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Build of Windows 98
Windows 98 Second Edition 4.1.2222A
Kernel version 4.1
CPU Architecture x86
SKUs Windows 98 Second Edition
BIOS date n/a

Windows 98 Second Edition was released on May 5, 1999. Succeeding Windows 98, it patched up many critical flaws in the first version of Windows 98, build 4.1.1998. Those updates include the Y2K update and the "52-day limit" update.

This version of Windows can be found as an upgrade or full install by either floppy or CD.

It required at least 16 MB of RAM.

You cannot run more than 512 MB of RAM on a machine running Windows 98 Second Edition, yet there are ways to hack around it.


Using one of the Windows Update CD's provided by Microsoft, from Windows 98 First Edition or Second Edition, the build identifies itself as 2222B.