Windows NT 3.1

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Windows NT 3.1
Windows NT Logo.png
Microsoft Windows NT 3.1
Preliminary name
Kernel version NT 3.1
CPU architecture x86, MIPS, DEC Alpha
Release date 27/07/1993
Support end Expired 31/12/2000
Preceded by None
Succeeded by Windows NT 3.5x

Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 is the first version of Windows NT. It was targeted for the Intel i860 CPU, but was ported to the MIPS platform in 1989 and to the Intel 386 in 1990. It was released for the Intel 386 and MIPS (MIPS64) platforms, and later on the DEC Alpha.

Its codename was NT OS/2 due to the fact that NT was initially going to be OS/2 3.0, but IBM and Microsoft split and developed NT on their own using parts off IBM's OS/2 operating system.


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