Windows 98/4.10.1351

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Build of Windows 98
Kernel version 4.10
CPU Architecture x86
BIOS date December 13 1996

This is the official Developer Release of Windows 98.

Release notes

The above page contains the release notes of the Developer Release, and had references to "Win97", amongst others. A user on a Polish site said:

Here is the release notes to a prerelease of Win97 (whatever). Something I found interesting was that there are some DirectX 5.0 pre-release drivers in this "beta", however, it still uses the DirectX 3.0 API. I'm hoping DMA may be supported for the Verite. I'll try the MTM benchmark with it and post what I find in the next day or two. For all you Voodoo owners, looks like the Voodoo will be supported OOTB in the next release of windows. Check out the support for multiple displays.

BTW, I got this off Usenet in case you're interested. Please, don't send me mail related to it.
—, [1]