with DISTINCT
   8082   Expected '('
   8083   Expected ')'
   8084   EB   ES error evaluating expression
   8085   Unmatched quote for database name
   8086   Parameter type should be database
   8087   Parameter type should be tableid
   8088   Expected identifier
   8089   Expected query name after PROCEDURE
   8090   Unknown function in expression
   8091   Ambiguous column reference
   8092   Bad bracketing of identifier
   8093   Invalid name in QODEF row
   8094   Column not updatable (bulk op)
   8095   DISTINCT not allowed for MGB
   8096   Duplicate output alias
   8097   Duplicate destination output
   8098   Duplicated Fixed Value
   8099   No inconsistent updates on outer joins
   8100   Missing value in row
   8101   Invalid query attribute
   8102   Cannot input from bulk operation
   8103   Invalid value in Flag field
   8104   Cannot input from MGB
   8105   Illegal long value in aggregate
   8106   Illegal long value in DISTINCT
   8107   Illegal long value in GROUP BY
   8108   Illegal long value in HAVING
   8109   Illegal long value in JOIN
   8110   Illegal long value in ORDER BY
   8111   Missing intermediate MGB level
   8112   Too few parameters supplied
   8113   Dest DB for VT parm not allowed
   8114   No delquery
   8115   Query must have an input
   8116   No insquery
   8117   Query must have an output
   8118   No permission to read query definition
   8119   No reaquery
   8120   No repquery
   8121   No CreateTable permission (bulk op)
   8122   T.   must use direct child
   8123   Column must be NULL
   8124   Only 1 such row allowed
   8125   Query output column not updatable
   8126   Parm redefined with different type
   8127   Wrong parameter type given
   8128   Cannot bind name
   8129   RMT: Connection attempt failed
   8130   RMT: Delete statement failed
   8131   RMT: Insert statement failed
   8132   RMT: Can't load ODBC DLL
   8133   RMT: ODBC call failed
   8134   RMT: Update statement failed
   8135   Expected 'FROM' after 'DELETE'
   8136   Bogus SQL statement type
   8137   Characters after end of SQL statement
   8138   '*' illegal above level 0
   8139   Parameter type not allowed for expression
   8142   Too many destination column specified
   8143   No dest. col. name in INSERT stmt
   8144   RMT: link not found
   8145   RMT: Too many columns on Select Into
   8146   Write lock failed due to outstanding write lock
   8147   Commit lock failed due to outstanding read lock
   8148   Read lock failed due to outstanding commit lock
   8149   Table is exclusively locked
   8150   Table is in use, cannot lock
   8151   Too many cross table column headers
   8152   Non-existent table in Insert Into
   8153   Table is exclusively locked
   8154   Table is in use, cannot lock
   8155   Table is exclusively locked
   8156   Table is in use, cannot lock
   8157   Invalid Parameter Name (>64 char)
   8158   File not found
   8159   File sharing violation
   8160   Access denied
   8161   Invalid Path
   8162   Table already exists
   8163   Illegally Upward ref'ed
   8164   References to key exist
   8165   No referenced key exists
   8166   Unexpected 'with' in this place
   8167   Owner Access Option is defined Twice
   8168   Owner Access Option Syntax Error
   8169   Owner Access Option is defined more than once
   8170   Generic Access Denied
   8171   I-ISAM: unexpected engine error code
   8172   Top not allowed for MGB
   8173   Bogus token after table clause
   8174   Unexpected tokens after a closing paren
   8175   Malformed value list in Transform
   8176   Query is Corrupt
   8177   Select Top argument is invalid
   8178   Query is a snapshot
   8179   Output is a calculated column
   8180   Column comes from read-only table
   8181   Column comes from deleted row
   8182   Column comes from locked row
   8183   Would row-fixup away from pending changes
   8184   Fill-in-the-blank only on most-many
   8185   Would orphan joined records
   8186   Must match join key in lookup table
   8187   Illegal long value in subquery
   8188   Unrecognized database format
   8189   You can only order by an outputted column in a union
   8190   Unknown token in TLV expression
   8191   Unknown
   8192   Primary key not output
   8193   Join key not output
   8194   Conflict with exclusive user
   8195   No F.I.T.B. insert if no joined record
   8196   Illegal long value in set operation
   8197   Unknown function in TLV expression
   8198   Invalid name

   8200   Expect column name
   8201   Expect '('
   8202   Expect ')'
   8203   Expect INDEX
   8204   Expect index name
   8205   Expect ON
   8206   Expect KEY
   8207   Expect REFERENCES
   8208   Expect table name
   8209   Expect FULL or PARTIAL
   8210   Expect CASCADE or SET
   8211   Expect NULL
   8212   Expect UPDATE or DELETE
   8213   Expect constraint name
   8214   Expect FOREIGN
   8215   Expect data type
   8216   Expect index options
   8217   Expect WITH
   8218   Expect TABLE
   8219   Expect End Of String
   8220   Expect ADD or Drop
   8221   Create view not supported
   8222   Create proc not supported
   8223   Expect object name
   8224   Expect COLUMN

   8250   Referenced table not in join clause
   8251   Exactly two tables should be referenced in join
   8252   All tables come from one side of input
   8253   Join clause is ambiguous when stored in V1 format

   8260   Syntax error in TLV expression
   8261   This field cannot be null
   8262   This column cannot be blank
   8263   This validation rule must be met
   8264   Create view syntax error

The following error code ranges are reserved for external use. As is true for Jet error codes, these ranges cover the negative as well as positive form of the numbers in the range.

30000 through 30999 for use by Vt Object as defined in JETEB.H
32000 through 32767 for use by Import

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