Windows 98

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Windows 98
Version of Microsoft Windows
Win98 1998.png
Codename Memphis
Kernel 16/32 bit hybrid, ver. 4.10
Architecture x86
Latest build 4.10.1998 (Gold RTM)
4.10.2222A (SE RTM)
Licence Microsoft EULA
Release date 1998-06-25 (Gold)
1999-05-05 (SE)
Support end 2006-07-11
Replaces Windows 95
Windows Nashville
Replaced by Windows ME

Windows 98 (codenamed Memphis) was released on May 15, 1998. It is the successor to Windows 95.


  • No information available
  • Existence doubtful
  • Information or pictures available
  • Leaked or released


Beta 1

Beta 2

Beta 3

Release Candidate


Service Pack 1 Beta

Second Edition Beta

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